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A few Finishing touches to Work with Skull Knight #2

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Last year I had decided to make some support for the Skull Knights(mostly #2). Since then I have made some more supports that work pretty well actually(on Duel Portal at least). I'm bringing them here for some balancing of the newer editions. 


Original Topic:



Hero of the Skull


Skull Knight Interceptor


Sorcerer of the Skull




The Apprentice


Skull Knight Cavalier
Emissary of Skull Knight
Demented Skull
When your opponent activates a Spell or Trap Card effect inflict 500 Damage to them. Once per turn, when a Level 5 or lower "Skull Knight" monster destroys a monster as a result of battle, activate 1 of these effects:
* Target 1 "Skull" monster in your graveyard; place it atop your deck.
* Draw 1 card.

The Boss of the Boss
Must first be Summoned from the Extra Deck by Banishing the above Fusion Material from the field. Your Level 7 and lower "Skull Knight" monsters are unaffected by your opponent's card effects. If this monster would be removed from the field by a card effect, you can Banish 1 other monster you control instead

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