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  1. Reminds me a lot of https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Psychic_Blade in that it trades LP for ATK points. I think it's also worth keeping in mind that you can equip this to your OPPONENT'S monster. So if your opponent has a big monster and you only have a small monster, then you can equip this to theirs and ram your monster in for damage. Another thing is, I wonder how it interacts with effects like Amazoness Archer. Do you still take the damage?
  2. I love the throwback to 5Ds-era Psychics in the artwork, with the green visor and spikes. The summoning condition makes it possibly very awesome with Overmind Archfiend. I'm still going to wait until the VRAINS era is over to use Link Monsters though.
  3. Not too late to do a Halloween event?

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    2. God Emperor Cow

      God Emperor Cow

      I think you overestimate how many active monsters and non-monster members there were in the past.

      That being said if YCM wants to do a Halloween event I think it's best to start it up within a couple days. Someone from here should make a thread for it.

    3. Ryusei the Morning Star

      Ryusei the Morning Star

      Not even thinking about all that right now, just trying to get old people to come back

    4. Tormented


      The event has even't started yet.

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