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My new Type of card! Spell Trap Card!

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[align=center]These are still a working progress. And btw... for those who dont know... due to the recent changes with Synchro Monsters, the Fusion Deck is going to be renamed into the Extra Deck. In which, my cards are Fusions of Spell and Trap Cards XD, in which... there new colour will be BLACK!

Posted Image Posted Image

i will like to thank priteeboy on DA for the pic for "Storm Vortex"
i made the pic for "Death Trap" (and yes it is Chasm of Spikes) XD[/align]




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Wow, interesting idea. I like it, but I think storm vortex is just a wee bit over-the-top. Still, cool concept. 8/10

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Love the idea, only problem is that Death trap is made from two trap cards. therefor its a Trap trap card.
Pictures don't make the cards, the effects do. Only problem is you have to read effects.....
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one of them is a picture of an actual card.

Posted Image




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C:\Documents and Settings\SONCALI\Desktop\Yu-Gi-Ho cards\Black Dragon.bmp[attachment=24292][attachment=24292]



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C:\Documents and Settings\SONCALI\Desktop\Yu-Gi-Ho cards\Black Dragon.bmp


Do you new member have any common sense or logical thinking AT ALL?!?!?! it's so simple to understand that your cards cannot be posted in other peoples threads!!!



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To dark. Hard to read the type of the card. Great idea to combine spell and trap card. I want to know if these cards treat as Normal, Continuous, Quick-Play or Counter Trap/Spell cards.



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cool idea of card
good job on the color of cards ,and nice choise of pic for the first one"Storm vortex

Touketsu Kage

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Awsome looks good brings the extra deck into the duel and great effect 10/10
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i like the idea fusions between Spells and Traps and i like the colour of the card great idea though i agree with the person that posted first storm vortex is a little over the top but i will give you 9/10
You know you all have good cards Strong and Good effects. But do they have good art?
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Nice idea and pic and effect. 8/10
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The only problems are:
Spell Trap Card looks and sounds sucky.
Death Trap is a double trap.
Can I help you with these? It's an excellent idea! ^_^
Which I thought of ages ago, and was too lazy to make them. T_T
Posted Image





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Really good, no very bad errors (Except for the "Double Trap") and a GREAT idea. ;) 8/10
Posted Image

Father Wolf

Father Wolf

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i already made fusion spells and traps along time ago. meh oh well
8/10 pretty good

Posted Image

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Pretty good idea, but as wolf said, he made it a loooooooooooooooooong time ago. His were better, no offense. Those are pretty good but the blank between spell and trap isn't even in both cards.


Good OCG
Good Pics
Kind of bad card appearance
Looks like i am back....for now

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