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Oh cool, just got my first Shiny in a Pokémon game in like 10 years, too bad it's a bloody Ledian in Sun and Moon.
Jun 18 2017 03:51 AM
  • Celeste's Photo
    Just Wonder Trade it, if nothing else. No sense squandering it by releasing it.
    Jun 18 2017 09:17 AM
  • Zaziuma's Photo
    I'm not releasing it. I haven't gotten enough Pokemon for the Poke Pelago thing to upgrade it yet, so it does have some reason to exist in my box. Wow, this is so sad, what am I doing with my life?
    Jun 18 2017 10:11 AM
  • (∅)'s Photo
    High-key triggered
    Jun 18 2017 11:39 AM