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The "Angel" cards

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    Because Life is Phun

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The "Angel" Set

Angels are monsters of two attributes: LIGHT and DARK. LIGHT attribute Angel Monsters favorite the flipping of face-down monsters to face-up and DARK attribute monsters vice-versa. In either case, they gain their effects from switching their battle positions from face-down defense position to face up attack position. While they are incredibly easy to counter (put in a real Yugioh TCG context), their effects can be devastating if chained correctly

Their monsters each start with "Angel - " and then are followed by a (usually abstract) name.
Their trump cards (3 of number) are Synchro monsters and each start with "Archangel - "


Angel - Aspect of the Vampire
Angel - Endarkened Light
Angel - Flash Striker
Angel - Gracebringer
Angel - Nostalgia
Angel - Righteous Fury
Angel - Self-Made Justice
Angel - Sigil of Silver Light
Angel - Sword of Justice
Angel - Tormented Soul
Angel - Enlightened Mind


Archangel - Gate of Darkness
Archangel - Gate of Light
Archangel - Gate of Heaven


An Angel's Paradise
Angelic Reinforcement
Angelic Sacrifice
Angels of Twilight
Epiphany's Aegis
Soft Embrace of Darkness
Tribute for the Archangels
Undying Soul
Vortex of Souls


Eyes of the Archangel
Fallen Angel
Minerva - Angel of Fallen Truth

Please let me know if you liked this set (or its idea, at the very least) and let me know what you think in terms of balance, as well :)



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love this deck



    Because Life is Phun

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love this deck

Hey, thanks..

I can't believe I actually got a comment on my "Angel" set, since there are so many "Angel" sets around, now that I look over the forums;

also, bump?



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hey dude, awesome deck! and if you're willing, i have some cards that would go great with your deck! and as well as an opposite deck to. if you could, could you help me post them? thanks

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