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Disorderly March

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Strider Tigerwolf

Strider Tigerwolf

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The last clause though makes GBeast's kinda vulnerable even for that +0, so...not sure if I want. Card gives an edge to my "Atrox" archtype though since they revolve around having Beast, Beast-Warrior and Winged Beast-Type monsters.

Garthfunkle Vii Backwards

Garthfunkle Vii Backwards

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Garthfunkle is right! This does work for a +1 in Constellars. Leonis into Kaust.

Also Crystal Beasts if you can keep them alive.

WHOO WHOO you sir have made my day!

crystal/constellars (half and half)


`blackwing/constellar (half and half) [maybe some chaos in your side deck lol]

either way this card would be a must (maybe not 3 but 2 for sure)

a worthy idea for a deck recipe as crystal beast become crystal which takes up your s/t so it works with disorderly march

a worthy idea for a deck recipe as black are great spamers like constellars with possible choas fun quick synchro and or quick xyz

Nothing in the Spoiler, trust me, bra!

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