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The Underworld

- - - - - The Underworld Demon Zombie Dark


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Decided to make a few cards, maybe will turn into a full set soon. Feedback would be awesome!






When this card attacks or is attacked, your opponent draws 1 card. Reveal that card, and based on its type apply the proper effect: - Monster: End the battle phase. - Spell: Choose one face up monster on the field and change its battle position. - Trap: This monsters battle position is changed.


gmExamB.jpg KNQRCYt.jpg


WxHAsG3.jpg BHoo7zx.jpg lyOFkOu.jpg




    Darkness in my heart, my story in this chart.

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Ya know that zodix is actualy ilidian from wow :D.. but still good set :) 8ot of 10

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