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  1. OOC Thread Everyone has a dream that fills their heart; a journey they must take, a destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. This is the world of pokemon. Here, pokemon and humans live in harmony. Some keep pokemon as pets, while others, known as pokemon trainers, compete with them in amazing contests of skill and strategy. Whether they battle, perform, race, or compete, all trainers and their pokemon hope to one day be the best, and become pokemon masters. This dream burns brighter than most in the hearts of six young men. Quentin Sparrow, Trey Joule, Samuel Cotter, Creedence Akeley, Chad Griffith, and Quinton Worth, all beginning their journeys as pokemon trainers at the same time. As they each make their way to Cherrygrove city, none of them realize that their destinies are intertwined, or that they're in for the adventure of a lifetime. BGM "Hey bro. You told me to call you when I got here, soooooo...." Trey Joule leaned in toward the vidphone's screen so that Volkner could hear him more clearly. The pokemon center was extra lively this morning, between the usual trainer traffic and all of the TIP participants who had arrived to pick up their GPS spikes from the MapCo representative. The background noise wasn't helping the already shaky reception from Sunnyshore City. "Wow, I'm kinda surprised you actually remembered. The regional ferry ride wasn't too bad was it?" "It was pretty smooth. We even got a good view of Alto Mare when we crossed the lagoon." "You should stop by there when you get a chance. Its a really cool town. Oh, forgot to tell you! I told Jas you were coming and so she put together a little care package for you. Its in your PC box." "What?! Duuuude you told her I was coming to Johto?" Trey groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Its not like I was gonna keep it a secret from her. Besides, she's gonna see you in Olivine eventually anyway." "Ughhh duuude this is so lame. Its bad enough I have to battle your girlfriend for a gym badge in the first place. The least you could do is save me from the big sis act." "Sorry, no can do pipsqueak. I'll tell her you said thanks for the gear though." "Yeah, yeah. You do that." "There's a little something from me in there too, by the way." "That's not like you. Did she rope you in too?" "Nahh, Its just a little present to commemorate your journey. You gotta promise me something though." "What's that?" "You can't open it until you've earned your first badge. Deal? It'll ruin it if you do." "Sure, sure. I'll leave Jasmine's stuff in there with it to keep it some company." "Trey come on get over it- oh crap the Gym's got a challenger. Hey I've gotta go." "Don't sweat it Volk I'll make sure I thank her myself when I get to Olivine. Don't make it easy for 'em ok?" "Not a chance. And hey you better not lose to Jasmine. It'll make us look bad." "Yeah sure whatever. Catch you on the flip side." With that, Trey hung up, and turned back around to face his cyndaquil, who'd been sitting on the bench behind him, listening intently. "Well Ollie, we're officially on our own. You ready to go do Johto?" "Quiiil!" "That's the spirit bro. We've got our stakes, so all we needa do is get everything squared away and hit the road!" Trey paused, craning his neck to follow a cute girl with a skitty for a moment. "Couldn't hurt to get acquainted with the locals a bit first though. Maybe ask about the sights? Whaddya think?" "Qui-Quiiiiil!" Ollie nodded in the affirmative, though really he was just eager to do something other than stand still. If he was lucky, they might even find themselves a battle before they left town.
  2. Should have started this a funking year ago, but funk it. Better late than never. [spoiler=What is Area 88?]Seriously? Did you not read the title, numbnuts? Area 88 is a club where we watch anime. But not that frilly colorful sheet they show you on crunchyroll. funk no. The sheet we watch here will put hair on your chest! We'll make you question that pitiful existence of yours and wonder just who the funk you were before you discovered such AWESOME. funking. CARTOONS. WE'RE HERE TO BLOW YOUR MIND AND BLOW sheet UP! They don't make 'em like they used to. Welcome to Area 88, YCM. Time to man the funk up. [spoiler=How we do sheet]Dirt simple. Every week, we watch some anime and talk about it. If its a longer anime (read: over 26 episodes/9hours runtime) we'll break it up into equal blocks and do it over two weeks or a month. Then, everyone who wants to will submit an Anime for us to watch next, and we vote on the one we want to watch. Rinse and repeat. The only caveat is that it has to be old. We don't do new up in this jabroni. Also probably a good time to let you in on a few things: First up, since a lot of these will be pretty old, tracking them down online can and will be difficult. Now, while I can't officially endorse my usual methods for finding old anime (Sacrificing babies to satan is frowned upon, apparently), anyone who wants to, or is having trouble finding what we're watching should come to me in PM for some demonic enlightenment, if you catch my drift. Otherwise, we'll have reputable links to youtube or streaming services posted in this thread. The other thing is that the subject matter for a lot of stone cold classics is definitely NSFW (either due to excessive gore, naughty bits, or just general unpleasantness), and so any anime that contains those things must and will be tagged appropriately. You've been warned, kiddies. [spoiler=Rules] 1. Swearing is encouraged. The more colorful the better. 2. Being an jabroni is discouraged. Don't do it. 3. Everyone's opinion has merit. Even if you didn't like something we've viewed, telling us why can be enlightening. Don't be afraid to speak your funking mind, pansies. 4. If you're talking about an anime we haven't finished viewing yet, put your spoilers in spoiler tags. Or I will hunt you down. 5. I can edit and update these any time I want, probably because I forgot something. Deal with it. 6. Like so. 7. look, I did it again. 8. If you've already seen an anime we're watching, you don't need to watch it again, unless you want to. 9. If you don't have time to watch something, just post in the thread saying so. We're gonna try and keep this jabroni active, so viewing as much as possible is a necessity. [spoiler=Joining Area 88]Literally just post in this thread stating your intent to join, preferably accompanied by some colorful swear words. Then you will become a MAN OF DESTINY, aka a badass, aka one of the cool people, aka a member of this club, and be added to the spoiler below. [spoiler=Active MEN OF DESTINY]Zai Thar [spoiler= Submitting an Anime]Literally any movie, OVA, or series you want, so long as it was released before January 1st, 2004 in japan. Dubs are preferred, but subs (fan or otherwise), and even raws are acceptable depending on the series. When you submit an anime, please add a brief description of it and why you think its worth watching. Whenever we finish an anime, we'll vote from all the current submissions, and the anime that wins will be next. If you have a reputable source for an anime, you should post it here. Otherwise, its up to each individual to find the entry themselves, or to come to me to sacrifice an infant so you can watch it. And again, if it has NSFW content, tag it as such or I will murder you. [spoiler=What we're watching]To be announced! [spoiler=sheet we've seen]
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