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The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Why are we still here GCRP Crossover Adventure Drama


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A Merciful Idiot RP.

The Grand Crossover RP


أنا لا يموت. أنا لا أعيش
كل لها قصة. لدي جود فقط
أن تكون أو لا تكون
هذا هو السؤال

أمشي الطريق إلى الأصل

Across the multiverse, everyone has their own inner world. Some call them 'reality marbles'. Others call them 'souls'. Whatever the case may be, these are capable of manifesting as a fully-fledged world. A physical manifestation of the life they lived. A home, in its purest form.

As it happened,

this was not their home.


'Unlimited Blade Works'.
That was the name of the stabbed land defining a sole man, one who strove in his lifetime to become a hero of justice. Its skies made of gears, below it a wasteland of swords that stretched unto infinity, it was a rather gloomy place on its own. The man it belonged to had become a sword for others, even after death. Serving reality, he would appear alone and eliminate any threat to the multiverse as a Counter Guardian, still acting as that so-called hero of justice. And he was forever alone. A hero of justice was a solitary existence, after all.
...at least, that was how it was supposed to be.
Standing on a hill littered only by swords, the red knight felt baffled at how quickly the Counter Corps had taken to his Unlimited Blade Works. While there were still swords stuck in the ground everywhere, there were also imitations of the housings the various heroes had back at their homeworlds, training facilities, equipment, and just about anything else they needed. He doubted if they even understood where they were - this wasn't a separate dimension, but his own inner world, where all images he could fully comprehend were given form. Technically, they were inside his body.
It couldn't be helped. These people were not childish, they were legitimate warriors with both experience and determination. Some were more talented than others when it came to combat, but they would all be needed in the coming battle.
His inner world having been active for less than twenty-four hours, he had used that time to recruit as many members as possible. However, despite the incredibly vast amount that must've been out there, he had only been able to recruit thirty. Hopefully, this team would be enough to do the job. He'd been hoping to catch Isamy off-guard, but she somehow managed to find out about them. Her words about the 'Pathway to Origin' were also worrying. It couldn't be helped.
Among the people he'd managed to obtain was an alternate version of the legendary Sora himself, the interdimensionally-famed Itsu Fudo, and even a Shinigami Captain with the name Kenpachi. As for the others, even though he'd been monitoring them one by one, they had yet to prove their power. Still, they'd been given enough time to train. From here on out, they would have to rely on their own abilities to survive and pave way to victory.
Now, it was time to move.
Taking a few steps away from the hill, he raised both of his hands and summoned one of the largest sword he had ever encountered during his lifetime. Then, a gigantic blade stretching twenty meters fell out from the heavens and stabbed into the ground before him, and with it a large crashing sound that echoed throughout the realm. Dust had also been swept about everywhere.
I suppose you all saw that blade. Emiya asked the entire Counter Corps telepathically, leaning against it. His tone had a slight hint of sarcasm, as if mocking anyone who couldn't see it. You want to save your world, correct? Once you've prepared everything you need, go over there. We'll be heading out shortly.



Another one.

And another one.

And yet another one.

Going through all the effort to place troublesome people, creatures, and unstable items into containment fields was turning out to be extremely troublesome, and even after going through all the trouble of summoning different versions of Kingdom Hearts, it still appeared as though it may not be enough... Looking around, what was a camera even doing there? It almost reminded her of that watch- no, it was a red-and-white ball, wasn't it? But she was sure it had been a watch. No matter. In any case, according to the other one, none of them were the Key.
"This is disappointing." Isamy murmured, before turning around to open a door. She walked back out in an elegant European throne room, but it was actually out of place compared to the traditional Japanese castle it had been built within. Needless to say, this construction had been enclosed in an artificially-generated pocket dimension, and was free from the distortions that were plaguing most of the multiverse.
"Is there a problem, Master?" The voice of a nobleman asked from nearby. Turning to face him, it was Viligance, a magically-moving suit of armor whose only duty was to serve the current Maximus.
"Only tired." She replied with a sigh, crossing her arms. "That Emiya guy should be striking soon, so I'll have to be ready for him..."
In thought, the sorcerer contemplated about her circumstances. It wasn't going to be easy keeping a Counter Guardian away long enough for her to open to Door, which was why she'd spent some time prancing along the multiverse and trying to lure as many warriors over to her side as possible, with promises of the Door's power. They may very well help in achieving her ultimate dream. Inspired by an event in her past, she had entitled this team the Divine. Quite appropriately too.
She hadn't been able to get much in numbers by her standards, but the twenty-ish she did manage to gather seemed pretty powerful, especially Jecht and Sephiroth, and she could always give them a boost of strength if they wanted. The only real concern she had was whether they'd complain about the lack of a bathroom. This castle wasn't used to mortal visitors, after all.
All sorts of people had agreed for their own reasons, and she had to admit, she couldn't help but find many of them fascinating. How long had it been she'd last genuinely interacted with the people around her? A part of her was actually grateful that the Counter Guardian had forced her hand like this.

Once Isamy was done thinking, she looked back up.
"Can you gather the Divine in the throne room, Viligance? Thank you."
"It will be done."
The animate knight nodded before walking away. As for Isamy herself, she silently sat down upon an emerald throne that complimented her long teal hair, waiting for everyone to gather so she could inform them of her plan. While doing so, she mentally prepared herself. Being an Omni and future RECREATOR OF ALL REALITY, she had to set a good example for these people - she hadn't really taken the time to get to know them, but at least she could remember their names and powers.
Outside, Viligance tracked down and found each member one by one, asking them to report to the throne room.

((Have a fun time~  and I hope you all enjoy this epic GRAND CROSSOVER RP~!!! )



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"Tamae, time to go..."
A young hime-miko spoke while 'her' fox-eared, fox tailed familiar lifted 'her' up.
"Master- I mean, Gin, are you sure?"

"Yes. I haven't seen Zeviaku in a long while, the Family Heads lack the means of combat, therefore I have to go..."

The silver-haired hime-miko dashed forward along with 'her' familiar.

"The extent of this reality marble... it is endless..." the fox-lady Tamae comments.

"That is the nature of most reality marbles, Tamae," the miko, Gin, replies.

"Osiris, Dioscuri, the fate of our world lies in our hands. The Guardian of Nature is a powerful entity, and no one wants it to fall into the wrong hands..."

A young, Heterochromatic girl spoke to her two dragons.

She proceeded to look around. Numerous warriors from numerous worlds.

They want justice, and I do too...

"Let us do our best!"

The pinkish-haired girl exclaimed cheerfully while her dragons roared.
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To say that Autumn felt in over her head would be an understatement.

Not only was she in the strangest place she'd been (gears in the sky? Was this entire world like the Citadel?) but there was the giant flippin' sword that appeared suddenly. The entire fate of her world rode on her being here. One trip-up and everyone was dead. It was uncharacteristic for her- She'd managed to shake it off pretty quickly when she was told she was adopted- But like I said, she had a right to feel that way.

However, Autumn still jumped when she received the telepathic message. Even though magic was commonplace on her world to the point of having scientific names, she had yet to experience telepathy. She still got its message all right, though.

Autumn did a quick run through of her equipment before moving towards Emiya's location. Her sword, the Angel Wing; the Force Shield; her Mythril Armor; She also did a quick check on her magic. Taking the Angel Wing in her hand, she concentrated a little bit and the sword became lit up.

Satisfied that she was prepared, she put on the last bit of gear she had; The white scarf that she'd had for years- The only relic of her true heritage.

Autumn was here to reclaim the Heart of Sky, the crystal that kept the floating continents on her world floating in the air. But in her world, she was also the healer, the white mage. This journey meant the same thing to all involved.

"Well, what have I got to lose?" Brandishing the Angel Wing in the scabbard on her back, she made her way to the giant sword.


"I suppose I'll be the one tending to the Divine's medical needs," Xeta said when he first arrived here at Ismay's castle. And that was true. But he didn't want anybody abusing the DM Core- HIS DM Core. He was told it would be his reward for a job well done, but every second he didn't get it back, someone could trip over it and make it spontaneously combust. Xeta realized this was ridiculous, since he designed the DM Core to be accessible only to him, and not turn on when someone trips over it. But the Core's power over Dark Matter could be dangerous for all involved. He purposely made the Core so only he could use it, because only he knew HOW to use it.

Seeing the other... Interesting was the word, comrades he'd be "tending to," he was saddened to know that everyone else was pretty much humanoid, and not of his kind. He did enjoy some of them- That Melvin fellow, they could have some interesting conversations- but for the most part he felt like he was being used as a tool by this Ismay person.

"Well the joke's on them," he thought. "Once I get my stuff back, I'm leaving this place. I don't deserve to be part of this filth."

It was then that the knight Vengeance approached him.

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Lyon von Mira

Lyon was in the middle of practicing with his newest technique, the black dragon flame, when a giant sword seemed to appear in mid-air a short way away, and stabbed down into the ground before the call came from Emiya. Quietly checking over his weaponry, he remembered the black flame dragon which was still hovering in the air a short distance away. Holding his sword up in front of him, he called the flames back into it, watching in interest as they wrapped around the blade before reforming into the usual pattern a pair of dragons down his sword, and returned to the black ink form it started in. Sheathing his blade, he turned and walked up towards the hill, a familiar sheen started to form over his armour, the basis for what would eventually form his layer of ice armour.




Ayame Kaguya and Naomi Taylor

Ayame was using some of the swords that stretched over the Reality Marble as target practice for her lightning bolts while weaving around and running through them. Above her, a dragon flew, shooting small spheres of wind towards the moving figure, adding an extra stage of difficulty to the training for both of them. When they both heard the voice of Emiya sounding in their heads, Ayame started to look around for the sword, having been occupied with the training and not having noticed it, while Naomi flew down to land next to her, offering her a ride to it. With one last check over her stuff to make sure she wasn't missing anything, she hopped on her best friend's back, allowing Naomi to fly them both over to the giant sword and, once Naomi had landed and Ayame had dismounted off her, the dragon seemed to shrink and morph back into the seemingly fragile human that was Naomi.





There would be no crashing swords to summon Darcy to the presence of her current mistress, only the knight walking up and making her aware of the fact that they were to join Isamy in the throne room. With a shrug of acceptance at the command, Darcy left the room she had been resting in, walking down to the throne room to see who else had been assembled there. Whether she was being used as a tool or not, so long as she got what she wanted out of all this, Darcy didn't really mind. Besides, with the comforting boost of the Dragon's Flame flowing through her system, she was feeling powerful enough to challenge nearly anyone who wanted to fight her.


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Walking in to this new castle Dorian looked a tad unimpressed. This building insisted upon himself in his eyes. Like the building was trying to hard and it didn't seem to make sense for one person/thing to need all of this space. Though he did think that maybe this was all put together in order to make sure this faction was put together. He looked around at the decorations and he sighed. You think a being with somewhat infinite power would have some kind of sense of style. Butler on the other hand was stoic and maintained his typical emotionless bodyguard stance. Somehow throughout this interdimensional travel he had gained the equivalent magical prowess of Kirei Kotimine . While he didn't understand who that was he noted his array of magical tricks in addition to his readily available assortment of weapons. The problem was is that his natural sixth sense of danger has somehow become a way to adequately sense strength and there were some overly strong people at this gathering. Though his face would never show it he was concerned about his master's  safety.


Butler don't zone out on me I know what you're thinking. Dorian said with smile. By this time the two were taking their own small tour of the castle just because no one was particularly stopping them from doing such. He had found what he had deemed to be the perfect room and decided to claim it as his. This one had a bathroom which seemed to be a luxury in this place. Do super powered beings not need digestive systems or something? Nevertheless he was happy with his new living quarters. He looked back at Butler who was clearly scanning the room looking for surveillance equipment and the like. Dorian rolled his eyes as he noticed this and simply shrugged. This is what Butler is for.


Dorian plopped on the bed and took a deep breath and retreated inside his head. He there he could see his grand scales and then he was immediately surrounded by the spirits of his extra deck. Well guys it seems like we are in for a new adventure and I'm starting to think we're out classed. Does that ever stop you though, Anasi said with a slight chuckle. Of course not, do I look mediocre? Come on now I was just making a general statement. We're going to have to pull out all the stops, meaning I might have to use Biida at some point. The rest of the spirits heads sulked in aggravation. I know, I know, luckily I was able to keep in check in the inner reaches of my soul and thanks to my Perfect Balance...and you guys. He'll stay sealed. Doesn't matter as long as I get to hunt. To think of all the delicious prey from across the dimensions. I surely will become fat. Dorian chuckled as he exited from his subconscious state. He woke up and looked at his Butler who was done scanning the room and put up his own monitoring devices. 

So I assume you have all of your friends on board. Dorian looked up in thought as he never called these guys friends. For the longest time they were his "spiritual guardians" then they were monsters, but throughout all of their journeys he nodded at calling them friends. They would be almost akin to imaginary friends, but yeah friends nonetheless. Yeah, they're on board. So I guess that only leaves one thing. Butler started cracking his knuckles and his neck while Dorian simply lifted up his ring hand and the Nyame symbol started to glow. Seconds later from the outside everyone would just hear a series of explosions. Eventually the mobile armor Vigilance stepped in and told them about the throne room. Dorian's eye was twitching as there were signs of combat but Butler didn't have a scratch on him. Yeah we're coming. The two proceeded to meet Isamy in her throne room.






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"Hey, barkeep!" called Sarah Freon, as she'd just approached a nearby bar inside the Unlimited Blade Works, "Tequila, whole bottle."


"Are you insane?! You won't even get...!" the barkeeper tried to warn her, before she was intervened by the slam of a bar of gold bullion onto the bench. It was safe to say that Sarah wasn't in the mood for playing around. Sighing, she grabbed the bottle and handed it to Sarah, and was trying to calculate the change when...


"Actually, keep the change; if there's a half bottle of anything, I'll just take that instead," decided Sarah.


"Oh? Well, uh... this bottle of vodka's less than half full," the barkeeper mentioned,  "But even then, that's just a little too expensive for just one bar of gold."


Incidentally, Sarah fished out a small bag of coins and tossed it towards the barkeeper. Although she tossed it just a little too far, a little too high and with a little too much of a tilt, resulting in most of the bag's contents going down the barkeeper's top. The barkeeper could only gasp and jump backwards, her face blushed with embarrassment.


"Whoops... my bad," Sarah stated awkwardly, before deciding to help the barkeeper overcome her embarrassment by leaving. Well... she was about to, but as she turned back, the barkeeper was... gone? Sarah must've been hallucinating the barkeeper being there the whole time. Still, she couldn't really explain the bottles of vodka and tequila in her hands... or the bar of gold bullion on the bench... OR all those coins that were now strewn across the floor instead of down the imaginary barkeeper's top like she thought they were. None of this made any sense to Sarah as she tried to figure out what was going on in her mind until...


"God... funk it, I need to stop hallucinating sheet!" cursed Sarah as she rushed to gather her coins.




Meanwhile. Riley Simmons was first to arrive at the Throne Room of Izamy's... only because he was sitting on the throne the entire time, acting as though he was the king of the place and generally larking about. Riley just decided to do this randomly because he was bored; there was no motivation involved or anything of the sort. However, his kingliness wasn't gonna last. Vigilance had arrived to find Riley, but couldn't exactly tell him to get to the Throne Room. Instead...


"Get off the mistress' throne," he said flatly.


"Is that how you address your king, Sir Dumbelot?" Riley asked in a snide manner.


"You're taking the whole role-playing thing a bit too seriously!" retaliated Vigilance, "Now... please wait here while I get the others,"


This could only mean that a meeting was to take place. Riley didn't really like these meetings because the vast majority of them were boring, but the one that was to come could very well be the one that was interesting. Either that or that Melvin guy could crack a laugh out of everyone.


"Another meeting huh? Is this one gonna be good?" asked Riley.


"You'll find out when we're briefed," answered Vigilance... although that wasn't much of an answer at all...

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~~~The Corps~~~

"Hmph. I've seen bigger," Jeanne nonchalantly muttered to herself upon seeing the giant sword in the ground. She began scanning the surrounding area, taking note of the ones she'll be calling her allies for the time being. Not much seemed to catch her eye, save for a woman who was supposedly an interdimensional goddess and a "Soul Reaper". Most of the others didn't seem to be worth her time... although she admits to herself that she could be proven wrong.

A pair of red-striped, fuzzy white ears entered her line of sight. Perplexed, Jeanne looked down to see a most curious sight: a humanoid cat-like creature, his light-grey fur patterned by crimson stripes. His large, emerald eyes met with her grey pupils and gave the Umbra Witch a warm half-smile. ... this was a "he", right?  Sure, it has a masculine build, but you can never tell with animals, can you?

"Fancy meeting you here, Jeanne," the creature replied in a masculine tone, reaffirming Jeanne's correct assumption. However, the Umbra Witch now had a new question come to mind.

"How do you know of me?" Jeanne replied incredulously, instinctively pointing one of her handguns to the creature's head.

The creature did not flinch at this threat, but his eyes did appear to droop a bit in sadness while still maintaining his half-smile. "Sorry, I'm afraid I got a little ahead of myself," the creature apologized, bowing his head. "You may not remember me, and there's a good reason for that, but I'm getting ahead of myself right now and I'll get to that later. For now, why don't we start back at Square One and introduce ourselves," he added, extending his hand outward to offer a handshake. "My name is Alexander. Alexander Abernathy."


Jeanne mulled over this for a moment, her glare and gun still fixed on the creature's face.  Without warning, she then twirled her handgun around a bit in her hand before flinging it into the air, where it suddenly vanished mid-ascension.  That being done, Jeanne gripped onto Alexander's outstretched hand.  "Jeanne," she replied tersely, opting to give a firm squeeze to the creature's hand rather than actually shake it before releasing.  "What the hell are you supposed to be, anyway?" she asked. "Some sort of deformed feline "fuzzy" or whatever they call those things?"


"Huh?  Oh, you mean "furry"," Alexander replied.  "But no, I'm what's known as a "lombax", which--"


"Don't care," Jeanne blurted out as she turned to walk the other way.


"... but, where's Bayonetta?"


Jeanne spun around and nearly struck Alexander across his skull with another handgun strapped to her ankle.  "Would you kindly stay the *EFF!* out of my business?!" she shouted angrily at Alexander, once again pointing the barrel of a handgun in his face.


Once again, Alexander barely flinched at Jeanne's threat, instead opting to give her a stare of his own, solemn and stern, yet pleading and compassionate at the same time.  "What happened, Jeanne?" he asked calmly.


~~~The Divine~~~



Alister Azimuth suddenly awoke in a cold sweat. The dream he had just now... it was so vivid, and yet... could it have truly been a dream? As he tried to steady his heart rate, he scanned his current surroundings: no longer was he in the Great Clock as before. Now he found himself inside a Oriental-Style bedroom, sleeping upon a simple cot. But when....

"Ah, you've finally awoken, my Sleeping Beauty," spoke a calm yet chilling voice. Again, Alister's heart rate spiked a bit as he turned to face the source of the voice: a tall, human male in a long overcoat and raspberry beret, bandages covering the top half of his face.

"Who are you?!" General Azimuth demanded, his hands scrambling about for his double-ended wrench.

"Fret not, dear lombax," the blind man replied, seemingly amused by the General's confusion. "You need not worry about me. You and I are on the same side. Many refer to me by the moniker "Sayer", but you may feel free to call me "partner"," he said, extending a hand to the lombax.

"... Think I'll pass," Azimuth said, brushing away Sayer's hand as he got off the cot, and continued to back away slowly.  It was at this time that Alister took notice that he was not wearing his armor.  In fact, the only article of clothing on his person was a pair a dark boxer briefs.  Great, just what he needed: to wake up in an unfamiliar room, with a complete stranger standing close by, in his skivvies.  Lovely

Just then, a large suit of armor, seemingly of its own volition, entered the room and addressed the two. "My mistress requests an audience with the two of you," it said before disappearing.


"Ahh, how thoughtful," Sayer mused about the armor.  "Well, we wouldn't want to keep our fair lady waiting, would we, Alister?" With that, Sayer began to leave the room, only stopping short of the doorway to say to Alister, "You may want to put some clothes on.  Maybe redecorate this room, too, when you get the chance.  This scenery's not your feng shui."


Alister was left standing alone in the room, more confused than ever before.  "... how does he know my name...?"

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Kiotso Senju

This castle was something of a bother for Kiotso when he first arrived.  Unlike his fortress of ice that resided on the know surely destroyed planet of Pluto; this castles was far too warm. Kiotso was the seventh to be recruited by Isamy and ever since he had been controlling the temperature of the castle and had now gotten it to a bearable fifty degrees. Whether the other recruits noticed this or not, he didn't seem to care. He was just walking out of his assumed living quarters when he was approached by Viligance. "Pause yourself; for metal, even magic metal, has its freezing point." Kiotso warned, this was to imply that his living quarters were much colder than the temperature he had made the castle.

"You are to report to the throne room." Viligance announced. Kiotso had already passed him, however, and was walking away; giving no indication the he had heard the message. With the right turn he made, it seemed as if he was indeed heading toward the throne room. 

Matthew Supplex

Up and down the rag went as it wiped the smooth metal of Matthew's Ceremonial Revolver. It was a most important process for Matthew to clean his weaponry; not for the condition of the gun, but for the condition of his sanity. A creaking sound was made from behind him as the door opened. Within the few seconds it took for the door to make a complete swing, the Ceremonial Revolver was back in one piece and ready to be fired. " I do apologize." Matthew stated as he holstered the weapon back into his suit jacket. "With so much evil intent inside one place, you start to wonder if the sounds you hear behind you are your own comrades. Ready to dig knives into your back." Matthew explained, suspecting that the suit of armor didn't necessarily care for his reasonings. "You are to report to the throne room." Viligance announced. "But of course." And with that, Matthew Made his desecent toward the throne room.

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Itsu's Prologue

The glittering, silver-plated ship glided through the alien landscape, soaring above the field of blades while keeping far below the sky of meshing mechanisms. Once a military workhorse before Itsu appropriated this vessel and made it her own, it had a sweeping wing design containing sensors, various weapon systems, and a suite of powerful thrusters working on conjunction with gravitic manipulators Itsu installed to make it handle better than a flying saucer. The former Tau Manta now had, emblazoned along its pronounced nose-like cockpit section, the words "INCH OF WILL" to proclaim it as a starfaring vessel. The pilot of the Inch of Will was Itsu herself, dressed in much less formal attire, but still wearing a kimono, albeit one that could withstand punishment and wear. "Itsu, I detected a massive energy spike nearby." A calm, sophisticated, synthesized voice spoke to the pilot as she checked some holographic readouts. "Don't worry, Brad. I got a message. Changing our bearing now." Itsu began plotting a new vector as the ship started to slowly bank. "How are you holding up back there, Commander?" Beyond the cramped cockpit of the Inch of Will was a spacious and luxurious lounge with a heavily-reinforced skylight. Itsu had originally converted the troop compartment of her ship into a place where she could hang out and enjoy company onboard her interstellar yacht. Fortunately, she hadn't scuttled all of the systems within that compartment, and had even added a few of her own, since the present occupant of the lounge had taken a circular couch and had lifted it up to reveal a computer console for him to upload some virtualized blueprints for the Inch of Will to use to support them on this voyage. The occupant in question, a tall, muscular man of African descent with a bald, beret-capped head, hawk-like eyes, and decked out in combat gear, replied back to Itsu. "Just peachy, Red. Brad, you approve of these little guys I just gave you?" The AI managing the ship spoke back to Foster. "Everything seems to be in order." Itsu then told both of them once the turning was complete. "I hope you're ready to disembark, Foster. ETA to target is 4 minutes. Switching over to auto." She finished typing, then unbuckled from the cockpit's to let Brad fly as they soared towards their objective.

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Arthur Ancyl placed the crossbow in a sheath held to the side of his waist, and on the other side, he held a pouch of crossbow bolts. He took out a blue rectangular device from his jacket pocket, staring at the cracks on the screen of it. He looked up at the giant, anthropomorphic wolf that stood behind him. How convenient that Arthur and MachGaogamon were in a room with such a large sealing.

"Well, MachGaogamon," he said with a hint of enthusiasm. "I suppose it is time we get to know our allies." MachGaogamon simply nodded. Arthur led the way out, although there was no door, since MachGaogamon had broken the entrance to the room just by walking through.

Arthur looked at the screen on the device. He could see a map on it, but it was fuzzy, and Arthur struggled to see the details. MachGaogamon raised an eyebrow, noting Arthur's difficulty in interpreting the map. "Perhaps we should get that fixed?"

"You and I have conquered many enemies in spite of the Digivice's current state. Then again, with any luck, perhaps there is someone among our allies who could repair it. It would certainly make you more powerful, at least."

Arthur and MachGaogamon reached the throne room, but Arthur raised a hand to stop MachGaogamon. "That woman will probably not take too kindly if you were to break the very door to her throne room."

Arthur freely walked into the room, but for MachGaogamon, it was a bit more difficult. He crouched down, slowly inching his way inside. When he stood up, the ceiling was even larger than in their quarters. Arthur sighed, feeling embarrassed by the display.

Eria laid down in her bad, running her fingers through the bedsheets. She felt like she was at home, even if they bed she stayed in was too small for her. "Gagagigo…"

She thought of her friend, the gigobyte, and the last time they spoke. Gagagigo had sworn he would find a way to stop Erebos, but she never heard if he had succeeded. Erebos operated in the shadows, so it was hard to track him down.

Eria's train of thought was cut short by the sound of something crashing into the Earth. She know that there was to be a meeting, so she grabbed her staff and stepped outside. Emiya's voice rang in her head, and she clutched the staff tightly. "I have all I need," she muttered to herself before stepping outside.

Sora heard the echo of Emiya's words, and nodded. Emiya had noted him as one of the strongest members of the Counter Corps, and Sora had every intention of living up to that. Sora had faced several world-destroying threats before, but this was unlike any other. More of Sora's friends had been lost, and even if he didn't know these people all that well, he owed it to them to help their worlds, he called forth his Keyblade and stepped out of his room, approaching the sword at the center of Unlimited Blade Works.

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"Fascinating." Silver said as he scratched his head looking at one of the swords lodged in the ground at the Unlimited Blade Works. It was unclear what was reflected in the sword but it didn't matter anyway as he received the telepathic message and had to move on. Before moving on, Silver did a quick run through of his equipment to see if he had lost anything. "Pokeballs check, that moron's smoke bombs, check. My sword, check, and finally potions and elixirs, check." Grinning, satisfied that he had everything, he put his sword away to put on his back and flung his bag on his shoulder and moved towards Emiya's location.

Moving towards the giant sword, Silver reminisced about Celebi and all the times that they had together, the ups and the downs. "I suppose what has happened to me before is nothing compared to what I'm about to face." He though to himself as he was here to reclaim the pokeball containing Celebi, but at least it wasn't in the hands of the people who had hunted it previously.

Looking up to the sky, which was filled with gears, Silver gave a sigh and said to himself, "Whatever comes my way, I will forge my own path!" clenching his fist.




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Adriel's stretched his wings as he took in the massive, gear-filled realm. He wondered briefly if Emiya was an angel, but his senses quickly corrected him. His hand rested on the handle of Lux as he looked around at the warriors around him. They were powerful, though some a bit young in his opinion. He sighed, cleared the doubt from his head, and stepped forwards, to the front of the group. I am an angel of Heaven, and I am ready.



Such a beautiful castle, how many riches and wonders might it hold? Mammon's gold fingers traced along the walls of his room, probing for any hint of something worth stealing. He frowned, it seemed the entire room, though beautiful and well-furnished, but nothing that he could steal. It only figures.


A suit of armor opened his door. "My Mistress would like an audience, Prince Mammon." Mammon grinned, a drop of coppery blood running down his chin as he made his way towards the throne room. Very nice, a fully autonomous suit of armor, and a polite one at that! I wonder how much...

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You want to save your world, correct? Once you've prepared everything you need, go over there. We'll be heading out shortly.


The Assassin


He heard these words, as he looked at his cellphone one last time. As his wallpaper, there was him and Serina, his girlfriend. Though the picture was blurry, he could still tell it was her. Putting his cellphone back in his pocket, Matt Mercer took hold of the Assassin's symbol that hung on his necklace, exhaling slightly.


My brother's in the Creed...please keep up the fight while I'm away. I will retrieve the Apple of Eden. he thought, as he put his hood over top of his head, and walked out of his room. Nothing is true, everything is permitted...


The Gunslinger


"Guess its time already!" Tyson said, as he placed Angelo and Diablo into their respected holsters. He then turned to Scarlet and grabbed it, spinning it around his finger for a moment. "Alright. So, I'll get everyone's Gun-Tomes back...and make sure the Devil's Dealer doesn't get his returned to him so easily." he said, as he placed Scarlet back in its holster.


"Time to start the party! The Red Blaze is ready to make some noise!!" Tyson said, running out of his room, with a huge smile on his face.


The Keyblade War Hero


Nero looked around, as he was confused on what was going on. He was...alive? Now I remember...that voice...it called me to this moment in time. the Keyblade Master thought, as he summoned Redemption to his hand. It was good to see he still had it with him. He walked out and saw the area he was now at...


Blades stabbed into the ground...a wasteland...


This place... Nero thought, as he was now at a loss of words. It looks almost like the world that all the Keyblade Masters died on... Upon thinking of those things, a slight flash of images shot through his head, as he doubled over, trying not to black out. He stabbed Redemption into the ground, having it keep balance for him, as he exhaled heavily.


Master Hao... R-Ryuusaki... he thought, as he tried to shake off the images that floated in his mind.



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Autumn took in the visual of all the different heroes who were summoned here. So much variety. There were children and adults both, and their appearance proved that none of them came from her universe. She was wondering if she was seeing things right when she noticed a guy holding a giant key. This is not normal. This is not normal at all.


As she scanned the crowd, trying to find SOME element of familiarity to feel more secure, she noticed what looked like a humanoid with light hair and feathery wings. An Altian? she thought. She was initially relieved at her discovery. But then she stopped to think this through. No, it couldn't be. But just to be sure...


Autumn approached him quietly, looked over him quickly. No, it wasn't, much to her disappointment. Altian wings were pure white, his looked grey-ish. Then she saw his eyes.


That is definitely not an Altian.



*Altians are a race of people from Autumn's home universe, in case you didn't pick up on it

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Ultimate Blade Works


There were different kinds of warriors, the likes of which Kenpachi and Yachiru had never seen.  Some younger, some older, but all of whom intrigued Kenpachi.  Especially the one who summoned him.  "Emiya," was his name, Kenpachi recalled.  An enormous sword fell from the sky and Emiya's voice rang through Kenpachi's head, as he scratched it vigorously wondering if he was hearing things.  "Eh?  You hear that?" he questioned aloud looking over his shoulder.  A short, rosie cheeked, pink-haired girl began to scurry up his back as he turned to look at her.  She popped her head over Kenpachi's shoulder as he got to his feet.  Nodding her head rapidly she confirmed Kenpachi's question.  "Is it time to explore Kenny?  Are we going on the adventure now?" her smile was infectious as it caused Kenpachi to grin too.  "See that sword?  That's where we need to be."


As they moved, Yachiru scanned their allies.  She came across a large spike of power and turned her gaze to an orange-red haired boy wielding a large key.  "Kenny!  Kenny!" she tugged at his kimono as she bobbed up and down with Kenpachi's footsteps, pointing to the young boy.  "That one's strong!" she giggled.


Kenpachi didn't turn around to follow her pointing.  He could tell already from a distance that this one was a fighter.  "I hope so," he said with a malicious grin.  "This could be fun.  Hee hee ha!" he roared.  He picked up speed and took a giant leap towards the giant sword in the ground.

Drowning in your silence.




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Quaranir of the Psijic Order: Counter Corps

Quaranir marveled at the grand expanse that was the Ultimate Blade Works. Gears turned overhead, their revolutions silent, yet they still seemed to fill the air with their power. A vast desert spread out on either side of him, swords stuck into the ground at random it seemed. Housing, training centers, and even bars were agglomerated in a small heap, acting as a small town for the gathered Counter Corps. Having chosen to not interact with any of them, Quaranir had kept his distance, simply observing.


He was no idiot. This realm in which the Counter Corps took refuge was not truly a realm. The clues were everywhere. The seemingly infinite expanse, the swords, and the gear. All pointed to the fact that they were in fact within the mind of their supposed leader. Emiya. A hero of justice. A man that lived after death. Quaranir did not trust him, but he trusted that time sorceress even less. This would be a war of secrets and lies, and only those that were able to distinguish them from the truth would survive.


Quaranir watched indifferently as the massive sword appeared overhead and plummeted toward the ground. The blast of energy radiated from the touchdown point, washing over Quaranir who stood calmly in its way. "Quite the flair for dramatics." Quaranir felt the touch of a mind, after finding that it was benign he allowed the message to go through. You want to save your world, correct? Once you've prepared everything you need, go over there. We'll be heading out shortly. Quaranir's eyebrows rose in interest. He hadn't expected the crimson warrior to have an aptitude for the psychic arts. 


The Psijic Monk prepared to teleport over to the large blade, but as he prepared to step into Oblivion and reappear into this 'realm' he was reminded of the fact that he could no longer do such a thing. The turmoil that had struck the space-time continuum had rendered his most powerful of abilities void...and even dangerous. With a sigh he began to traipse towards the meeting point, leaving his footprints in the still sand. If the Psijics only knew how horrible the mundane way of travel was...



Kobalt Swift the Dragon Raiser: The Divine

Kobalt sat lazily against the warm side of Venus' underbellow. His eyes closed, he had taken the appearance of a snoozing teenager, but his mind was ablaze with thought and worry. He questioned whether or not he should be there. Isamy had promised him the power to restore his universe to what it once was...and to return his parents to the world of the living. Despite the seemingly good intentioned nature of his drive, something still nagged at him. Was it truly just to fiddle with the powers of life and death. "Young one, you must not fret. Your cause is noble. Rest assured in that." A smile appeared on Kobalt's face. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hide his uneasiness from Venus. The dragon was always looking out for him, always making sure that he was okay. 


"It isn't just my cause that I am worried about, Venus. Have you seen these guys? They look pretty shady." Kobalt could feel that Venus agreed with his sentiment. Having arrived at the ornate floating castle, the two had scoped out the other members of their so-called 'team'. Most of them looked like they would stick a dagger in Kobalt's back without a second thought. That was what was making Kobalt question his choice more than anything else.


A chill fell upon the air, and Kobalt's energetic mind and body stiffened. He had been through enough experiences to know the feeling of danger when it came around. In one fluid movement the young magician's eyes snapped open and he took a fighting pose. Unsheathing his daggers, he held them to the approaching figures neck. He heard the growl resonate in Venus' throat as she glared at the potential threat. "The mistress requests your attendance in the throne room." Kobalt blinked in confusion lowering his daggers as the animated piece of armor began to walk away, seemingly unperturbed by Kobalt's near attack on him. "That is what I am talking about." 


Kobalt sheathed his dagger, turning to look at the large dragon behind him. "You know what this means..." Kobalt said, speaking aloud. Venus growled in frustration. "I will be waiting. Say the word and I will rip a hole in that castle and bite the head off of Isamy herself." Kobalt nodded. The two had discovered upon arrival that the castle was not big enough to accommodate a dragon, and that meant that Venus would have to wait outside. With a loving pat on the pink dragon's nose, Kobalt ventured inside the building.



​Kozaky the Mad Scientist: The Divine

Kozaky's hands anxiously fiddled with a small collection of gears and wires. He muttered incomprehensible words underneath his breath, paying no attention to what he was doing. His eyes darted this way and that, not focusing on anything in particular. The shattered mind of the scientist was indeed a terrifying sight to see and would prove traumatic for anyone that interrupted his bouts of insanity. Of course his current state was one of his calmest. 


Overshadowing the hunched over scientist, a massive reptilian figure stood guard. Metal spikes protruded from its head and down its spinal cords. The spikes occasionally glowed with blue electricity before returning to their natural grey state. They were mind control devices, making it possible for the crazed scientist to control every thought and action of the destructive beast. 


"Sir?" Kozaky's eyes fixed on the figure that said the voice. It appeared to come from the suit of armor in front of him. "What?! What?! What?! I am busy. The dimensional core is still too unstable. I need more time." The wild look in Kozaky's eyes was all the proof anyone would need to know that he wasn't all there. The suit of armor did not seem to mind though. "The mistress requests your attendance in the throne room." 


"Oh...oh. Yes, yes of course." Withdrawing a small cube from his coat jacket pocket, Kozaky pressed a button and the surrounding lab equipment disappeared in a flick of light, returning to the Hyper Storage Cube. Pressing a finger to his head, Kozaky sent a message to his reptillian body guard. 


Carry [Master] to <Throne Room>


Lifting Kozaky onto his shoulder, the massive figure began to make its way to the throne room.



Mephala the Webspinner: Forever Alone

Mephala walked calmly through the Counter Corps camp. She had received the message from Emiya and was heading towards the meeting point. She passed a number of other recruits, each heading towards the large sword. The Daedric Prince of course hadn't been invited to attend such a gathering, but they didn't know that. To them, she was just another member of their silly little Counter Corps. Another warrior for the sake of justice. She almost laughed at the thought. 


Having arrived in the Ultimate Blade Works, Mephala had begun to drink in the tragedies of each of the recruits. And there were plenty to be had. Abuse. Abandonment. Loss. Vengeance. Heart Break. It was everywhere. Of course, it had always been apparent to Mephala that warriors always led the most dramatic of lives. As she made her way to the sword, she took interest in one Counter Corps member in particular.


Matt Mercer. An assassin in his own universe. Her powers didn't reveal much else about him, but she could just feel the tragedy that had surrounded his life. She noted that it was especially centered around he childhood. He would be a good first start. She followed close behind him, wanting to study him before she began to wreak havoc with his mind. Mephala's eyes closed and then suddenly she was seeing through the eyes of another being. Still herself of course, just a different place.




Mephala sat perched in the throne room of the castle, watching the foolish boy play king. She had taken a liking to the room and thus had made a nest on the ceiling, spinning a massive hammock-like web. Much like her infiltration in the Counter Corps, she posed as a member of the Divine. Here too she could just feel the tragedy hanging around the place. It felt good to drink it all in. Nirn of course had its fair share of tragedies, but these were so exotic and new. 


As the members of The Divine began to become more and more numerous, Mephala thought it was best that she join them. Inching downward, Mephala hung upside down on her web. Waiting for the group to be addressed. 

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Jin Akatsuki

"Level complete! Beginning simulation number 1729! Difficulty level is 10 of 15!"

Jin sighed as the scythe dematerialized from his hand and the twin swords took it's place. He'd spent most f his time in the Unlimited Blade Works in the training room, barely leaving even for meals. He opened his eyes, seeing everything around him with his Chaos Sight and waiting for the enemies to appear. In addition to that, he'd barely spoken to any of his new comrades. Occasionally some of them would watch him train, but he'd always ignore them as he did and focused solely on the simulation. There're only about thirty of us. Thirty-one counting Emiya I think. I doubt this Isamy person just sat around while Emiya recruited too. Will we be enough? He thought to himself as the enemies finished spawning. He took his fighting stance and waited for the start. They would have to be enough. They had no other choice.

"The Wheel of Fate is turning!" Begin simulation!"

Interesting. This was the first simulation Jin had done that directly mimicked his own world. The simulation had produced a copy of Baphomet, the Demon King of Domination, and Azazel, the Demon King of Flames. Jin had faced and defeated both of them before, but never both at once. At the very least he'd find this an amusing challenge. Azazel started the fight by launching a column of fire at Jin, which Jin managed to reflect using his own flames. After that, he dashed directly at Baphomet, fast as lightning swinging his swords at his throat. Baphomet blocked the attack using just his massive arms. As expected. This was the same first mistake that Jin had made when he first faced Baphomet. Baphomet then raised his head back and moved to slam his horns against Jin's head, but Jin had already known it was coming and dodged, putting a good amount of distance between him and the Demon Kings. JIn prepared to release X-Inferno, but stopped as he heard Emiya voice echo in his head.

We'll be heading out shortly

The simulations started to vanish, and Jin desummoned Shukuro. His fight with the Demon Kings would have to wait. Preferably until after the multiverses were saved. He closed his eyes as they slowly returned to their normal blue coloring. He walked outside, looking into the gear filled sky of the Unlimited Blade Works. Part of him had trouble believing that Emiya had created this all himself, but then again, it was no different from the inner world Shukuro had made. Besides, if anyone was capable of something like... this, it was Emiya.

Master Masune, I promise I won't let you down... Jin winced a little as he Enhanced and the black wings stretched out from his shoulder's and the leathery tail shot out from the base of his spine. He still wasn't quite used to the feeling of growing new body parts, and still felt a small amount of pain from it too. As it passed though, Jin flew into the air, and sped off toward the massive blade.

It only took a short time for Jin to arrive. As he skidded to a landing, the wings and tail receded back and his coat fluttered behind him. A few more were gathered, but Jin was certainly one of the first.

Cody Renner

As Emiya's voice rang through Cody's head, Cody sighed, feeling a little fear as he grabbed a few weapons from the armory. He still had trouble accepting everything that he'd seen. The Unlimited Blade Works was something he'd not expected, but more than that, was the others in which Emiya gathered were a whole other story. Some of them weren't even human. Other's were, and yet had unbelievable powers. He couldn't help but feel a little useless as he slid another grenade onto the strap on his combat vest. He'd just have to pass them in the area's that he could, and keep up by using his intelligence rather than his supernatural abilities.

Having gathered all the equipment he thought he'd need, Cody cocked the shotgun and thought of his friends. He remembered all the experiences that they'd lived through by working together. It seemed strange, but even though they were fighting every second of their lives to survive in those days, Cody couldn't remember a time were he felt happier. Even if he couldn't undo the infection that had nearly wiped out the entire world, at least he'd have them back. Yes, he'd have no choice but to keep surviving and win.

Cody wasn't surprised that he was one of the last ones to arrive either. After all, most, if not all the other members of the Counter Corps were much faster than he was.



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"Stay where you belong... In my nightmares"


                    "All hail Sephiroth, huh?"


           "You just don't get it. There isn't a thing I don't cherish"

      " This world needs a NEW hero!"


                                 " No! You're not the Sephiroth I once knew!"


 "Sephiroth... I trusted you..."


Sephiroth stood in the center of his room, eyes closed as if he were sleeping. Static images seemed to flash into existence all around him, battle fields, conversations, they were all memories from different portions of the man's life. As he continued to look back intohis  own history, the man's thoughts were interrupted by a voice. "Lord Sephiroth, the mistress requests your presence in the throne room." Opening his eyes, Sephiroth's cyan gaze rested on the empty suit of armor. "Very well, let's see what Isamy has planned." His voice held traces of excitement, as the silver haired man took his first step into the castle's corridor. 


Being of the last to enter the throne room, Sephiroth had the pleasure of witnessing the blonde haired boy, and his summon awkwardly make their entrance. Grunting in an amused manner, he walked past the odd pair, taking his spot against the pillar closest to the Izumy. 


Sir Jecht


"The mistress would like to see you in the thro-" Jecht didn't bother listing to another word, he had been waiting for far too long already. Leaping off the roof of the castle, he landed with a ground shattering force, leaving a small crater at the entrance of the Izumy's home. "Whoa..." Jecht mumbled to himself, as he made his way to the front entrance. Grabbing the handle of the expensive looking door he attempted a light tug,that evidently was enough to rip it off its hinges. "..."  Since gaining control over the power of Sin, Jecht's own strength had increased exponentially, and he had know idea on how to regulate it.


For the next five minutes, those in the throne room would hear nothing but loud crashes, and the shattering of walls ,as Jecht traversed the castle. Finally arriving at his destination, he tossed the door into the center of the room, before smiling at Isamy in a apologetic manner. "Sorry about that... still getting used to having my own body back, ya know?"  The muscular man awkwardly scratched the back of his head, as he tiptoed off to the side, taking extra care not to break anything else. "You can just take it out of my pay."


Final Fantasy Revolution

Final Fantasy Revolution

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Matthew Supplex


All was calm in the throne room when Sephiroth and Jecht first entered, with the exception of Matthew who had pulled his Elemental Revolver on the two. "Oh, I do apologize, I thought you gentleman were...others." Matthew said, holstering his weapon. I must try to control my natural reflexes. The clones made of Sephiroth and Jecht were destroyed in the last battle. Matthew nodded his head to himself. "Well then, since I've already wrongly assumed who you might be, why not tell me who you are?" Matthew said to Sephiroth and Jecht, already knowing full-well who they actually were.


Kiotso Senju

Kiotso was there, sitting at the base of a pillar, observing the human make a fool of himself. He had nothing to add to the confrontation so he simply didn't add anything.


Posted Image

"You can't become a great adventurer if you rely on others too much. Whenever you get lost in the world, press [SELECT], and you'll see a large navigation map. The map will show the places you've visited and also indicate your destination with a white dot."





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Sephiroth had barely glanced at the man brandishing the revolver, before closing his eyes once again. "Sephiroth. But it would appear that you already knew that..." Starring forward as if observing an unseen force, he continued in an amused tone. "Could it be that I existed in your world as well? You appear to be human... which means that in your universe, I would have failed to complete my plans." Sephiroth paused once again, in order to let the man process what he was saying. "Tell me, if I did exist in your universe, how was I defeated?"  A small smile formed across his lips, as he turned to face the man with the Gun.  


As Sephiroth began explaining his theory, Jecht turned to look around, completely ignoring Mathew. He noted that his team was filled with plethora of shady characters, and he had the feeling that a few of them weren't just gona sit around, and be bench warmers. As he finished up his scan of the room, Jecht's eyes settled on the massive wolf like creature, that stood near a blonde haired boy. He instantly noted how out of placed the boy looked, and decided he may as well get to know one of his supporting players. Casually walking between the two, Jecht chuckled as he placed a heavy hand on the boys shoulder. "Ha, not a bad looking Aeon you got there kid..." 


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