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    A Scattered Dream that's Like a Far-off Memory
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    Great Angleland. ("Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the Waves!")
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    Stuff. Quite a few anime. Games, though not quite a gamer. Music. Pokemon is one of my few addictions. I'm interested in a multitude of TV shows, mostly the British ones (Cos I'm british), like Doctor Who and Sherlock; though recently I've been watching a lot of Elementary.

    People are what I'm most interested in, though. I never fully realised it before, but you lot. I lead a boring life, and so I used to turn to stories, books, games. But they're predictable. You lot, you people, with your lives and your tales; I love to hear them. I like to listen to people talking, to hear them tell me what they do Because I can live life through them. So speak to me. Tell me a tale, spin me a story. Make my life more interesting by telling me yours.
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