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Gravekeeper's Saniwa

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    Does it... ring a bell?

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Gravekeeper’s Saniwa
Level 10
You can also Normal Summon this card by Tributing 3 monsters or 1 “Gravekeeper’s” monster. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can apply a number of the following effects up to the number of “Gravekeeper’s” monsters that were Tributed for that Normal Summon.
•This card gains 100 ATK for each Level of the Tributed monster(s).
•Destroy all Set monsters your opponent controls.
•All monsters your opponent controls lose 2000 ATK and DEF.





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"And now for something completely different."

...That's seriously how I feel about this guy.











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Effects 2 and 3 are sexy.
Effect 1 is random, but also cool at the since time.
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How... Odd?

I'm not even sure what to say other than that I don't get why this card is a Gravekeeper




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I don't know if regular Gravekeepers would want this. Let's see if the new support can make them better at swarming.



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It's a better Gravekeeper's Visionary in terms of being a beatstick that only needs 1 Gravekeeper's Tribute. If you Tribute just 1 Gravekeeper, you can either gain roughly 400 ATK (bleh), make all your opponent's monsters lose 2000 ATK/DEF (ouch), or destroy all your opponent's Set monsters.


You can Tribute ANY two monsters for it, and if at least 1 is a Gravekeeper's, you can apply one or more of those effects, and the ATK gain will be greater, such as if you Tribute Malefic Stardust and Gravekeeper's Spy, you'd gain 1200 ATK.


Or Tribute 3 and apply effects based on the number of Gravekeepers used.


I think it's interesting, just not particularly GOOD. Very, very cool, though.

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I'm guessing, Descendent in a few years.  Holy Crap, is his hair and beard really that thick? He could you that $#!7 as a frikkin' helmet!!




Anyways, yeah, this is completely random as far as Gravekeepers go.  He must be Tribute Summoned to get any of these effects, so that's one strike against him.  Also, the second effect may as well be redundant (except against maybe Ghostricks or Moon'd/Tsuku'd monsters), so at most you'd be Tributing 2 Gravekeepers and going with the first and third effects.




... and I just made a connection to each of the effects.  It fits, considering what's in the background:


1st effect represents Ra and its ability to gain ATK depending on the power (Levels, in this case) of the Tributed monsters

2nd effect represents Obelisk's monster nuke ability

3rd effect is Slifer's SECOND MOUTH!!!


Him being Level 10 also makes sense as a result.

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It's neat that they made a subtle reference to the Egyptian Gods with this guy.  As for the man himself, he certainly could have been a lot better.


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If nothing else, the artwork looks great. The card is random though. Although I think it works with Recruiter, hue.



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Glad to see someone else got the Egyptian God reference.

As for the card, I like it for casual Gravekeepers. Competitively, he isn't good, of course.

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