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President Frank Underwood

My fellow Americans. After surviving the harrowing events of last year, I have decided not to partake in this year's Halloween festivities. After all, I have increasingly belligerent North Koreans, a nation tearing itself apart, two hurricanes' worth of damage, potential impeachment, and a war against the Islamic Caliphate Organization to deal with.
Sep 25 2017 12:09 AM
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    President Frank Underwood
    The North Korean situation has me worried the most, despite the reassurances of my State Department. For some reason, they keep being antagonized by noted business magnate Donald Trump. Luckily, unlike Mister Trump, I do have experience with handling foreign affairs, and I am thankful that that man could never fill my shoes. Could you just imagine it? President Donald Trump? Sounds like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch.
    Sep 25 2017 12:11 AM