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Just saw that Apex Legends hit 25 million players. I hope to God this will kill Fornite, if any game deserves it, it's this, since Respawn got screwed with Titanfall 2.
Feb 12 2019 07:39 AM
  • President Frank Underwood's Photo
    President Frank Underwood
    On the other hand, Apex Legends is currently the only thing keeping Electronic Arts from continuing the downward spiral that has accelerated in the past week.
    So which is the lesser of two evils?
    Or EA?
    Feb 12 2019 10:00 AM
  • Zaziuma's Photo
    Right, it's attached to EA. We can't have nice things, can we?
    Feb 12 2019 10:18 AM
  • Godbrand's Photo
    Apex will have be like SWBF II very soon
    Feb 12 2019 04:00 PM