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  1. The site being revamped is a great time to revamp my profile along with it, with updated information, avatar, background, and my (probably unhealthy) obsession atm.

  2. Yeah, no, I get that. I was never implying being forced. YCM is nothing without it's community, so when everyone migrated, this site lost all my interest. Eventually I came to miss the community so I tried (for a second time at this point, this time without bias) to join in at NCM. It just wasn't the same at the end of the day. I guess with this new revamp of the og site, I'm hoping it will bring a good amount of the original community back, or even make a new one. That being said? I appreciate the effort the entire team put in, I really do. It worked for a lot of people, just never was able to get into it myself.
  3. Honestly couldn't get into NCM. Sure as hell tried though. Will most likely transfer shit from over their soon.
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