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Trap - Counter After a chain resolves, you can immediately activate this card. This card is treated as having Spell Speed 4.
Jan 10 2018 02:21 AM
  • Zaziuma's Photo
    That would still just mean after you activate it, Trigger Effect have priority to activate after a Chain resolves before other effects can be activated. I suggest reading this:

    Jan 10 2018 04:36 AM
  • Zaziuma's Photo
    I don't think you can really make it work inherently on its own, though you can make a Continuous Effect that says something like "After a Chain resolves, cards and effects cannot be activated, except Spell Speed 4".
    Jan 10 2018 04:39 AM
  • Mysty's Photo
    Probably involving something like "Until this card resolves after being activated from the Graveyard, other cards and effects cannot be activated, also, after this Chain, activate this card from the graveyard. Only apply this effect once per turn."
    Jan 10 2018 06:19 AM