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Laval Lady of the Burning Lake


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Master Hyperion

Master Hyperion


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Posted Image

If there are 3 or more different "Laval" monsters in your Graveyard, you can remove from play 1 "Laval" monster from your Graveyard to select 1 Set card your opponent controls. Destroy that card.

>pretty lady
>Archtype specific weaker DAD
>Summonable by Rekindling

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH Konami finally answered my prayers.

Possibly the best Pokemon fan game that you will ever play:

White Void

White Void

    What Time Is It?

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Nuke backrow after Rekindling play for the win. Even lovelier is her being a Tuner and how she compliments Laval Cannon's effect. Great archetype specific card with nice art.

You could even set-up RftDD plays with her. Lavals are looking nicer and nicer.



    God's In His Heaven, All's Right With the World

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LV 3 Rekindling Tuner. That's all.

-Lightray Daedalus-

-Lightray Daedalus-

    Deal with me like if I was a Demon!!!

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Another Starfire!

My Written MTG Set:

Posted Image

Shizuku Oikawa

Shizuku Oikawa

    Nobody likes Alfonso. ( ゚^゚)

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>pretty lady

Do want.
Must have.
Need to get.
I wanna a copy.
Card is a must for me.
Now I feel like importing this card, just to have it.
Anyways, seems pretty useful, especially with Rekindling, FV-Firedog, and can clear the opponent's backrow of Spells/Traps.

Is it me, or is there more Red Haired Girl cards lately?

Posted Image

previous Siggy into one spoiler

Ieyasu Tokugawa

Ieyasu Tokugawa

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When are we supposed to get Lavals? Cuz I wanna run them right now

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