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Possible September Ban List

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    I got back here and it's been a while.

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I must say I have always preferred formats without Heavy. With One Day of Peace gone, I suppose granting greater overextension balances the market a bit. I like that. The lack of Hornet being hit is the worst possible thing about this list. I don't even mind Avarice at two too much.

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I still find it hard to beleive that this is the real list since that normally comes out after the 16th. It has happened on the 14th, but even that is a few days away and is rare. So, until then I'm calling bs and this isn't the real thing.

TBQH, I don't get why people think the list would come out this early since a simple look at the history tells when you should expect it. Meh, some people just can't wait I guess.

Also, I'm changing the title since saying "Official Sep List - Confirmed" is misleading as hell. When this is actually confirmed add that in, till then, no.

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out of all the choices. I like this one the most

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