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Announcement: TCG/OCG Deck Rules Posted by evilfusion



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All YCM site rules apply.

These rules can be found here: http://forum.yugiohc...er-forum-rules/

In addition, follow these rules for the section. While they are subject for future updates or additions, they are the basic expectations for posts in the section and should keep things running smoothly. (Thanks to Welche/Goose for writing these up for me).
The Jack Witt Clause

All deck topics are treated as rate and fix topics. This means that, when you post your deck, you will receive comments and evaluations of the deck's quality from other members and suggestions as to how to improve it. If you cannot deal with this, then do not post your deck. If you post your deck and then show that you cannot or will not accept constructive criticism, you will not only appear childish but also run the risk of having your topics closed.

Specify Your Theme

Since the intention of any thread is to improve the deck as much as possible, it's important for the opening post to specify what the decks themes are and what parameters the poster wants the deck fixed within. This means that if you post a Ojama deck with the goal of summoning Ojama King, it's your duty to inform members of this. If you don't, members will try to optimize the deck within the more general parameters of an Ojama deck. Threads won't be locked for not containing this information in the opening post, but it is strongly encouraged.

Specify Your Restrictions

When posting a deck you need to specify any restrictions or special circumstances that are relevant to the deck. If you are on a tight budget and the deck is IRL, you need to tell everyone. If there is a card you do not want to play at all for whatever reason, you need to tell everyone. Breaking these rules will never result in a thread being locked, but may result in a warning if repeated.[/background]

Provide Constructive Criticism

This rule is the most important rule other than the Jack Witt Clause. If you fail to provide actual constructive criticism multiple times, you will receive a warning.

This comes down to two things: explain any changes you suggest and always be polite. Don't say things like "this deck is awful". Don't post things like "you should be running ____" without any follow up.

]If you have any questions regarding these rules, feel free to PM me (evilfusion).