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  1. The peace of the lazy Sunday summer day across L-City was suddenly broken by the sound of emergency sirens, echoing through the streets. The crowds of strollers, commuters and shopkeepers collectively gasped and whispered to each other, holding their children close as distant explosions shook the air. “Attention! This is an announcement from the Hero Association. Multiple Wolf level threats throughout L-City have been reported. All citizens are advised to evacuate to the nearest secure shelter immediately until the all-clear.” Immediately after the loudspeakers finished blasting the pre-recorded announcement, all mobile devices in the city started vibrating and ringing, displaying the same emergency message. The strollers and shopkeepers, already used to such alerts, started evacuating the streets and shuttering their storefronts until the streets were left barren, without only a few abandoned shopping bags indicating the presence of any people. After a few moments of eerie stillness, only broken by the wailing sirens and the occasional rumbling of collapsing concrete, a small group of people rushed down the street towards the source of the explosions, each wielding great power. Each one received the same message: “THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM THE HERO ASSOCIATION. MULTIPLE WOLF LEVEL THREATS DETECTED IN CENTRAL L-CITY. REPORTS OF ROBOTIC BEINGS BREAKING INTO APARTMENTS, ENDANGERING CITIZENS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT. MULTIPLE C-CLASS HEROES DEPLOYED UNABLE TO CONTAIN THREAT. CURRENT THREAT LEVEL: TIGER. Following another string of explosions, the heroes rushed down the street towards the city centre. --- The city centre was in chaos. A squadron of four ten-foot tall humanoid robots rolled down the street on their metal treads, tearing up the street beneath them. The robots fired their machine guns mounted on their right arm from behind massive shields they carried on their left, suppressing a pair of C-class heroes hiding behind a rapidly deteriorating piece of concrete rubble they were using as cover. Panzerfaust, one of the heroes hiding behind what used to be the floor of an apartment building, peeked out from behind his cover and attempted to aim his weapon to fire back at his assailants, only to be forced behind cover by another hail of gunfire. Cyberman, the other hero, held his hands over his helmeted head, babbling offers of surrender to himself. While the footsoldiers wreaked havoc on the street, a large flying robot, held aloft by eight rotors fifteen stories above the ground, scanned the glassy side of an apartment building, sweeping the building with a net of lasers. Upon detecting inhabitants attempting to escape deeper into the building, the flying machine aimed a large cannon mounted underneath its body, firing a laser into the building, causing a massive explosion that shattered all of the windows and revealing the residents within. “FACIAL ANALYSIS COMPLETE. SUBJECT IDENTIFIED AS MATSUOKA KURO. INITIATING CAPTURE PROTOCOL.” A male resident of one of the apartments, still clad in his pajamas, hung from the edge of the floor of his apartment, trying to pull himself out of danger, only to be suddenly grabbed by a robotic arm, which closed its claw around his waist and dragging him away. The man screamed and wailed as he struggled from his bonds, eyes wide with terror as his grip on his home was torn away. Like a demon bird of prey, the flying robot carried its prize through the air, heading towards the nearby coastline.
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