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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Took 3 tries at the validation email (well, it was slow), but got the name I wanted for Dueling Book. Not that I see myself using it anytime soon due to other factors.
Feb 03 2017 08:59 PM
  • White's Photo
    it wont work for me
    Feb 03 2017 09:19 PM
  • Harrison H's Photo
    Harrison H
    So is Dueling Book the new DN?
    Feb 03 2017 09:58 PM
  • Flash Flyer - Sakura's Photo
    Flash Flyer - Sakura
    Yeah, looks like it. As for Winter, you're not the only one who got locked out; could be their servers suck right now or other things. If it still fails, you can try asking them on Discord (they have one) for support help, but dk how much help they'll be.
    Feb 03 2017 11:43 PM