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  1. Dova

    Made a comment, 29 minutes ago

    30 voters? That's disappointing...and telling.

  2. Dovamr. waifu

    Made a comment, Today, 02:48 AM

    we share the same bday

  3. Dova

    Made a comment, Today, 02:41 AM

    What is we actually posted all of the cards we make in the Misc. cardmaking games :thinking:

    • Dova's Photo
      well yes but im just annoyed that so many cards are made daily and none of them posted
    • Member Wall's Photo
      Member Wall
      Aight, just making sure
    • Flash Flyer - Sakura's Photo
      Flash Flyer - Sakura
      To be fair, I kinda encourage people to post them (would increase CC's activity, and definitely would boost your post count for stuff). But yeah.

      Just to be fair, some of the stuff I made recently will go in my legacy thread if they exist in our format.
  4. Captain Murphy ☆

    Made a comment, Today, 01:35 AM

    YES having my phone 4 inches away from my face is raDiating my eyes badly enoug to force me to close them and sleep hahagaha!

  5. UltimateIRS

    Made a comment, Today, 01:25 AM

    your waifu thinks you're a retard

  6. Thar

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:56 PM

    What's the best program to use a drawing tablet for?

  7. Airride

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:49 PM

    dammit second market prices are so nonsense, why are caspar and starfire over $10 when EVERYTHING ELSE in magical musket is less than $1

    • ''s Photo
      lower supply probs
  8. Hi I'm Dad

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:42 PM

    She threw that ass back and I was like "ew bitch go take a shower"

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    • Yui's Photo
      She threw that ass back and I'm like "No keep it, I don't want it why do you think I threw it to you?"
    • Yui's Photo
      related: how to reattach own ass?
  9. Captain Murphy ☆

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 10:37 PM

    when you work from 3:30am to 5:30pm :) yeah kachow

  10. (◊)

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 10:20 PM

    Honestly, I totally forgot to do that blog post. I'll make sure I take care of it after work tomorrow morning!

  11. Hi I'm Dad

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 10:11 PM

    So wait, who gets more play? I s a a c or White?

  12. I s a a c

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 09:44 PM


  13. White

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 09:42 PM

    Never get involved in a land war in Asia, never invade Russia in the winter, and never bet against Tom Brady coming back in the fourth.

  14. A Bigass Colony

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 09:29 PM

    Permanent van.

  15. Hi I'm Dad

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 09:03 PM

    Riding high, grinding heavy, run with banditos.

  16. Chaosix

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 08:48 PM

    When do we get LANpholinkus in the TCG?

    • Chaosix's Photo
      Because Jesus Christ you'll be surprised how much that the 1 extra monster you use for decode can change the game.
    • White's Photo
      when ocg wants to take pity
    • Flash Flyer - Sakura's Photo
      Flash Flyer - Sakura
      Probably mid/late 2018 with SD33.
  17. Shradow

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 08:46 PM

    I really should try and play Bioshock again, attempt to reign in my cowardice. It's a great game from what I've heard and what little I got into it in the past.

    • (◊)'s Photo
      Honestly, if the environment is too much for you, play infinite.
    • Shradow's Photo
      I have, actualy. Played it to completion. Really enjoyed it.
  18. “The Timekeeper”

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 08:20 PM

    I love a good Old Fashioned. Bless bars that know how to properly make them.

  19. (◊)

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 07:40 PM

    Hey, how's everyone doing

    • Lord CowCow's Photo
      Lord CowCow
      My day has gone from Caffeine to Cold to Red Like Roses to I Burn
    • Nathanael D. Striker's Photo
      Nathanael D. Striker
      Good. Heading to Beaverton to hang out with a fraternity brother. Been a while since I've seen him.
    • “The Timekeeper”'s Photo
      “The Timekeeper”
      I am officially drunk and am so happy. I love you, Joseph! I hope things are well!
  20. Kokichi Oma

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 07:06 PM

    8 hours remain.

  21. mido9

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 06:47 PM

    "You have picked up the artifact. Your speed has been upgraded from mach 8 to 1 trillion times the speed of light." -Megaton Rainfall

    • mido9's Photo
      Also "You have picked up the artifact. Your right click attack has been upgraded from galaxy vaporizing to black hole vaporising."
  22. Lord CowCowmido9

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 06:28 PM

    Did you figure out the voting thing?

  23. Shradow

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 06:18 PM

    Yang pulling a Shirou Emiya with one of her lines in the RWBY season finale, lol.

    • Lord CowCow's Photo
      Lord CowCow
      Now that I finished Volume 4 I need to decide if I want to wait for the DVD or watch V5 online...
    • ChampionZero's Photo
      Dude, spoilers.
    • Shradow's Photo
      It's a joke about a meme, hardly a spoiler.
  24. BANZAI!!!!

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 05:44 PM

    Oh hey look at that, a wild subforum appeared!

    • BANZAI!!!!'s Photo
      something to the tune of "I want to do RP X, here's what I have so far. Help?"

    • Yui's Photo
      you seem to have fixed the defaulting issue; I can view it in 2edgy nice and normally
    • Dova's Photo
      *begins making topic*
  25. White

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 05:31 PM

    It'd be nice to have a nuclear plant in every town. We'd never need natural gas or low yield "green" energy again. Dams wouldn't kill our fish, and windmills wouldn't kill our birds

    • White's Photo
      It's negligible
    • Lord CowCow's Photo
      Lord CowCow
      Aren't they kinda expensive to build?
    • Spinny's Photo
      Nuclear waste storage is a huge issue as it can be weaponized, if the industry became that big then no doubt the waste would become easier to obtain.