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You know what, I think I'll make a vlogish thing every christmas and summer just saying my interests and likes and what's been going on and so on, just as a "this is the way my life goessssss"
Dec 25 2018 02:40 AM
  • mido9's Photo
    Finished Recording it, it's about 15 minutes of me saying random things I like and things I hate, showing my folders and etc, and 20 minutes of playing touhou genso wanderer, my GOTY.
    Dec 25 2018 06:04 AM
  • mido9's Photo
    It's all in arabic and for personal reasons, so I won't upload it, if you were expecting that. Sorry to dissapoint.
    Dec 25 2018 06:35 AM
  • Featherine Augustus Aurora's Photo
    Featherine Augustus Aurora
    Show me. I know Arabic.
    Dec 25 2018 10:28 AM