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I have been starting to clear up some old school games I have never played before, getting through the original Mega Man games, think I'm on 4 now, have been taking a hiatus from those, played Link to the Past and Super Metroid, currently doing the Banjo Kazooie games, wondering what to tackle next, thinking Symphony of the Night, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil.
May 17 2018 01:09 AM
  • (GigaDrillBreaker)'s Photo
    May 17 2018 04:01 AM
  • mido9's Photo
    Sotn and paper Mario are too long, finish up mgs and resident evil
    May 17 2018 05:16 AM
  • Zaziuma's Photo
    Not sure why it matters what length they are.
    May 17 2018 05:30 AM