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God Emperor Cow

Say what you will of Gen 5 Pokemon designs they really did good for the Bug type.
Jun 14 2018 01:15 AM
  • Draconus297's Photo
    Honestly, the only ones I can say I outright hate in Gen V design-wise, after getting a recent look at them again, are the Klink line, Sawk, Throh, and the ugly-ass Kyurem fusions. Everything else is at least mildly interesting or contributes to a fun gimmick.

    Oh yeah, and the weather trio only barely escapes my ire due to the copy-pasted design they share being neat at the very least.
    Jun 14 2018 03:28 AM
  • Shradow's Photo
    I like Gen V because it has Golurk, my second favorite Pokemon, as well as the Vanillite line which I really like.

    Coincidentally, all those were designed by James Turner, the first westerner to design any Pokemon.
    Jun 14 2018 04:21 AM
  • goodfusion's Photo
    Haxorus should have been Bug/Dragon Type! Honestly I think gen 3 had the best Bug-Type designs. Wurmple is so cute!
    Jun 14 2018 07:01 AM