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Announcement: Status Feed Rules Posted by Flame Dragon

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1. Each member can only post new updates every 20 minutes. Any update between that period is considered spam and will be warned as such.

2. Links to Youtube, images, news articles or anything else that may generate discussion is allowed. However, you must write something else besides posting just the link. Posting just a link counts as a one-word post and thus breaks rule 4 below. (Your general thoughts about the content in said link will be sufficient enough)

3. Links with inappropriate content, advertising other forums/sites/online sales are not allowed.

4. Foul language and one-word posts are not allowed.

5. Flaming, being intentionally antagonistic, or even just being an ass in general is forbidden, and will be warned for Abusive Behavior and given other sanctions as deemed necessary. Don't be a douche in statuses, or else.

6. Punishments increase in severity with each repeated offense, eventually including removal of status updating privileges, post locks or bans (Members will receive a PM reminding them of the results of their next offense).

Punishments for 1 & 3 will begin at 2 points, whereas an Abusive Behavior warn will start at 5 points.

7. Posting adult/pornographic content will result in a permanent ban on the spot, much like how you would be punished in the main forums.