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Community Status Updates



You know what, I've spent an odd year working on it, but at this rate I'm never going to think it's ready. Once I have an even 1000 reps, I'll put up an Interest Check for the RP I promised last year, "Gates to Fate" (title pending).
Feb 13 2018 02:12 AM
  • Draconus297's Photo
    Basically a fantasy/adventure RP with a mild horror element.

    Also, people pair up.
    Feb 13 2018 02:47 AM
  • 5ēbì☆€√äløπ's Photo
    Could I be co host?

    Also, u do realize that now I'm going to rep every post of yours that I see until I can't for the day, every day, right?
    Feb 13 2018 09:24 AM
  • Draconus297's Photo

    Good luck, it'll take you a few days if you're on your own.
    Feb 13 2018 12:20 PM