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Sunshine Jesse

I guess I'm non-ironically a Pichu main now. This guy has no right being this fun.
Dec 17 2018 07:59 PM
  • MetalSonic's Photo
    Raichu when?
    Dec 17 2018 08:06 PM
  • Thar's Photo
    That'd be pretty cool, if there was a small chance that a Thunderstone appears as an item and when Pikachu picks it up they evolve, but when anyone else does they can throw it at people and shock them.
    Dec 17 2018 08:09 PM
  • Shradow's Photo
    Yeah, both Pikachu and Pichu are super strong in this game, and they have enough minor differences where you can legitimately pick one over the other based on situation or preference. Definitely an improvement for Pichu, since he was more or less a troll pick in Melee.
    Dec 17 2018 09:35 PM