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Monster Reborn BANNED????

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Ok first of all one of my favorite cards is monster reborn. But is it really banned. My brother bought a 5ds series deck ( the spellcaster one) and it came with monster reborn. Since 5ds is the newest generation of yugioh, why would my brother's deck have monster reborn if it's banned. And also who gives a cred if it's banned? People can still play it with friends and family, heck even some local tournaments wouldn't care if it's banned and would just go with it. So this is just my argument of why monster reborn shouldn't and couldn't be banned.
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As of 9/1/10, Monster Reborn is no longer Forbidden and is now Limited. Check out an updated banlist sometime.
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11/10 topic will read again.




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heck even some local tournaments wouldn't care if it's banned and would just go with it

This is the problem with new players now-a-days.

They are all: "Derp, I play 3 Pot of Greed + Graceful Charity" and just expect the other players to let them get away with it.
Sure its fine with your family/friends and what-not, but that's not how your going to get better at The Game.
You just lost the game by the way
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