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Test for a little concept for multiples: The Peculiar Clocktower [Written]


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Eddie McBean

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For starters, I was just thinking about this concept for a little while whilst searching for time related stuff, so if it feels rough, I'd appreciate some tips, if it helps to make you want to give some, consider me homeless.


The Peculiar Clocktower

Spell | Field

During each phase of your turn, you can choose to advance the turn count by 5.

If the turn count reaches 0; Lose the Duel.
If this card leaves the field by an effect not pertaining to a "Timeless" or "Peculiar" card; reduce the turn count until it is 1.
This card gains the following effects by the amount of turns passed:
.20: Once per turn, you can special summon one "Timeless" monster to your side of the field from your hand or graveyard, but if you do; reduce the turn count by 10.
.30: Whenever a "Timeless" monster leaves the field; advance the turn count by 5.
.50: Up to twice per turn, you can decrease the turn count by any amount from 1 to 12; special summon a monster with the same amount of levels as the amount of turns decresed from either player's graveyards to your side of the field.

The sad moment when you fought countless battles, won countless wars, gained the love of thousands of women, brought forth the most ingenious city planning to ever bestow the planet, and then God comes down to give you even more knowledge, all you have to do is Answer:




Truly the ultimate test of knowledge, for in the legends it is stated; Whom the fucketh knows.




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Honestly, this is a cool idea as Yugioh never realy had cards that cared about how much time has passed. Here's what I think about it:

1: The Milestone effects seem paced out well. While being able to increase the turn count by +20 (Main, Battle, Main2, and End Phases) during a turn where it didn't already exist on the board during your Draw Phase sounds a bit extream, but it's managed by 20 only being either a revival or free summon for -10, and the other two effects are at a good pacing for what they do.
2: The turn count could get stupidly high. Increasing by 5 every phase, and +5 when an archtype monster dies at turn 30 and higher, getting to turn 100 doesn't seem that far out of the way. I can only assume that the monsters, spells, and traps would "eat away" at the turn count to use their effects, but to me, the increaced turn count progression seems a bit much, but I assume that this is by design.



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1) Why would you ever not want to get Turn Counts? Sure it is a small thing but there is no reason to not activate the first effect other than you being funny
2) Why can't you just gain a counter once per turn instead of advancing the turn counter by 5 (which is bizarre and a counter system would be a lot easier to track) and you use that 1 counter to spend on one of those effects that you can use on either player's turn on a hard once per turn?
3) Why do you get punished for using all of your Turns with an instant loss? Sure I get the flavor of running out of time but why does it have to cost you the game? Why can't you use something else like getting burned for 3 thousand damage or something?
4) Sorry for being rude but this one bugs me the most but why in the hell does the 30 turn effect have anything to do with getting turns at all? If anything that should be one that is inherent to the card that is always available for use




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so final countdown FTK :). apart from that, cool card.

Horu Ishayuki

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Interesting Idea. It has been a while since I made any time based cards. A while back, I made an entire time based set. This seems interesting but, yeah, too much can be done by messing with a turn count.


So you play this with Final Countdown on turn 0: MP1 +5, MP2 +5, EP +5 = 15

Turn 2: Draw + 5 = Win.


This combo as mentioned, gives your opponent 1 turn at best.


I would say to general make the turn count automatic and play out in the End Phase. So Think about it like this, You play this on turn 0 and during your EP, the turn count is 5 so it would still be your opponent's turn. But any effects they had that are based around turn counts like Swords of Revealing Light, would die second your turn ends.


Think like this

Turn 0: Play this, End.

Turn 5: opponent plays Swords.

Turn 6: Summon any given monster from your hand, End.

Turn 11: Swords is removed, opponent needs a new plan while you stack field.

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