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More Underused Type/Attribute Combos (33 Cards)


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Zeppeli Gyro Supreme

Zeppeli Gyro Supreme


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A continuation of my series of Type/Attribute combinations that are underused. I didn't like the idea of an already underused Type/Attribute being Extra Deck monsters, and I don't like to support them, so when designing these cards I intentionally avoided that. It would be nice to see more people contribute cards as well!


Previous cards of this vein





Fish (5 cards)

Psychic (3 cards)

Pyro (5 cards)

Sea Serpent (5 cards)

Thunder (3 cards)

Winged Beast + Insect (3 cards)

Reptile + Rock (4 cards)

Zombie (4 cards)



    "Cad! Beast! Pervert! Devil!"

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So Sea Serpent basically has no other attributes besides WATER.




Sea Serpent/Effect


You can Tribute Summon this card with 1 LIGHT monster. If you do, and this card attacks a Defense Position monster, it inflicts Piercing Battle Damage.

Posted Image

Zeppeli Gyro Supreme

Zeppeli Gyro Supreme


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Yeah. The same goes for Pyro and Fish for FIRE and WATER respectively. They had a few outliers, but not really much to speak of.

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