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Does This Go Here? [Archfiend's Lair]

hypothetical archfiend structure deck


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Yeah, I'm not sure if this is the right section but if it's not you can move it [or close it]. But the other day I was pretty bored and decided to come up with a hypothetical Structure Deck. I made 3 (I had loads of free time) and this one is called Archfiend's Lair. Obviously it's based on the Archfiend archetype. So I made this in the way that I think Konami would. That is, they'd reprint old cards, pack a couple of filler cards, and cards that don't exactly fit the archetype but support the over Type or Attribute and of course have some genuinely good cards in it. Tell me what you think? (For fun, I've also proxied them, reprinting any old cards with PSCT).


SDAL-EN001 - Genesis Archfiend

SDAL-EN002 - Archfiend Commander

SDAL-EN003 - Trick Archfiend

SDAL-EN004 - Mist Archfiend

SDAL-EN005 - Archfiend Cavalry

SDAL-EN006 - Skull Archfiend of Lightning

SDAL-EN007 - Archfiend Soldier

SDAL-EN008 - Armageddon Knight

SDAL-EN009 - Archfiend Empress

SDAL-EN010 - Archfiend Inteceptor

SDAL-EN011 - Sniper Hunter

SDAL-EN012 - Trance Archfiend

SDAL-EN013 - Evil HERO Infernal Gainer

SDAL-EN014 - Dark Resonator

SDAL-EN015 - Grave Squirmer

SDAL-EN016 - Stygian Street Patrol

SDAL-EN017 - Mad Archfiend

SDAL-EN018 - Mystic Tomato

SDAL-EN019 - Mystic Tomato

SDAL-EN020 - Archfiend of Gilfer

SDAL-EN021 - Dark Grepher

SDAL-EN022 - Archfiend Palace

SDAL-EN023 - Falling Down

SDAL-EN024 - Foolish Burial

SDAL-EN025 - Fires of Doomsday

SDAL-EN026 - Cost Down

SDAL-EN027 - Nobleman of Extermination

SDAL-EN028 - Mystical Space Typhoon

SDAL-EN029 - Allure of Darkness

SDAL-EN030 - Recurring Nightmare

SDAL-EN031 - Creeping Darkness

SDAL-EN032 - Archfiend's Roar

SDAL-EN033 - Hate Buster

SDAL-EN034 - Deck Devastation Virus

SDAL-EN035 - Eradicator Epidemic Virus

SDAL-EN036 - Bottomless Trap Hole

SDAL-EN037 - Magic Drain

SDAL-EN038 - Seven Tools of the Bandit

SDAL-EN039 - Darklight

SDAL-EN040 - Escape From the Dark Dimension


The deck would be playable straight out of the box (like Structure Decks ought to) but it would need some obvious fixes like the addition of staples, TGUs and such. Also, some of the names are off cause I was using the YGOPro translations and the names may have changed. So I guess the discussion would be: would you buy this structure deck and is it realistic enough?




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It can probably stick around if you rephrase it...

If Genesis Archfiend, Archfiend commander, DeckDev, EEV, and all these other cards were in a structure deck, how would it effect the metagame to have these cards around?

ALSO: Banlists and Theory plays it really loose with the rules so unless you're doing something completely absolutely wrong in every respect ("HURR! WHAT IF PROFESSER OAK WAS LEGAL IN YO-GI-GAO?") it probably won't be locked or whatever.

Random uninteresting thoughts:

- You just made the topic to "show off" your version of English cards, didn't you?

- I stopped playing IRL 5ever ago so I don't know or care much about prices. The only way I'd ever come back is if they made an Elemental Dragon Structure Deck because I'm a sucker for dragons. The structure deck wouldn't effect me in the slightest.

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