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what's that funimation? you don't want my money after all? okay
Feb 11 2019 08:39 PM
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    Once again, if we don't see it, then it doesn't count for the argument, for a very simple reason; We have no way of knowing how valid said evidence is. They fired him for a reason they refuse to tell us, that's cool, they can do that. I'm not obligated to then go "Must have been a good reason. OK!" I'm skeptical of it because Companies are well known for firing people just so they don't have to deal with allegations, be they true or false.

    Many of the events that people claimed he was banned from, he still attended, with no fuss at all. so the claims of him being banned, were pretty much all false. not to mention the person in question is generally the one to break the news, not some stranger on the net.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U_a9HPiM3Y&t=541s there's a video series from a rather small, but quite thorough youtuber who looks at the entire thing from a neutral standpoint. that's part 13 of the series, and he updates as he goes on. So far, everything points to absurd levels of hatred for him, and considerable collusion to get him brought down. the worst things we have on him so far that can be confirmed are that he can be a dick to staff sometimes, and he's a really huggy person. he hugs damn near everybody at conventions, and kisses most of them. strange? you can call it that, but it's normal for pastors, italians, and many stars. he is all three of those things, as such, it is by no means a surprise that he would be that way.

    the homophobic accusations are blatantly out of context against him, he clarified them at a panel some time ago. His religion has been used to attack him in the past, and is again used against him here to slander him further, there's evidence that that's a false narrative as well. There's even people calling him antisemitic over a holocaust joke he told years back, anne frankly, i don't see how a joke can even count as evidence against anybody. that's the calibur of allegations against him so far.

    I'll count the facebook post as a mark against flash.
    Feb 12 2019 10:00 PM
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    Phantom Roxas
    Most people have pointed out that the only other time Funimation has made a public statement over dismissing a voice actor was after Scott Freeman had been convicted for possession of child pornography. For as much as you demand that I refrain from attacking character, you've resorted to the exact same tactic. I understand that we cannot confirm the evidence being valid, but you're already being skeptical solely because of industry practices, without accounting for this specific company's history.

    I'm not going to go through 13 videos, especially when that one is a half hour long. I simply see no reason to parse all of that solely for the sake of a discussion in a status update. Being a Christian Italian is no excuse for undressing in front of an underage girl and forcing himself on her. His religion has been used to attack him because HE has used his religion as an excuse to make bigoted remarks. I would suggest you actually consider the merits of the allegations of making your own disgusting Holocaust joke to downplay testimonies that you will never believe could be true anyway.
    Feb 13 2019 11:38 AM
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    Flame Dragon
    Seriously, vla1ne, don't make holocaust jokes. They aren't funny and have no place here. Only warning.

    Feb 13 2019 01:28 PM