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Mummy Archetype

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Marcos Salazar

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I Tried to make some realistic cards with the archetype mummy, it can be played in any zombie-typed deck.



Attached File  shadoew mummy.jpg   33.52KB   0 downloads 

If this card is normal summoned, you may special summon 1 "Regenerating Mummy" from your deck in face-up attack position.


Attached File  createcard.jpg   41.45KB   0 downloads

"Regenerating Mummy" + 1 level 4 Zombie or Fiend-type tuner monster.

If this card is synchro mummoned succefully, you may special summon zombie-type monsters from any graveyard whose total level of stars is 4 or lower in your side of the field. If this card declares an attack, it is changed to defense position in the end phase.
Attached File  Mummy priest.jpg   34.17KB   0 downloads 
If there are at least 3 face-up Zombie-Type monsters on the field, you can normal summon this card without tributing. This card can deal piercing damage.
Attached File  pharaoh's mummy.jpg   38.22KB   0 downloads
This card can only be special summoned tributing 2 Zombie-Type monsters on your side on the field. For each Zombie-Type Monster on the field and both graveyards, this cards gains 400 ATK. By discarding 2 cards, this card can attack your opponent's life points directly. This card isn't affected by effects of other cards.
What do you think? are they good? or just "meh"?




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Meh. lol not too bad. I like the first one. you have done the impossible. YOU HAVE MADE A REASON TO CARRY REGEN MUMMY!!!!


most pointless card effect in dueling i swear...


That being said...


Shadow mummy: good to go


Comander's mummy: 1 Zombie-type tuner monster + 1 "Regenerating Mummy"

When this card is Synchro Summoned succesfully, you may Special Summon Zombie-type monsters from either player's graveyard whose total levels are equal to 4 or lower to your side of the field. If this card declares an attack, it is changed to defense position during the End Phase.
A few changes to the wording were needed. Also, I dont like fiends trespassing on my zombie cards lol. And a level 4 zombie tuner is non-exsistant at the moment :'( so it would be impossible to get this guy out if you were tried-and-true zombie (or if you had zombie world out). If you really want him to require Regen Mummy and another level 4 zombie/fiend, make him a fusion instead of a synchro.
Mummy Priest: Wording is a bit off, but an okay effect.
Pharoh's Mummy: WOOOOOOOOOOOOH no... WAY to OP. There is NO way. for a zombie swarm deck, it will be VERY easy to Special Summon this guy. The fact that he has 3000 ATK is ENOUGH. Then, if you have zombie world, this guy can EASILY get up to 10,000 ATK... so you cant get away with that kind of increase. The discarding 2 cards to attack directly? eh.... may be okay if he switches to DEF afterward. And get rid of the "isnt affected by effects of other cards". that is just too strong. either make it spells, traps, or monsters. Or even "targeting". but not invincable to EVERYTHING.
Anyway, I like the concept. Zombies are my favorite. but needs a bit of work. 3/10

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