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  1. A Merciful Idiot RP. The Grand Crossover RP أنا لا يموت. أنا لا أعيش كل لها قصة. لدي جود فقط أن تكون أو لا تكون هذا هو السؤال أمشي الطريق إلى الأصل Across the multiverse, everyone has their own inner world. Some call them 'reality marbles'. Others call them 'souls'. Whatever the case may be, these are capable of manifesting as a fully-fledged world. A physical manifestation of the life they lived. A home, in its purest form. As it happened, this was not their home. 'Unlimited Blade Works'. That was the name of the stabbed land defining a sole man, one who strove in his lifetime to become a hero of justice. Its skies made of gears, below it a wasteland of swords that stretched unto infinity, it was a rather gloomy place on its own. The man it belonged to had become a sword for others, even after death. Serving reality, he would appear alone and eliminate any threat to the multiverse as a Counter Guardian, still acting as that so-called hero of justice. And he was forever alone. A hero of justice was a solitary existence, after all. ...at least, that was how it was supposed to be. Standing on a hill littered only by swords, the red knight felt baffled at how quickly the Counter Corps had taken to his Unlimited Blade Works. While there were still swords stuck in the ground everywhere, there were also imitations of the housings the various heroes had back at their homeworlds, training facilities, equipment, and just about anything else they needed. He doubted if they even understood where they were - this wasn't a separate dimension, but his own inner world, where all images he could fully comprehend were given form. Technically, they were inside his body. It couldn't be helped. These people were not childish, they were legitimate warriors with both experience and determination. Some were more talented than others when it came to combat, but they would all be needed in the coming battle. His inner world having been active for less than twenty-four hours, he had used that time to recruit as many members as possible. However, despite the incredibly vast amount that must've been out there, he had only been able to recruit thirty. Hopefully, this team would be enough to do the job. He'd been hoping to catch Isamy off-guard, but she somehow managed to find out about them. Her words about the 'Pathway to Origin' were also worrying. It couldn't be helped. Among the people he'd managed to obtain was an alternate version of the legendary Sora himself, the interdimensionally-famed Itsu Fudo, and even a Shinigami Captain with the name Kenpachi. As for the others, even though he'd been monitoring them one by one, they had yet to prove their power. Still, they'd been given enough time to train. From here on out, they would have to rely on their own abilities to survive and pave way to victory. Now, it was time to move. Taking a few steps away from the hill, he raised both of his hands and summoned one of the largest sword he had ever encountered during his lifetime. Then, a gigantic blade stretching twenty meters fell out from the heavens and stabbed into the ground before him, and with it a large crashing sound that echoed throughout the realm. Dust had also been swept about everywhere. I suppose you all saw that blade. Emiya asked the entire Counter Corps telepathically, leaning against it. His tone had a slight hint of sarcasm, as if mocking anyone who couldn't see it. You want to save your world, correct? Once you've prepared everything you need, go over there. We'll be heading out shortly. Another one. And another one. And yet another one. Going through all the effort to place troublesome people, creatures, and unstable items into containment fields was turning out to be extremely troublesome, and even after going through all the trouble of summoning different versions of Kingdom Hearts, it still appeared as though it may not be enough... Looking around, what was a camera even doing there? It almost reminded her of that watch- no, it was a red-and-white ball, wasn't it? But she was sure it had been a watch. No matter. In any case, according to the other one, none of them were the Key. "This is disappointing." Isamy murmured, before turning around to open a door. She walked back out in an elegant European throne room, but it was actually out of place compared to the traditional Japanese castle it had been built within. Needless to say, this construction had been enclosed in an artificially-generated pocket dimension, and was free from the distortions that were plaguing most of the multiverse. "Is there a problem, Master?" The voice of a nobleman asked from nearby. Turning to face him, it was Viligance, a magically-moving suit of armor whose only duty was to serve the current Maximus. "Only tired." She replied with a sigh, crossing her arms. "That Emiya guy should be striking soon, so I'll have to be ready for him..." In thought, the sorcerer contemplated about her circumstances. It wasn't going to be easy keeping a Counter Guardian away long enough for her to open to Door, which was why she'd spent some time prancing along the multiverse and trying to lure as many warriors over to her side as possible, with promises of the Door's power. They may very well help in achieving her ultimate dream. Inspired by an event in her past, she had entitled this team the Divine. Quite appropriately too. She hadn't been able to get much in numbers by her standards, but the twenty-ish she did manage to gather seemed pretty powerful, especially Jecht and Sephiroth, and she could always give them a boost of strength if they wanted. The only real concern she had was whether they'd complain about the lack of a bathroom. This castle wasn't used to mortal visitors, after all. All sorts of people had agreed for their own reasons, and she had to admit, she couldn't help but find many of them fascinating. How long had it been she'd last genuinely interacted with the people around her? A part of her was actually grateful that the Counter Guardian had forced her hand like this. Once Isamy was done thinking, she looked back up. "Can you gather the Divine in the throne room, Viligance? Thank you." "It will be done." The animate knight nodded before walking away. As for Isamy herself, she silently sat down upon an emerald throne that complimented her long teal hair, waiting for everyone to gather so she could inform them of her plan. While doing so, she mentally prepared herself. Being an Omni and future RECREATOR OF ALL REALITY, she had to set a good example for these people - she hadn't really taken the time to get to know them, but at least she could remember their names and powers. ... Outside, Viligance tracked down and found each member one by one, asking them to report to the throne room. ((Have a fun time~ and I hope you all enjoy this epic GRAND CROSSOVER RP~!!! )
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