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Yu-Gi-Oh! Codex of Shadows [IC / PG-13 / AC /Co-Host: Zaiduck]

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I'll activate my Trap now! Sachi reached forward as Cadence declared her attack, her hand darting out, and resting on the card-


An Error message appeared on the table surface beside the card, flashing red briefly before flicking off again. Sachi's brain scrambled, completely thrown off guard, before she remembered: Her Fortune's Gift Trap required her to have a monster in the graveyard. And her graveyard was empty.


No... I forgot! She thought, seeing her monster vaporize before rising on Cadence's side of the field again. Now Sachi, her father's voice rattled in her head. You must be mindful. It doesn't pay to forget details. Not like me. I can't remember any details anymore.


Sachi sat frozen as her monsters all shattered into pieces, her Life Points plummeting as she stared wordlessly down at the table. Only the flickering light beside her deck signaled it was even her turn.


"I... draw." She saw the card and hastily acted, trying to not think about what had just happened. "I play Monster Reborn, bringing back Fortune Lady Light!" Her monster returned, instantly losing her aura of light as Zombie World took effect, shrouding her in blackness. "I sacrifice Light to summon Fortune Lady Earth-"


"ERROR" flashed up beside her monster again, followed by an image of Cadence's Zombie World card. "TRIBUTE FOR NON-ZOMBIE MONSTER PROHIBITED." Sachi drew her hand back sharply from her card, her fingers shaking. "I... I made a mistake," she said quietly, looking like she had just been slapped across the face, barely keeping it together.


"Pathetic," Jin sighed, turning away. He bumped into the green-haired girl from earlier, and he drew back, frowning. "Ah, you again, eh?" he asked Hotaru, raising an eyebrow. "I would think you'd realize this duel has nothing to offer... But then, you thought these antiques..." He gestured to the Battle Boxes. "... were impressive enough, so what do I know?" He caught sight of Hiyaki, and narrowed his eyes when he saw his colleague was taking a look at the one Jin had marked as his quarry. He gave a flat glare from across the room, the meaning clear: Back off.






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“This exhibition should not even be happening. The items should have been left undisturbed.” Marik turned on the spot to a nearby waitress and swiped a flute of champagne from her tray, promptly emptying it in a single swig. “There are so many international laws against doing this, but Seto has enough money to make everyone not give a damn about it.”
Bunder gasped, eyes widened, and gazed in excitement at Marik like a little child who's about to get a pony ride. "That's an agreement! WE BOTH AGREE THAT THIS EXCAVATION WAS A MISTAKE." Bunder halted to fix his tie "Those damned holograms, I knew it has something to do with this excavation! It's like if they have their own conscious! Crazy I know!". He grabbed his pen & another piece of paper from his pocket, and rapidly wrote his number and name on it and gave it to the Egyptian. "Mr. Marik I believe we have the same interest", he took a look a the Duel and proceed "We should stay on contact to-"


"I... I made a mistake ..."



The easily to distract Bunder got distracted by the quite shivering Sachi, barely keeping herself together. But Sashi's situation was a déjà vu: A well recognized memory of Bunder. A flashback occurred.

"I ... I failed ..."


"Daddy's girl" he smiled sadly. But what possibly could Bunder do to help a friend in distress? ".. this is bad" Bunder thought anxiously. His eyes slipped to the slender Egyptian man on his side "ooh... of coOoURse" he murmured, or at least tried to. "If you excuse Mr. Marik, I'll be right back!". He quickly made his way through the guests, making a dramatic pass due to his serious face-expression and his floating coat. He accidentally bumped into a frowned slender boy in a blue tuxedo on his way, but he was way focused on Sashi to realize that.

4 feets away from Sashi, just behind her, he tried to reach the girl in the Duel Box. "Sashi! Sashi! Sash .... Soooshi *giggles* no stay focused SASHI!" he shouted in an attempt to get the frozen girl's attention "You see that guy over there! It's Marik Ishtar!", his voice-tone then became cheerful and warm "He will help you to get your father back!"



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"I... draw. I play Monster Reborn, bringing back Fortune Lady Light!"


Oh? What's Sachi got in store for me this time?


"I sacrifice Light to summon Fortune Lady Earth-"


Wait, she couldn't do that. It seemed she got the message, and an error on her side preventing the tribute summon of Fortune Lady Earth. She could hear Sachi saying... something, but not quite well enough to make it out. "Zombie World," Cadence said, tapping her finger on where the field spell was on her playing field. "It prevents the Tribute Summon of any non-Zombie monsters. You know this." Something was suspicious about all this. Normally, Sachi was the type that would have a plan to get rid of Zombie World the moment Cadence played it, even if it would take a couple turns.


Something was off about her dueling today. She first thought it when she saw Sachi reach for a trap card last turn, without actually activating it. This just now, with Fortune Lady Earth, confirmed her suspicions. Whatever was bothering Sachi, it was bothering her enough that she wasn't dueling right. "I think that's enough for now," Cadence said, gathering up her cards from her side of the duel box and returning them to her aged deck. Even if she won this duel, would it really feel like a win? It would be like winning an eating contest against somebody who just had lunch a few minutes ago. Not fair.


She made her way around the duel box, to where Sachi and Bundy were. Bundy seemed to be saying something about her father, but Cadence only caught the tail end of it. Someone who could help her get the guy back. Get him back? That's strange. She hadn't heard any word of Sachi's father going missing. There must have been some complicated circumstances surrounding the two. Her gut said not to get tied up in it. Not yet anyway.


"Pssst," she whispered, nudging Bundy with her elbow. "Sachi's pretty distracted by something today. Try to get her mind off it if you can. From what bits and pieces I've been picking up, you probably have a better idea of what's bothering her than I do, so I'll leave it in your hands, m'kay?"


As much as Cadence would have liked to help, this didn't seem like her battle to fight. And then, it was away with her. Back into the crowd of the party, making her way through, intent on getting to the food. She still hadn't had her fill of upper crust delicacies!

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Blunder grabbed his pen & a piece of paper from his pocket, and rapidly wrote his number and name on it and gave it to the Egyptian. "Mr. Marik I believe we have the same interest", he took a look a the Duel and proceed "We should stay in contact with-"

As he was distracted, Marik cautiously took the note from the ecstatic gentlemen and tucked it into his breast pocket. It was a little unnerving to have a relative stranger come up to him, aware to some degree about the terrible secret behind Duel Monsters. It would never be possible to forget what the monsters did to himself and ‘it’, wherever it suffered now.



The reverberating ringing of metal on champagne flute attract everyone’s attention to Gekko and the two security officers that flanked him, who had emerged through a lanky mahogany door that lead to the ballroom. “If I may have your attention, Ladies, and Gentlemen.”

The hall fell quiet as almost everyone turned their attention to Gekko.

“On the behalf of the Kaiba Corporation, the Lake Pegasus Center and the Domino City Museum thank you for attending here tonight. Our main exhibition is now ready for your viewing in the ballroom.”

Gekko and the officers stepped aside and observed quietly as his guests flowed through at a dignified pace, taking in the surprised and impressed expressions they made from their first sight of the exhibition. However, Marik’s taut face as he passed through proved to be the sole exception, with a anxiousness in his stride as he approached through the doorway and towards the Millennium Items, then stopped before them. Marik could not ignore the idea that each of their unblinking eyes seemed to pass cold judgment on him. The thought was not just a sense of guilt and regret: in the not-to-distant past did two of the items possessed spirits of their own, so why not the others?


Back outside at the perimeter of the park, the temperature had continued to drop. While the motorcycle engines produced sufficient warmth for the majority of the mysterious trio’s bodies, the exhaust fumes were condensing into chilly plumes at their feet. The smaller two bikers crouched beside the chain-link fence, snipping away at it with a pair of bolt cutters each, while their imposing superior persevered in using a petite smartphone with a set of bulky fingers, eventually texting a simple message to who those who needed it.

“Make your final move.”




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Hotaru watched as the duel unfolded, completely engrossed in the action. She sighed as she saw the zombie girl start to panic a bit - she felt for the girl. While she was watching the battle, she felt someone bump into her.

"Hey, watch where you're go- It's you again!" She shouted, noticing who it had been that bumped into her. Her cheeks puffed up as he talked.


"I would think you'd realize this duel has nothing to offer... But then, you thought these antiques..." He gestured to the Battle Boxes. "... were impressive enough, so what do I know?" While he was off looking at somewhere else she responded.


"What's that suppose to mean!?" She crossed her arms. "How can you see this and not be impressed!? You...you dummy!" Suddenly, a realization struck her. "That's right! We still need to duel so I can show you just how impressive my fire is!" A hint of mischief crossed her face. "This time I'll make sure you don't go running off again!" She said triumphantly, before grabbing him by the arm in an attempt to drag him towards the box in front of them as she saw the two duelist moving out. "Let's go! I've been itching to duel since I got here."

contest thingy

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pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy wen day is dark alway rember happy day

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