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Victory Viper XX03


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Shizuku Oikawa

Shizuku Oikawa

    Nobody likes Alfonso. ( ゚^゚)

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Posted Image

When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle, select and activate 1 of the following effects:
● This card gains 400 ATK.
● Destroy 1 face-up Spell or Trap Card.
● Special Summon 1 "Option Token". It always has the same Type, Attribute, Level, ATK and DEF as this card.

Discuss how he is now, with all the current meta runnin' around.
This + Limiter Removal + Honest = possible OTK

Posted Image

previous Siggy into one spoiler

Butterball Seagal

Butterball Seagal

    Sleight-of-hand Supercop, The Final Option

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Rampage Viper sounds interesting, though the token will still have 1200 ATK.

a mercenary for justice who's above the law

a shadow man on deadly ground who's out for a kill

a dangerous man, born to raise hell, driven to kill

the perfect weapon, the final option

butterball seagal


For Magic Set Editor users

This individual has Link and Pendulum Monsters

This individual has extended art templates with Link and Pendulums


Monster Mash

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Artwork pwns all.



    Happily existing

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Yeah, Honest makes this card very very funny.
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