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The Noob Tutorial

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=How to not be considered a "Noob"=

This thread has won YCM's "Best Tutorial Award" for Winter 2012. Soon the image for that will be up on here, in this place.


Okay. Don’t press that X button in the right top corner. It’s better to spend 20 minutes on reading than being kicked out of here. I said it. If you don’t listen and go on with making your cards with no backgrounds, that’s fine by me.

The word “noob” sounds a bit offending for some, and usually I don’t use it. However, it cannot be denied the fact that a large number of “newbs” are, at the same time, what most consider “noobs”.

Just being new isn’t the reason one calls someone a “noob”. In fact, I know several members with over 5000 posts that are considered noobs by everyone else. For someone to be called so, he person must have done something annoying, against the rules, etc…

I do not want more people to leave YCM without knowing why they were flamed, thinking that the “bullies” of it were too horrid to withstand. It’s not that they are bullies; they were just being annoyed by you.

What are you? A newb? If so, I recommend you definitely read this. It is far from finished, yet it includes most information I have considered “noobish” so far.

All I want to say is that this is for your good.

All of the list except No. 1 and No. 2 would, unless going over a degree, not ban you. (For those now knowing, this site has a "banning" effect. Any rule-breakers get banned for some period of time. For instance: me for spamming. Yes, it's happened.) Still, regardless of illegal or not, doing many of these would definitely make you look stupid. Or rather, even one of them. It pretty much becomes a mental ban since everyone hates you. I’d recommend you don’t do these.

A more elaborated version comes next of this list.


1. Double accounting (and all those rule-breaking, like posting in the wrong section as well)

2. Necrobumping

3. Grammar and spelling

4. Not reading rule stickies

5. Calling others "noobs"

6. Bashing others when your information is quite wrong

7. Hundred “lol”s / too much smilies / Caps Lock

8. Using too much curse words

9. Confusing "personal opinions" with "facts"

10. Failtrolling
10-1. Whining
10-2. Overreacting to “mean people” and fighting back
10-3. Thinking “I’m cool and the best”
10-4. Posting in TCG without knowing the meta etc.
10-5. Generally acting in a way others say "no" to




1. Double accounting (and all those rule-breaking, like posting in the wrong section as well)



Ah, yes. Double accounts. They are the most horrid form of annoyance one can make besides heavy spamming, since everyone wants to do it, but yet are forbid from doing so. It is extremely hard to make a comeback after doing one, and the only person I know who was able of doing that was Evergreen. After he once got banned when he was a newb, he came back one month later a lot “better”. But most cases would close by the perma-ban, the ultimate weapon Moderators have, that disable your computer from accessing YCM itself. DO NOT DO THIS WHATEVER HAPPENS.






2. Necrobumping

Necrobumping is the act of posting in threads more than a month old (threads you didn't make). The rule that it is illegal was enforced because old, boring threads revived, and caused trouble. If you find a necrobumped thread, I suggest you do not post in it unless at least 3 people posted after the necrobumping. If the necrobumper realizes and deletes the post when you are the person who posted right after, you would be accused wrongly.

Back when I was a "New Member", I did many of these, and Blood Rose (now called Yin) warned me by 20%. The first warning I got. So technically, it’s wrong of me to bash at other necrobumpers, but this is for your good. I advice you do not necrobump. Wouldn’t ban you unless you do it multiple times, but it would look annoying.


The exception is on pinned/stickied topics like this one, they are pinned so that they can be easily accessible at any time, no matter how much time has passed, and are always technically active.





3. Grammar and spelling



In a cyberworld where faces don’t exist, we must rely on posts to create our personality. Whilst some use the right spelling, grammar and stuff, others don’t. So let’s say that you want to write the following.

“Let’s have a discussion about Stardust Dragon.”

“hey guys lets discus on stardust dragon,”


“Hi, Hovering Pizza. How are you doing?”

“hi Hovering Pizza, how r u doing”

Which sounds “logical”? Which sounds “idiotic”?

I recommend that (well, spelling misses may be occasional, but) you at least write “I” as “I”, and “you” as “you”. Capitalizing where it should be capitalized would also make you look less 6-year-oldish.





4. Not reading rule stickies


This is a common mistake a large number of people do. Including the more older members.

Stickies most likely contain the rules, and therefore tend to be important.

In addition, if a newb has a question, it is most likely that the answer is here:

NOTE-In the case you want to do something someone else did, and the answer is not in the Question Stickies, PM the person who did it or ask him in his profile. The person who did it knows how to, so most likely he would answer if you take out a rep bill.





5. Calling others "noobs"



Chaos Modding: Seriously. Someone uses Rainbow Dark Dragon? Just think of the summoning conditions, or get the hell out of this place, noob.


Fantom Poxas: Chaos Modding is right. Rainbow Dark is unneeded.


In this case, Chaos Modding and Fantom Poxas are absolutely right. Dorkplant must have felt rude at Chaos Modding, but nonetheless it would be even more "noobish" to call others noobs. This could be applied to when you call others noobs, when they are actually pretty descent. Amazingly, a lot of members, even LV 4's and 5's, also do the same.






6. Bashing others when your information is quite wrong


Noob 1: My friend used Caius, so I used Stardust lolololol
Fantom Roxas: Stardust can't negate Caius, Dorkplant. Caius removes the card from play. Stardust can only negate destroying effects.
Dorkplant: What the f*** is your problem. Seriously, you've got to be joking. Look at Caius's effect, it says "destroy and remove from play". Idiots shouldn't post in this forum. Bye, and get banned, f***er.

To those who don't know, Caius's real effect is:
When this card is Tribute Summoned, remove from play 1 card on the field. If it was a DARK Monster Card, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent.
And Stardust is:
1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
You can Tribute this card to negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect that destroys a card(s) on the field, and destroy that card. If you negate an effect this way, you can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard during the End Phase. (Copied from wiki.)

Anyhow, don't flame or be mean against someone until you get real information. Also, you shouldn't be mean against anybody till you get 5 stars. I don't care of the level of a member, but some old guys do for some weird reason, and wouldn't like it if they get treated bad by a member with 50 post count.








7. Hundred “lol”s / too much smilies / Caps Lock



Let's take a look at this lovable thread folks.
Dorkplant: lol, i was playing with friends and he got out 2 stardusts in a turn, lol. so i lost :( :( :( So guys, discuss on stardust lol

A general "noob post". While it says nothing wrong or trollish, it uses three "lol"s and multiple unneeded faces.

Well, some argue that faces and "lol"s are a good thing, like when you're mocking someone trying to get out a friendly manner in introductions and the sort.

Wait, what?

No. Hell no.

I advice you. NEVER use “lol” before you've earned your reputation. Even once. I’ve said it. (I occasionally use it, but that's when I'm being the "Idiot Lord" style member.)

And the reason for using “lol” is to skip the step of expressing their emotions using actual words. That’s fine by most, but it makes them look vocabulary-lacking and somewhat idiotic in the "noob" fashion.

Smilies, on the other hand, are fine at 1. 2 or more? Forget it.







8. Using too much curse words


What the f***ing hell b****ing a**hole s***ty c*** is this!?


I’m not saying curse words are the most horrible thing in the world, that that the rule should ban anyone using them, since there are worse problems out there, and I’m not really sure if this can be even classified as a problem. Most people in this forum are 13 or older, and by that age all of us would know curse words anyways. Apart from that, we all hate 4kids for a reason. And I use them too. A lot.

I personally believe there's no problem when you curse when writing right info. But when you're breaking one of the other principles here, AND at the same time you're cursing, it becomes just irritating for us.





9. Confusing "personal opinions" with "facts"



Quite a lot of high-level members do this too. For instance, let's say someone is having an argument with another person about whether OCG (official card grammar) is important for card making or not.

Drunk: IDK about OCG. The effect is bland. But 8/10 since the pic is as awesome as hell.
Dorkplant: OCG is extremely important. The pic is irrelevant to card making skills.

Dorkplant has certainly got Drunk to be irritated in one way or another. Notice how he said "is"? If the thing you're discussing is something that changes from person to person, you shouldn't say "is". Instead of saying "OCG is extremely important", say "I personally believe OCG is extremely important", and it wouldn't get anyone to hate you. “I personally believe” is more commonly known as “IMO” (in my opinion).





10. Failtrolling



This is the most common noobish act seen in YCM. There are several types to it.

NOTE-There are two types of trolling. One type is Crab Helmet, the "good" trolls that are admired. They're also damn hard to achieve. This is the other one, the one that's annoying.




10-1. Whining

Lobster Helmet: I’m going to need a Hopeless Dragon deck recipe. Paying 500 points and a rep. Start, guys!

Grinne: Okay, here. *Posts*

Dorkplant: Here’s mine. *Posts*

Lobster Helmet: Okay, I’ll choose Grinne. Sorry, Dorkplant!


Dorkplant sounds noobish doesn’t he?



10-2. Overreacting to “mean people” and fighting back

Think of your school. Are there no bullies? Are there no annoying people? Really? Are you sure? Hell no. Think back, there must be one.

In fact there are no really jerky members in YCM. Most of them get disgusted and eventually leave. When someone thinks someone else is mean, it’s just that that someone created the reason. Just fix what they told you. You’ve got to live knowing that. If you can't deal with it, then it'll be hard to go on forever in here.

Dorkplant: I made a card, guys look *Posts in Any Other Cards*

Pin: This thing is horrid. First, the pic is extremely overused, and doesn’t have a background. Then, it’s a LV 1 monster that has 9999 ATK, and while its Template is that of a Normal Monster, it has an effect saying…what? Its OCG (Official Card Grammar) is horrid, but seems a bit like “This card can only be summoned by tributing three dragon-type monsters”. Okay, seriously. I’ve had enough of this bulls***. 0/10.

Dorkplant: You’re rude, why can’t you respect others!!!

Dorkplant could have just ignored what Pin said, and gone without overreacting. That would have been much more efficient and better for both people. This includes:

-Flaming back
-Spamming back
-Failtrolling back



10-3. Thinking “I’m cool and the best”

Most of the time, if you make your first card, chances are that it’ll get 6/10 or something. If worse, 4/10 or less are possible. Learn from other tuts, or veteran card makers so that you can get good at card making.

The same applies to other things you create.

Also, it’s a good idea to not call your stuff “awesome” from yourself. It makes you look narcissist. Most likely you are, if you called your stuff “awesome”. So don't name your RC thread "Awesome set made by me".

Similar is when you say something that makes no sense. Making “I am the ultimate dark lord mwahahaha” your signature is just stupid. Another version is when you make your siggy, avi, username and photo all Kaiba (or some other random character) related, claiming to be actually him. Because well, yeah, that it’s as stupid as Barney.

Add that making your avi spongebob wouldn’t make your first repute good either.



10-4. Posting in TCG without knowing the meta etc.

In short, I want to say that if you think Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon is the best card ever, and Battle Ox is great, don’t post in TCG. Many people in TCG have good humor, but they’re also known for being slightly nasty against people who don’t know what cards are really strong. Many others are the same. So beware if you’re not that good at the game.

There are easy ways of checking whether you’re suited for posting there. One is posting your deck in “Decks” and seeing how people react. Or, you can take this simple test.
(1) Why was Rescue Cat forbidden? Think using cards from the X-Saber Archetype.
(2) Which deck is stronger, Exodia or Gravekeepers?
(3) Think of a way to summon 3 LV 9 Synchros on the first turn. You can use cards in the limited list.
(4) Is the card card Yata-Garasu good?

(1) Most likely Darksoul and Airbellum.
(2) Definitely Gravekeepers.
(3) One I can instantly think up is Infernities. There are many more, I believe.
(4) Banned for a reason. Chaos Emperor Dragon + Sangan = Game.

If you couldn’t get at least 2 right, then study more about meta before you come.

Some of these similar things can also get you in trouble:

1. Posting horrid cards in contests

2. Posting Fan Fics with at least two of: (i) horrible grammar, (ii) spelling, (iii)plot and (iv) detail

3. Posting horrid GFX

I’ve had some things with 3. My advice: don’t use Kid Pix in GFX.

There’s also a

4. Suggesting meaningless suggestions



10-5. Generally acting in a way others say “no” to

This is a common thing many noobs do in the TCG.
For instance, let's say someone thinks that "Wave-Motion Cannon" is a great card that should be ran in any deck.
For those of you who don't know:
Wave-Motion Cannon
Continuous Spell Card
During your Main Phase, you can send this card to the Graveyard to inflict 1000 points of damage to your opponent for each of your Standby Phases that have passed since this card was activated.

Basically, win in 8 turns.
On first glance it's awesome, and so many mistake this as a "staple" (a card that should be run in almost any deck because it is very strong. Mystical Space Typhoon, Torrential Tribute, etc). However, in most decks this card will disrupt the concept and most likely result in having your dedicated deck go less smoothly. In addition, most chances are it'll be destroyed by the opponent before you activate in this quick meta. Besides, most good decks can end the game in like, 5 or under turns either way.
The TCG players of YCM tend to be fussy on this matter.
It's ok to say something others take as wrong - in fact, that's how we learn. But if you're going to stick to your first (and most likely wrong sort of) TCG theory, chances are you'll be called a failtroll. You need to be tractable. This goes for not only internet sites, but for the general world of now.
...Whoa, what am I talking about in a children's card game forum...

Hoping this would reduce the number of “noobs” and increase the number of “newbs”…

-End Game / =The End Gamer= / Evangelion / Darkplant / Darkplant - PAIN / Darkplant - FEAR / Darkplant - VENOM

If you have anything to add, please reply. Reps as prizes. I know this is undone. JG, many others, thanks for the grammar help. Phantom Roxas, thanks for the stickying.

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Necrobump: If the topic hasn't get any post in a week, can i bump it (and im not the thread owner)?

Whining: Didn't understand it.

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I love this guide. Too bad some newbies will pass on without reading it.



Good job' date=' I reward you with a +rep. :3







Well, I go to Introductions for mass post count nowadays. In the process, I send an url of this there.



Necrobumping is a month. Wardek, it's ok.


Why can't you understand?

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(On the Whining one) You wrote Binne instead of Grinne. [or was that on purpose?]


I'm not picky or anything, just something I noticed.


P.S- I think this is a good guide for the newcomers :). But I hope they actually read it, instead of ignoring it.

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(On the Whining one) You wrote Binne instead of Grinne. [or was that on purpose?]


I'm not picky or anything' date=' just something I noticed.


P.S- I think this is a good guide for the newcomers :). But I hope they actually read it, instead of ignoring it.



Oh, my bad.


Whining...A word that can be found by using the bloody dictionary.

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I love this tutorial. It gives noobs to learn about YCM and not ruin it. maybe +1 up Game. :)

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I love this tutorial. It gives noobs to learn about YCM and not ruin it. maybe +1 up Game. :)






And over 100 views already! Hot thread soon...

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Very helpfull tutorial for most new people.


But who's Start Game.I realize Crab,Yin and Rinne being there but who is Start Game reffering to?

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Start Game, heh. Good tutorial and I think all members could learn from this.

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Necrobump actually varies among forums/sub-forums. For example, if you "BUMP" a thread that's has been inactive for about 4 days in, let's say Reaslitic Cards Section, that is considered a necrobump. Where as, a club could have about 1 week inactiveness until it is considered "dead" and no longer allowed to be "BUMP'D".


I didn't read it all, there's no real point for me.

But this guide could be helpful for "newbs" and "noobs" alike.

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DIS IS HORRIBLE 2 NEG REPS Really great guide, will help a lot of newbs to learn to keep up with other more experienced YCM members...(like me) A rep for you, and I think this should be pinned...wink.gif


P.S.: Although I don't think any of the newbs will care enough to read it, but I will mention it when welcoming new guys...tongue.gif

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