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My Vylon Deck


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My Vylon Deck


Vylon Charger x3

Vylon Cube x3

Vylon Hapto x3

Vylon Ohm x3

Vylon Prism x3

Vylon Soldier x3

Vylon Sphere x3

Vylon Stella x3

Vylon Tetra x3

Vylon Vanguard x3

Honest x2


Vylon Component x3

Vylon Element x3

Vylon Material x3

Vylon Matter x3

Dark Hole x1

Monster Reborn x1


Bottomless Trap Hole x2

Trap Hole x2

Fiendish Chain x2

Call of the Haunted x1

Dark Trap Hole x1

Extra Deck:

Vylon Alpha x1

Vylon Delta x1

Vylon Epsilon x1

Vylon Omega x1

Vylon Sigma x1

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