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OOParts Chronomoly

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want to make this competitive as possible, cuz' I dont know how to build them at all :S
also tips and such would be nice ^^




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You should add in 1 more Machu Mach. Also, Mini-Guts should also be added. The card is overpowered and syncs very well with Machu Mach. Also, if you have Sangan. you might as well add in Tour Guides. that would also allow you access to BLS. Iron Call can also help summon Golden Shuttle from your Grave while using the effect of a Golden Shuttle you control for a Rank 5 Xyz. Cyber Dragon is also a Viable option. it can be Special Summoned and be used for Rank 5 Xyz. Gorz also never gets old. and can be used as what Gorz is supposed to do. You can also use Veiler for Level 8 Synchro. Carcar D can be used for draw power. Sorry if this post is messy. Another thing i would recommend is get rid of the traps and decrease it to the Solemn Cards. Chronomoly can be very aggressive if they want, and can OTK with Machu Mach and Mini-Guts. Therefore it is a bad idea to bounce their cards back to their hand.

That's about it. I have an Chronomoly Deck myself on DN, and it is running pretty well.
I'm out of Ammo, deal with it.

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