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Exapunks has a pretty amazing Sci-Fi point. Basically, there's this disease called the Phage which turns peoples' body parts into robotic computer parts/scrap metal and disrupts/paralyzes them. But, you find out that these robotic parts can be hacked and programmed too, so over the course of the game your character ends up needing to code programs to send volts from his central nervous system to his body parts and running the program indefinitely.
Aug 10 2018 01:33 PM
  • mido9's Photo
    Also you have to code those programs with specific conditions and correctly so that you don't intend to move your leg forward and instead end up pretzeling your leg or move your hand to the right and end up punching yourself or etc.
    Aug 10 2018 01:36 PM
  • Black D'Sceptyr's Photo
    Black D'Sceptyr
    Does speak a lot to how much is taken for granted, even within ourselves. In this case, it seems to be about autonomous movement-but I wonder; does it get into what happens when it starts affecting, say, the nervous system? The brain?
    Aug 10 2018 05:20 PM