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[VCTR SINGLE] Shedding some LIGHT into the ocean

- - - - - LIGHT WATER Fish Shark Level 4


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Vector Nightmare

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Lighthouse Shark

LV 4 | WATER | Fish

1000 | 2000

If you control a Continuous Spell card: you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). The Attribute of all Fish-Type monsters you control is also treated as LIGHT. This card can be treated as a Level 5 monster for the Xyz Summon of a LIGHT monster.


So yeah I thought up this card while brainstorming for my Barian arc rewrite / improvements, basically as a way for Nasch to summon 102 without breaking theme or using random spells. It is meant to combo with Water Hazard (play Water Hazard, SS a Fish with it, then SS this, then NS another Fish; make them all LIGHT and voila - yeah I know it's a 4-card-combo but in my headcanon there was other stuff that helped things make more sense). The last effect was given to it for IRL playability, allowing some Shark builds to get Pleiades out.

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But I guess this is fitting enough for Shark, at least as much as Xyz Dimension Splash is. Personally, I'd rather something that just turned all of his monsters one attribute for the turn.

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