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Puella Magi [Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica]

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Hi Guys,

This Set took way longer then the other 2 sets i made. I made this during the time when YCM Generator was screwed up and work it all the way til Date.(with Work commitment delays and crap like that...)
Made a total of 36 Different types of Cards focusing on 10 Puella Magi [5 from Madoka Magica + 5 Pleiades Saints from Kazumi Magica] using union effects that can equip to each other to form different combination of effects and also a very unique set of rules that applies to playing this Deck. All "Puella Magi" can be Normal/Tribute summoned like an Effect monster. I did'nt have time to think about the witches & stuff ;\

General Rule:
Monster Ruling -
・You can summon 1 "Active Puella Magi", 1 "Support Puella Magi" & 1 "Incubator" on the field at a time.
・"Active Puella Magi" is the main monster on the Field that is able to attack and use Card effects. You can summon a "Puella Magi" to Union Equip to an "Active Puella Magi"
・"Support Puella Magi" are support monster that cannot attack and cannot be selected as an attack target, but is able to use card effects. "Puella Magi" cannot be Union equipped to a "Support Puella Magi"
・"Incubator" are also support monster that cannot be selected as an attack target and is able to use card effect.
・When the "Active Puella Magi" is destroyed, the "Support Puella Magi" will become your "Active Puella Magi"
・Once during your Turn, you can summon a "Puella Magi" to Union equip to an "Active Puella Magi" on the Field, or unequip the "Union Puella Magi" from the "Active Puella Magi", remove 3 "Impurity counters" from the "Active Puella Magi" and sent the "Union Puella Magi" to the graveyard.

Puella Magi Ruling -
・Each "Puella Magi" can hold up to 8 "Impurity Counters".[Unless stated otherwise]
・Any "Puella Magi" with a "Puella Magi" Union equipped to it can hold 2 extra "Impurity Counters".
・Everytime a "Puella Magi" battles a Monster, place 1 "Impurity Counter" on the card.
・When a "Puella Magi" Holds more than 8 "Impurity Counters", it will be destroyed at the end of the turn. You take 200 effect damage for every extra "Impurity Counter" the card holds beyond it's limit.
・When a Monster with higher ATK attacks your "Puella Magi", it is not immediately destroyed(Trap card can still be activated under the circumstances) ... Instead you place "Impurity Counters" for every 500 Battle Damage difference you sustained. [0~500 = 1 "IC"][501~1000 = 2 "IC"][etc.]
・You place 4 "Impurity Counters" when your "Puella Magi" were to be destroyed by card effects. [Puella Magi is not immediately destroyed while the turn has'nt ended]

~ And there you have it. Enjoy the Rest :P

Puella Magi (Monsters)

Magics (Spells)

Hexs (Traps)

Hope you liked it guys ~ I will be expected to make a few more cards to add on to this Deck.
I might consider putting in the witches too.
Peace & <3 !!
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This set is pretty impressive, more than what I was expecting! Tons of support too, unlike mine. Plus, I've yet to discover a good Juubey art, and it looks like you beat me to that~ guess I'll have to go searching for something else. Although, the mechanics are a bit hard to wrap your head around and each monster has quite a ton of effects that might take a while for a player to understand. But once they do, they'll probably be unloading effects left and right.

This is really, really good. However, I do feel a bit ripped off since the mechanics are so similar to mine xD I bet the whole "
・When a "Puella Magi" Holds more than 8 "Impurity Counters", it will be destroyed at the end of the turn."
thing is gonna end up summoning a Witch monster, which would really make it like mine. Even so, a key concept in yours that mine doesn't have is that you're focusing on the Puella Magi instead of the Witches, using Unions and custom types...really, if I just used the custom type 'Incubator' for Cuba and the others, that would've solved SO MANY PROBLEMS. I wish I thought of that beforehand. Can I rip it off? But anyway, it's good ^_^

My only real complaint is that Ultimate Madoka is of the 'Light' attribute and not 'Divine'. DO NOT INSULT MADOKAMI!!! ARE YOU IMPLYING THAT SHE IS SOMEWHAT LESS GODLIKE THAN ANY OTHER GOD? D=<



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I thank you for the wonderful feedback. As you can see I just came back from my 2 weeks Army Field Camp so I am sorry for replying late. Yes I do feel like out mechanics are pretty similar and I'm like ripping u off xD

I do want to add witches to this set but that would make this deck almost unbeatable. As for ultimate Madoka, that was an error I missed out. I will change it when I have the time ^^
Thanks for your time.
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