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So can someone hypothetically make a Deck of nothing but Summoned Skull and its assorted retrains (making room for Plaguespreader and a Level 4 for Archfiend Zombie-Skull, of course)? Is that a Billy deck that can exist?
Mar 14 2018 12:51 AM
  • 60 Cards Croutoni's Photo
    60 Cards Croutoni
    makiu yo
    Mar 14 2018 01:04 AM
  • All Beef Cow's Photo
    All Beef Cow
    Minor nitpick, but iirc that Synchro needs two non-Tuners.
    Mar 14 2018 01:05 AM
  • Draconus297's Photo
    So it does.

    Let's bump that up to 6 Level 2 non-Tuners, then, and 3 copies of Makiu. 30.
    Mar 14 2018 03:03 AM