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Spike Shield with Chain



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    Primal roar

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Posted Image

Target 1 monster you control; equip this card to that target. It gains 500 ATK. If the equipped monster attacks a Defense Positionmonster: It gains ATK equal to the DEF of that monster during damage calculation only.

An upgrade to an old-school card? Very interesting, Konami.

oversized dakimakura

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(Thanks @ Tormented)

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Helps with piercing effects, but otherwise? Not gonna see much play, if at all.



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... Unicore, what have they done to you? ;~;

You are an insane person and very creative.

Zeppeli Gyro Supreme

Zeppeli Gyro Supreme


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Why do they feel that we need MORE cards that kill defending monsters? At this point, it would be literally 100% impossible for a defensive deck to become Meta.




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Oh, references. Equip it to Shiryu
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Twin-Sword Marauder. :D

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They're trying to make up for the complete lack of splashablity in the last set with useless splashables. I'm kind of surprised the last effect activates: it seems Continuous to me.

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