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  1. Zaziuma

    Made a comment, 30 minutes ago

    I really don't get why people dislike Big Mouth so much, I find it hilarious, season 2 was maybe even better than the first. I do understand some of the complaints, if you are not into the artstyle, I get it, but I have watched shitty animation before like South park and it worked for me fine, and they do get a lot out of the designs I feel, some characters are annoying, they introduces a new character that I absolutely hate, but that's also kind of the point of a lot of these characters, though maybe they should tone down on the annoying ones a bit, but get past that you have a smart and funny show, 7/10 at least for me.

  2. Face McShooty

    Made a comment, Today, 12:26 AM

    Got off work and started WWE RAW from the beginning... talk about a gut punch... Roman Reigns (aka Joe Anoai’i) revealed he’s currently battling his 2nd fight with Leukemia...

  3. 60 Cards Croutoni

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:50 PM

    Roman Reigns has leukemia? They should write off the character with a heroic sacrifice. Worked on Power Rangers.

  4. Melkor

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:25 PM

    Anyone else look to a person's hair to decide if they're attractive or not? Just me?

    • God Emperor Cow's Photo
      God Emperor Cow
      Not necessarily the sole thing but it certainly can add "bonus points" as it were.
    • Melkor's Photo
      I look to the hair and face first tbh, and that usually sells or breaks it
    • Halloween Costume's Photo
      Halloween Costume
      Doesn't change my initial reaction. If I find them attractive, usually depends on first glance. Whether or not I think it is worth it is a different matter and depends on different factors.

  5. Praline à la Mode

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 09:57 PM

    Whats with the gaudy pumpkins?

  6. Simon Belmont

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 09:06 PM

    Roman Reigns vacated the Universal Championship after revealing he has leukemia. I hope that he fights it off like he did before.

  7. Mysterio

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 07:41 PM

    Mike Tyson returns as well, just as the captain return the day prior? Fantastic. Here Mysterio thought the monsters were slowly dwindling away into nothingness. On second thought, that wouldn't be too bad for Mysterio.

  8. Tsumugi Shirogane

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 07:25 PM

    Have some ideas for Debates. Gonna pen them when I have computer access. You guys will see them soon enough if they go over well.

  9. Thar

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 05:08 PM

    Welp, looks like I fixed my internet problem. All I had to do was unplug and replug my coaxial cord from my modem and do an automated troubleshoot while the light was blinking. I learned something today. :D

    • Yui's Photo
      Did you try turning it off and b--oh you did? Awesome.
    • Thar's Photo
      LMAO that's exactly what I did XD
    • Simon Belmont's Photo
      Simon Belmont
      The meme is right 99.9999999% of the time.
  10. mido9

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 04:12 PM

    Underfell is so insane, it's an undertale fangame in development(or dev hell, probably) that swaps the roles of everyone, everyone who was nice and good and etc is super demonic and evil, and everyone who was evil is good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEVUYKGmF2w

    • Yui's Photo
      isn't that the 3edgy5me AU where everything is red and ends up looking even edgier because of it
    • Black D'Sceptyr's Photo
      Black D'Sceptyr
      That's been here, I think.
  11. Zaziuma

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 02:44 PM

    Anyone been watching Kidding? I really don't know what to feel about this show, it's so weird, one moment it's intense drama, the next it's absurdist comedy, so weird to see this from a Jim Carrey series.

    • mido9's Photo
      Like, this is the guy who did The Mask, absurdity is his game.
  12. Thar

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 02:30 PM

    "That's not possible." "Darling, you have no idea what is possible."

    • Yui's Photo
      "It's not PROBABLE."
  13. Kotoha

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 01:34 PM

    Surely more people like snacks! If you do, nominate your favorites here: https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/375698-best-little-treat-blt-2-nominations-open/

    • Yui the Cute Oni's Photo
      Yui the Cute Oni
      Ah, I was just about to make another status. Need to be better about that, since it took just about 2 weeks to get to the minimum last time, but I'll probably allow extra nominations a little sooner.
  14. Mike Tyson

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 01:20 PM

    https://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/375875-ycm-halloween-heavyweight-championship/#entry7124912 Enter the running to win The Belt!

  15. Bruteboii

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 01:08 PM

    How come so many profile pictures don't load? Is there an issue with the site? I've tried uploading a bunch of different profile pics but none are visible

    • Yui's Photo
      I'm able to get there just fine. What browser are you using?
    • vla1ne's Photo
      Thank you yui. Due to that imgur link, i just figured out how to properly moonwalk.
    • Yui's Photo
      Thank you vla1ne. Due to that comment, I checked frontpage again and now am also figuring it out.
  16. Mike Tyson

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 12:52 PM


    • Flash Flyer - Sakura's Photo
      Flash Flyer - Sakura
      Wouldn't be first time someone used .com instead of .NET, as a few newbies got that wrong and one of them refuses to come back because of misunderstanding around that.
    • Mike Tyson's Photo
      Mike Tyson
      Then why hasn't it been fixed yet?
    • Draconus297's Photo
      Registering an entirely new domain name is hard.
  17. mido9

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 12:37 PM

    Reminder that pretty much literally everyone in suicide squad EXCEPT for the enchantress are near-useless against anyone competent. Like, seriously, a boomerang thrower?

    • Thar's Photo
      Competant meaning what? Being able to take on members of the Justice League?
    • mido9's Photo
    • Mike Tyson's Photo
      Mike Tyson
      All those people, and not one knew how to punch. What a weak team, I'll tell you what
  18. vla1ne

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 12:04 PM

    If you could only duel with two decks for the rest of your life, what would they be? hybrids (like shaddoll invoked or trickstriker) are allowed.

    • God Emperor Cow's Photo
      God Emperor Cow
      The only 2 decks I've used. Wigjts and A Legendary Salmon (Fish)
    • Yui's Photo
      Shiranui and Gusto are all I need.
    • The Nyx Avatar's Photo
      The Nyx Avatar
      Fabled. Monarch or Gem- for the second one.
  19. Dad

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:36 AM

    Time to get in trouble for double posting statuses. I wanna give the absolute biggest happy birthday Shoutout to my nigga Hollow. Happy birthday you handsome fucker! I'm wishing you the best because you fucking deserve it. Love you dude!

    • God Emperor Cow's Photo
      God Emperor Cow
      Holy shit its the bois bday
      Also nah man that was more than enough time between
    • mido9's Photo
      IS that alaina? Happy birthday anyway
    • Dad's Photo
      No that's not Alaina
  20. Dad

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 11:25 AM

    @Sakura thanks.

  21. mido9Kingdom Xathers

    Made a comment, Yesterday, 10:01 AM

    Hey I remember you, mostly because you made a cool as heck TGU in Soul Calibur 5. Are you playing SC6?