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  1. Undersea Gigant A collection of Water Rock Monsters, Levels 6-9. Who act as extra protection to Water Monsters since they essentially giant underwater caves. They have high defense and all summon a "Gigant Token" when summoned through tribute summon. The goal for them is to protect said Gigant Token, which has high attack stats, and be their protectors, however since their effects work on water monsters in general, they could be splashed into different water decks as defense. Undersea Gigant:Sacred Rock ****** Water/Rock/Effect When this card is tribute summoned, special summon 1 "Gigant Token" (Water/Level 4/Beast-Warrior/ATK:2000/DEF:0). Once per turn,Water monsters on your side of the field cannot be destroyed by card effects. ATK:0/DEF:2700 -Model Mk.
  2. Cool I actually got some stuff done while this was getting inspected.

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