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[Archetype] Curse Seal Rituals [Reposted in Advanced Multiples, Please Lock]


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I want to go ahead and explain why I made this archetype and what I imagined its use is before showing it off.

This Ritual archetype was inspired by "Darkness Approaches" in that they flip monsters face-down without changing Battle Position. I designed them to be a pseudo-Kaiju; they target, but they also can get rid of a threat that can be targeted while allowing for some damage potential. I can see this being used on key playmaker cards like "SPYRAL Super Agent," "Timestar Magician," etc.

I had a bit of trouble balancing giving these guys a free Direct Attack, but I'd say halving Battle Damage would suffice. It puts pressure on your opponent to deal with the monsters without threatening game in three or fewer turns.

I plan on making more in this archetype, but for now I feel like this small set can show off the engine so that I can take feedback on the mechanic. I will be importing them to DP throughout the day.

Without further ado, here are the cards:
First Set (5 March 2018)

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