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Community Status Updates


Flame Dragon

Every time I see a card in Yugioh get functional errata it makes me irrationally angry.
Mar 13 2018 11:01 PM
  • Flame Dragon's Photo
    Flame Dragon
    Even if they are producing a ton of product with the current wording, it still doesn't remove all the copies of cards that now have defunct text. I just don't believe it leads to good gameplay when people need to use an internet device to check what their cards actually do.
    Mar 13 2018 11:26 PM
  • Flame Dragon's Photo
    Flame Dragon
    CCV has functional errata too, but from what I've seen of it it has had a bunch of that just looks to be a giant mess.
    Mar 13 2018 11:27 PM
  • Black D'Sceptyr's Photo
    Black D'Sceptyr
    Perhaps it speaks more to the detriment of a format so fast that waiting a turn to Pot of Greed is considered persona non grata? Hypothetically of course. (I had similar issues with complaints about the re-errataed Future Fusion, but the madness surrounding Konami trying to fix its mistakes somehow gets in my craw more. Not you tho, you're alright!)
    Mar 13 2018 11:41 PM