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  1. Shockers (now SweeTarts Chewy Sours) easily.
  2. Some generic mostly black costume with red eyes that lit up. That was in high school, last halloween I did stuff for.
  3. Flavor of the month is constantly changing that. But if I had to pick overall, I've had the most consistent enjoyment from Achievement Hunter/Let's Play. Jim Sterling also fights for that spot consistently though.
  4. Tried Dynasty Warriors as a kid and couldn't get into it. Funny because I mildly enjoyed Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. Fanboyism for those series helped though.
  5. Dunno if it was bad timing or the game really was just bad, but Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon bored the piss out of me when I played it years ago. Never even finished it. I love the Fire Emblem series too so it was especially weird.
  6. I play Pokemon so that's up there. Pokemon Y especially among that bunch.
  7. I don't play many super difficult games, but Super Meat Boy was tough since I decided I wanted to beat every Cotton Alley level including Dark World. Though getting The Kid was honestly the hardest part.
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