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The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

GCRP Loads and loads of characters Still going strong lol

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    There will be no prison which can hold our movement down.

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As walls formed around Kenpachi, he scratched his head.  He said nothing but instead sat on the ground and crossed his legs.  He placed his Zanpaktou in the snow and folded his arms as he sat with his head down.  A puzzled Yachiru was reminded of the light prisons that some of the old Captains could cast, but this wasn't a magic she was familiar with.  Instead, she flopped down beside Kenpachi and made snow angels while she waited for him to be released.


"Well.  Doesn't look like there's anything we can do for him," Revy commented.


"I agree.  We should turn our attention elsewhere.  Kenpachi will be fine.  Nothing here is frightening enough to make me concerned for his safety," Kratos added.  "Remain vigilant, Yachiru," Kratos huffed before he and Revy leaped away.


Yachiru sat up with a start.  "Hmm?  Oh.  Bye, baldy!"  She returned to her free frolicking in the snow and completed her angel.  She stood up and waved at Kenpachi who had only just raised his head.  Her hand caught his eye, and she directed him to the snow angel on the ground.  Kenpachi gave a big smile.  She always knew how to keep him occupied and happy.


With a single giant hand, Kenpachi made his own snow angel on the ground behind the barrier, closest to Yachiru's.  It wasn't as neat or elegant, but it was enough to make Yachiru giggle.  And that was all he needed.



Much to Kratos' surprise, Hollow Isamy had gone on the defensive, shielding itself while only Byakuya reacted.  Revy loaded a new rifle on the ground to try and find a clear opening at Isamy, but she couldn't get a clean shot.  With Isamy practically sleeping, Kratos saw no reason to engage her at this time.  Whatever magic she had fired not long ago appeared to have ceased and was no longer a threat to their being at this present moment.  Kratos folded his arms and leaned against a dead tree.  


"Swatting flies is quite the chore," he mumbled to himself.


"You mean Isamy, or us?" Revy asked, looking up from her rifle.


"Perspective determines that," Kratos grinned.


"Wise ass," Revy said, shaking her head.



Gangsters.  Outlaws.

Love of Ghibli

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Team Dorian: Final Round

Walling in the infinite void that is Butlerok's Mad Blood space Gyokuen and Hades were busy combing through the giant magical index to see if there was some kind of off shoot magic that would help them in this instance. Of course that was proving to be very hard seeing as the Rukh were acting in some kind of unholy concert and screeching around. Luckily the Soul Protect that was cast on them earlier allowed them to remain stable after their capture. 

While searching though both of them looked up and heard what was akin to a piercing of the flesh. Which was odd because...how could that be happening. They both looked up to see a massive blade lodged into Butlerok. 

Nani the f... Gyokuen started say but the sword started.


S... souls! Souls to serve? Can't quite... talk good. Need girl. Need girl for plan. Need to talk right. Serve, yes? Serve, save host, save the girl. Serve? Not serve?


Girl...who is this girl it speaks of? Gyokuen asked.

A lightbulb went off in Hades head as he looked on and realized what was happening. Oh I know it was a magical girl from the Counter Corps. Butler said she defeated a massive witch like entity earlier and got some super power boost. Also I know that blade...I think it is Protheus'. She must've met him in the passageways and stole it. 

Well that makes her strong. Gyokuen smirked. But just like us, she got caught in the soul sucking magic. 

And just like the parasite that thing has a mind of its own. Hades said rubbing his chin. 

Well at any rate it did pierce the bubble keeping us in here. So let's see what it has to say. 

Both of them looked at each other then looked at the sword. Serve.




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Team Lombax’s “Tower Hideout” - E2

“... I have absolutely no idea what these creatures even are,” Umbris noted to Gabriel as the two of them continued their guard of the tower, with Umbris surveying the surrounding area through the windows.

“They aren’t Duel Monsters, I would imagine,” Gabriel mused, manning the table upon which the cards used to fortify the tower lay. “They still have that “feel”, though, like they’re a part of a card game that’s similar to Duel Monsters.” ”Yoo-Hoo…!”

“Another card game…?” Umbris repeated as a thought occurred to him. “... heh, right, of course. Sometimes I seem to forget that other card games would exist outside of our shared universe.” He returned his attention to his surveying, yet still continued the conversation: “I wonder how these things would translate to the Duel Monsters card game.” ”YOO-HOO…!!”

“I’m sure it wouldn’t take too much effort,” Gabriel replied, “at least as far as Type and Attributes are concerned. Effects might not be as straightforward, though. As far as the two games actually interacting as they each are, though… well, I suppose we may see soon enough--”


“WHAT, ZURKON!?” Umbris and Gabriel yelled in irritated unison.

“Oh, nothing important,” Mr. Zurkon sassed back, “Mr. Zurkon just thought you nerds would like to do something about thIS STUPID ALIEN THAT’S ATTACKING MR. ZURKON!!”

“Wut?” Gabriel and Umbris rushed toward the nearest window through which Mr. Zurkon was last heard, and yelped in shock upon seeing the gigantic eldritch creature--taller than the tower they were currently sheltered in--currently ambushing Mr. Zurkon. “THE HELL IS THAT THING SUPPOSED TO BE?!?!”

“Mr. Zurkon knows what it is supposed to be: DEAD!!” the Synthenoid declared as he began to open fire on the creature approaching him.

Girls’ Night Out Bayonetta, Jeanne and Atsuko - Heading through F2

“Seriously, girlfriend, you really need to get some better transportation,” Jeanne blurted out to Atsuko as they and Bayonetta made their way through F2, with Atsuko being carried around in the palm of Madama Butterfly’s hand. “That wheelchair of yours was never gonna cut it in this setting.”

“Just so long as I’m not riding on your motorcycle again, I’m good,” Atsuko shrugged.

At this Jeanne couldn’t stop herself from exasperatedly scoffing while rolling her eyes. “Oh, please, just because you couldn’t handle just one ride with me--”

“--AND! And you had me drive the damn thing, too, just so you could do your own thing--”

“And THAT is your issue?!”

“My issue was that you expected me to operate the damned thing when I don’t even have FEET!”

“Ladies, calm thy tits,” Bayonetta sassily interrupted the bickering. “I’m sure we can come to a sensible decision without resorting to spanking each other over past details.”

“Oh, c’mon, just a little spanking,” Jeanne half-jokingly begged.

“I don’t think we have much time to continue debating anyways,” Atsuko interjected worriedly, pointing her normal hand in the direction of the giant eldritch being that was threatening Team Lombax’s tower.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Jeanne groaned, as if the appearance of this creature wasn’t anything more serious than a minor nuisance. “Looks like one of us will have to go back and help the boys with that thing, Cereza.”

“And the other will need to take care of Atsuko, lest the Leviathan tries anything funny,” Bayonetta concluded with a weary sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose.

“... hey, actually,” Atsuko chimed in after a brief thought as she addressed Bayonetta, “you still have that motorcycle that Foster lent to you? The transforming one?”

“As a matter of fact...,” Bayonetta uttered as she snapped her fingers, summoning a portal out of which the Duel Runner/Fire Elemental/Knight Caledfwlch rolled out with a rumble of his engine.

“Yes, that’s perfect!” Atsuko beamed happily. “Caledwlch can drive himself around with me in one of his sidecars, and he can transform into a mecha if he needs to do any fighting--”

“--oh, I see how it is, little MISS,” Jeanne snapped, now (acting) incensed. “You’d rather not deal with me and my “crazy driving”, yet you’d take Mr. Fire Crotch over there for a spin in a heartbeat, is that it?! Well, FUCK you, you hurtful bitch, I never…!” Jeanne retorted “furiously” before turning away from the others, crocodile tears shimmering from her eyes.

“... Jeanne, I can sorta see through that act of yours,” Atsuko flatly pointed out, though she was somewhat amused. “Still, aside from the points I already mentioned… Caledwlch was my mother’s Duel Runner, as well as one of her most trusted allies….”

“Worry not, fair maidens, for I shall defend young Atsuko with all my being,” Caledwlch assured the Umbra Witches. “She shall be safe in my capable hands… metaphorically or otherwise.”

Jeanne couldn’t help but to roll her eyes with a scoff, though she wasn’t offended at all at this point. “Fine, I know when I’m defeated,” she relented with a dramatic shrug.

“You had best do all you can to protect Atsuko then, Calewlch,” Bayonetta chimed in as she adjusted her glasses. “If not, you’ll catch Hell for it, from the two of us AND the ghost of Atsuko’s mummy, I’m sure.”

“Don’t worry, girls, Caledwlch has this covered,” Atsuko reassured the Umbra Witches as Madama Butterfly placed her gently into one of Caledwlch’s sidecars. “Both of you go ahead and help the boys--”

“No-no, can’t do that,” Bayonetta wagged her finger at that, “you still need some supervision, my dear, so I’ll be sticking with you. Jeanne--”

“--got it, Cereza,” Jeanne replied as she mounted Angel Slayer, revving up its engine. “Do be careful in case the Leviathan pulls any tricks on you.” With that, she drove off back towards the tower.

Back at Team Lombax’s “Tower Hideout”

“... welp, so much for “holding his fire”," Gabriel sighed as he and Umbris watched Mr. Zurkon begin taking on the eldritch creature on his own, firing off some rounds from his blaster while weaving in and out of the monster’s swipes, though they seem to be just piercing the creature’s skin without any regard or acknowledgement to the rounds hitting. As it moved closer and closer, the ground it walked over shifted rapidly between a dulled rainbow and grey, like the life was being sucked right out of the land itself. Those more intuned with magical energy would find that such energy was fluctuating, weakening, then changing to something...unfamiliar.

“Doesn’t look like he’s having much effect against it, though,” Umbris noted, trying to analyze the fight as best he could to discern the creature’s strengths and weaknesses (if it had any other the latter at all, that is). “Not to mention the commotion seems to be attracting those other monsters to our location,” he added as he noticed the smaller beings beginning to draw closer to the fight, and by extension, the tower as well.

“Something needs to be done about this, though, and fast,” Gabriel uttered with worry, now noticing the rippling effect being made by the larger creature’s advance. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but he knew that the advance had to cease before it could reach the tower. But first… “Umbris, quickly,” Gabriel ordered, “can you gleam into what each of the smaller creatures are named?”

“Huh? Why’re you interested in their names?” Umbris asked in confusion.

“I have an idea of how to deal with them all at once, but I have to know that they all have the same name for it to work,” Gabriel explained.

“”Same name”... … oh, now I get it,” Umbris nodded, quickly understanding the intention. “Alright, lemme just focus on them real quick, then….” The Neo-Spacian began to focus directly on one of the smaller creatures, attempting to peer into its very being in order to gain knowledge of its name. As Umbris tried to focus, he would find his attention splitting, as if seeing through all of the smaller beings’ points of view at once, confirming their interconnectivity. He could also feel the presence of...something corrosive being part of these beings that wasn’t supposed to be there. He had to move fast before being affected by whatever that was. Either way...these connected creatures gave off a strange emotion, as if they were Souls that were Faultless in this endeavour. “S… Souls… Faultless… Eldrazi… … “Souls of the Faultless”...! That’s their name!” Umbris yelped as he pulled himself out of his focus. “I mean, it’s either that or “Souls of the Eldrazi”, but they all have that as their base title!”

“Then this should work!” Gabriel exclaimed excitedly as he flipped to a page in Alexander’s card binder, and quickly pulled out one of its cards. “I Summon in Defense Position: “Kotodama”!” Outside the tower, a humanoid being was called forth, its pitch black skin covered from head-to-toe in bronze-colored runes. Its long, scarlet ponytail blew in the wind as its crimson eyes flashed, before letting out a long, piercing shriek that echoed through the area. “Kotodama’s ability prevents more than one card with the same name from being on the field at the same time,” Gabriel spoke up above the monster’s screaming, “which means that all of these Souls of the Faultless will vanish from the area!”

… … …

… … …

… … …

“... … uhm… am I… missing something…?” Gabriel spoke up after roughly a minute passed by without any changes to the area.

“... oh, fuck me sideways with Terris’ drill,” Umbris uttered with shame, realization hitting him like a punch from Obelisk the Tormentor. “When I was observing them, I could sense that they were all interconnected somehow… and now I know why that is: they’re all the same monster!”

“What?!” Gabriel gasped in shock.

“Yeah, they’re like Exiled Forces and whatnot,” Umbris, currently making an indent in his face with his palm. “They’re a large group of individuals that make up a single card--of course they wouldn’t be affected by Kotodama.”

“So all you did was succeed in making the ears of anyone in the vicinity bleed from your monster’s screaming,” Mr. Zurkon sassed. “Congratulations, stupid luchador and panther.”


A loud shrilling cry echoed from the largest of the distorted creatures summoned during this fight, the Heralded Eldrazi raising a large hand before balling up into a fist and slamming it into the tower, the vibrations causing Gabriel and Umbris to stumble and fall, with the luchador landing right on top of the Neo-Spacian (“OW, THE FUCK!!” yelped Umbris). Those taking part in Alexander’s “seance”, however, merely swayed a bit before returning to their original positions, their trance completely unbroken by the disturbance.

“... soooo,” Gabriel groaned as he and Umbris pulled themselves back to their feet, “got any other ideas?

“Just one: keep reinforcing the tower,” Umbris declared as he quickly prepared his own Deck of cards. “I’m gonna head out and help Mr. Zurk--AACK!!”

And right on cue, the tower shook once again as another impact was made. This time, there was the faint sound of a crack as well. “That doesn’t sound good,” Gabriel quietly uttered as he quickly rummaged through the binder for a way to make any repairs to the tower. “We better act quickly, otherwise--”

The thunderous sound of another heavy impact rang through the air, but this time the tower did not shake. Peering out the window, Umbris and Gabriel saw the reason: Madama Styx, fully summoned, was now clashing against the Heralded Eldrazi with a punch of her own. “Cheers, loves, the cavalry's here!” Jeanne called out from atop Madama Styx’s left shoulder.

“Jeanne, aren’t you French, though?” Umbris sassed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?!” Jeanne hissed back.

The Heralded Eldrazi, focused on the being now in its eyeless face, focused itself upon the demoness before attempting to grab her with a single large clawed hand. “Excuse you, no-one said you could TOUCH!” Jeanne declared as Madama Styx knocked the Heralded Eldrazi’s hand away with a strong backhanded fist. The moment she connected with the Eldrazi, however, she felt a little of her magical energy leave her, through the hand in question and into the monster. It only happened during the impact, but it was just enough to notice. “What in-- what just happened?” Jeanne blurted in confusion, sensing the slight loss of energy.

“Life...magic...it is food for us…” the Souls around them would say, almost in response. “We consume and reform, the colors of magic returned to their natural shifting state.”

“... shit, so we can’t make direct contact with any of them…!” Umbris cursed.

“... so, wait, if they can drain what they make contact with…,” Gabriel mused as he remembered the rippling effect he saw from earlier, “... does that mean the very land, too…?!”

“Then obviously,” Mr Zurkon rudely interrupted, “the best option to dealing with these stupid aliens is to attack from afar!”

“Then from afar it is!” Jeanne replied as she threw one of her handgun up through a portal above her; seconds later, a larger portal appeared above Madama Styx, from which fell a much larger version of the same handgun into the Demoness’ hand. “Now, eat this, you motherfucker!” Quickly stepping back, Madama Styx fired her handgun straight at the Heralded Eldrazi’s face.

Well, a hole was left behind going clear through its head...but the scary part was the fact that it kept going, moving as if no such action had happened, making another attempt to grab the demoness with its elongated limbs.

“DRAINING SHIELD!” Umbris called out as he threw a Trap Card towards Madama Styx, conjuring a bizarre shield that equipped itself to the Demoness’ free arm; taking the hint, Madama Styx quickly moved her shield arm to block the Eldrazi’s hand, the energy from that strike being absorbed by the shield and transferred to Madama Styx, greatly invigorating the Demoness. “Wait… holy shit, that’s a lot!!” Umbris blurted out upon sensing just how much energy Styx had absorbed. “That creature, it’s really that strong…??!!”

“Then we’ll need to try and remove as much of its strength as possible,” Gabriel decided after using a few “Castle Walls” to reinforce the tower’s structure. “It may take me a while, though, so keep that thing busy until then!”

Right on cue, yet another strike on the tower, this time towards the base, with both of its large claws held together into a single balled-up fist before connecting. A slight slant could be felt in the tower now as well, which is likely a cause for alarm. The Heralded Eldrazi seemed unfocused on what it was supposed to do, since it only interacted with Madama Styx when she started to face it. Gabriel took note of this, and decided to take advantage of this fact. “If it wants something to focus on, I’ll just give it something to focus on!” Pages in the card binder fluttering wildly in his search, the luchador pulled out the two cards needed for his plan: a “Marshmallon” which he quickly Summoned in Defense Position, and a “Ring of Magnetism” that was likewise equipped immediately to the squishy pink blob. “Marshmallon can’t be destroyed by battle, and the Ring of Magnetism equipped to it will ensure that the giant can assault only Marshmallon! Meaning that while it’s focused on attack something that it can’t kill by battle, Madama Styx and Zurkon can assault it without confrontation.”

“... no offense, Gabriel, but that’s just boring as all fuck,” Jeanne grumbled with dissatisfaction.

“Mr. Zurkon agrees,” agreed Mr. Zurkon.

… … …

… … …

… … …

... Ratchet…

... hey, Ratch….

... oh, for Tyndarion’s sake, boy, wake up!

“Hrk…!” Ratchet snorted with a start as he finally came to, his eyes fluttering as they adjusted to the dimly lit area he now found himself to be in, no longer within the tower they had been in before and a slightly sharp pain on his cheek. “... how long was I out…?” Ratchet asked groggily to Alexander, Clank and Red, all of whom were gathered around him.

“Literally just a minute. Sheesh, you’re a rather heavy sleeper, huh, kiddo?” Alexander mused as he shook his head.

“You have no idea, Alexander,” Clank replied shaking his own head as he shot a knowing, squinty look at the young lombax.

“Well, he’s up now, at least,” Red chimed in, “so now we can all begin our “Grand Tour” of Alister’s Soul Room… … which, I might caution, is… how do you say, a tad untidy.”

“... uhh, Red,” Ratchet replied as he got a better look at their surroundings, “I’m pretty sure that this is much more than just “a tad”.” (“I’m aware boy, I was merely being facetious.”)

Within Alister’s Soul Room, the Rescue Team were surrounded by the horde of Altisters, all frozen in place, each stuck in a pose expressing anguish, confusion, resignation, sadness, (self-)anger… occasionally, an Altister would appear to briefly glitch, flinching for a fraction of a second as a fragment of a scream, yell or sob escaped their gaping mouth before returning to their original pose. “... what are these things?” Ratchet asked apprehensively, quite put-off by the sight. “These guys… they can’t all be Alister… can they?”

“From my understanding, no, not really,” Red explained. “They’re more like constructs, recorded and created whenever Alister died in another timeline. Time has repeated again and again, and each failure became a new “Altister” while Alister began again at the beginning of this entire farce. Different possibilities have taken place, and thus different Alisters were born. That is the gist of it, is it not Alex?”

“Pretty close, yeah,” Alexander confirmed. “They’re like programs, but each with their own personality and sentience. Really, REALLY sophisticated A.I., you could say. But now…,” Alex added with concern and uncertainty in his tone, “... now, something’s not only happened to Al, but the Altisters as well. What… what did Isamy do to Alister… to have caused this?”

“She revealed to him an inconvenient truth.” The group flinched at the sound of a deep voice that had addressed them. The owner of that voice approached them, the ornate, royal armor adorning his large frame giving off a faint golden gleam while his violet cape ruffled slightly behind him. “... sorry for disturbing you all,” the figure, Aligore Azimurr, uttered sheepishly with a faint, sad smile, his weary eyes filled with apology.

“... woof,” Red quietly blurted out before clearing his throat immediately after to cover the fact. “Ahem, apology accepted.”

“It’s fine, Your… Majesty?” Alexander replied in a forgiving gesture slightly muddled by his confusion. “You… don’t seem like the other Altisters here, assuming you even are one. I mean, you are related to Alister in some way, right?”

“That is correct, Alex,” Aligore answered, the smile he gave this time being much more easygoing. “I am, by virtue of being a SOUL--and a fusion of two SOULs, at that--not an Altister at all, though half of me is still Alister; the other half is that of the Monster King, Asgore Dreemurr.”

“... so, that would make you… “Aligore Azimurr”?” Ratchet slowly guessed--this was, of course, the first time Ratchet, Clank, Alex and Red have met the SOUL Fusion personally.

“Yes! Yes, my dear boy, you got it!” Aligore beamed joyously. “Oh, but enough about me--”

“--INDEED, CEASE WITH THIS NEEDLESS SEGUE,” I.T. angrily(?) snapped at Aligore as he suddenly appeared behind him, causing the General King to yelp in shock. “WE HAVE FAR MORE PRESSING MATTERS TO DEAL WITH.”

“Nice to see you again too, I.T.,” Alexander half-snarked.

I.T. Azimuth sighed wearily in response, removing his thick-framed glasses. “I do apologize, but we haven’t much time for pleasantries and introductions” he noted, his tone becoming noticeably more organic. “Time is of the essence, and unless we all hurry, Alister’s will soon run out.”

“Wouldn’t know what that is like” Red uttered under his breath. “I take it the girl’s little proclamation was a bit more damaging to Alister’s psyche than we expected?” the dragon elder figured.

“Very much so, yes,” I.T. nodded. “You see, this “inconvenient truth” that Aligore mentioned is not so much “inconvenient” as it is “near-mind-shattering”--”

“Well then what is it?!” Ratchet blurted impatiently.

“... I was getting to that,” I.T. calmly retorted, stowing his glasses away inside his parka. “Alister is here today due to a number of factors, the most damning of all so far being… that he was turned into a Distortion by Isamy herself, as a means of prolonging his life beyond the Great Clock Incident.”

“... an-and what’s that supposed to mean, exactly?” Ratchet implored, very much confused.

“As you know, the Distortions created by Isamy Maximus are the reason that the Multiverse has been collapsing. And if Alister was indeed made into a Distortion himself, then… … … ….” I.T. trailed off, his uncharacteristically prolonged silence made all the more unsettling by the pained look in his glowing yellow eyes. “Then… it means… … that the Time Loops that Alister has been stuck in... have been disrupting not only the dimensions… but Time itself…!”

Team Lombax stood in utter dismay, jaws dropped, eyes widened, at this revelation. “... as the number of Time Loops increased,” I.T. continued, his voice now hollow with despair, “each subsequent iteration of the Origin War became more… varied. And not just the conditions and properties of the Origin War itself, but all who became involved as well, within each iteration--be it the variety of the participants or the participants themselves, oftentimes both.”

“... so, the Time Loops end up randomizing a lot of factors, is what you’re saying. Aside from Isamy, the factions, and Alister being involved, that is,” Alexander calmly surmised.

“Exactly,” I.T. nodded. “But more than that, it was finding out the truth itself that brought such a crushing despair upon Alister… as well as most of the Altisters. We… we tried so hard to fix time, to keep it from becoming worse… to think that our collective actions have caused what we had hoped to prevent….”

“... a moment for an inquiry, Mr. I.T.,” Clank asked politely. “You say that “most of the Altisters” fell into despair--I would assume that is the reason why they all seem to be frozen in place. But, what of you? How have you retained your autonomy despite clearly being gripped by despair yourself?”

I.T. took a brief pause to let out a short breath, almost a small chuckle, as a faint, genuine smile crossed his lips. “As keenly observant as ever, Clank. I had always admired that about you….

“As Alexander had hypothesized, we Altisters are highly sophisticated, sentient A.I.. Due to the nature of how the Alister that gave rise to me had died in that timeline, I myself am far more self-aware of my being an A.I., and as such have made various… adjustments to myself to safeguard myself as much as possible from various threats, both external and... internal.”

“So you backed yourself up so you could reboot after the crash?” Red guessed. “Frequently, I would imagine.”

“That is correct. Though I was not entirely immune to falling to despair, I was still acutely aware of what was happening to all of us as I worked to put myself back together….” I.T. paused once more as he glanced down at his trembling palms. “... but, just barely.

“... still, having recovered myself,” I.T. continued, hiding his still-shaking hands in his pockets, “I began the procedure of rebooting other Altisters whom I hoped could help in bringing Alister back to his senses….”

I.T. turned his head to his right, with Team Lombax following his gaze to a pair of active Altisters a few yards away from them, both of whom Alexander managed to recognize: the leather-adorned Zayon, who held a thick, heavy-looking scrapbook in his arms; and another Altister wearing a pink argyle sweater vest, who went by the moniker of--

“MOONY?!” Alexander exclaimed in shock, causing the aforementioned Altisters to give a startled flinch at his loud declaration. “You restarted him, out of all the Altisters you could have picked?!” he questioned of I.T..

“It’s fine,” I.T. insisted calmly. “Moony’s prior behaviour is no longer present since the purging of Adrastos’ influence from Alister’s soul--Kaden made sure of that himself.”

(Red coughed awkwardly and turned his attention away from the conversation momentarily to hide his look of shame.)

“So, he’s no longer nucking futs?”

“That’s right.”

“... even so, then, for what purpose have you restored him?” Alexander pressed. “I mean, surely, you would’ve know of any other options.”

“He’s… necessary,” I.T. hastily replied, yet seemed to stumble halfway through his answer. The instant he did, he quickly averted his eyes from the sharp glare of suspicion Alexander shot his way.

“Whatever, can we just get to wherever Alister is now?” Ratchet interrupted impatiently. “The sooner we get him out of this mess--”

“--that won’t be easy, Ratchet,” Red interjected, “as we have no idea what sort of mental defenses that he would have put up, especially in his current mental state,” he mused while catching Zayon’s eye. “We don’t even know what else could be active within his psyche, what horrible thing could have awoken after breaking down, much like how Adrastos became active in my own mind when the Dark Gems and the Orichalcos took me over. Alister has seen a lot of terrors in his lifetime I am certain, so who knows which of his inner demons and how many of them have begun to roam free.”

“Reid’s right--w-wait, I meant “Red’s right”,” I.T. stammered, looking immediately flustered over his slip-up. “Guh, what’s happening to me....?”

“Well, I mean, it’s not like you’re wrong, “sweetheart”,” Red smirked a smirk shared by Zayon, who had stepped closer to overhear the conversation. “But I would imagine backing yourself up wouldn’t be a conventional process when there is so much, ahem, junk data that might have been backed up as well,” the dragon remarked while scowling at Moony.

“Either way,” Zayon spoke up as he positioned the thick book underneath his left arm, “we really do need to be careful around here, but also work with a mixture of caution and haste, if we’re to have any hope of getting Alister out of this mess--”

“--so, no one’s going to answer my question, then? Is that it?” Alexander insisted, a stern expression on his face that was both calm and (increasingly) furious at the same time.

“A-Alex…?” stammered Zayon.

♫”Alexander’s Suspicions”♫ (“Almost Hell Heaven”/New Danganronpa V3 OST)

Alexander’s glare was focused squarely on the three Altisters before him, scrutinizing them all down to their very being. “I would very much appreciate that the three of you quit jerking us around,” he requested as calmly as possible. “Alister’s life is at stake here, and it’s true that the sooner we take care of what’s going on here the sooner we can get him his help… but we need to know what’s going on with everything here--that our rescue mission hasn’t been compromised even before we got here, and that we can give ALL of you our trust,” he explained with emphasis on each point, his gaze settling firmly on Moony as he expressed the last point. “So, I will ask again, and I expect one of you to tell me the damned truth or so help m--!”

“--that’s why I’m here,” Moony calmly interjected, Alexander blinking with surprise and confusion at the Altister’s earnest response. “To reveal the truth behind my involvement in his whole ordeal… that is why I’ve been restored,” he explained, a pained, remorseful expression on his face.

“Wh…?” Alexander uttered, taken aback as he had anticipated at least a delayed answer to his inquiry. “W-Wait, what do you mean--?"

Alexander cut himself off as he and the others noticed a sound coming from nearby, as if someone were… crying? “What’s that?” Ratchet cautiously whispered.

“Sounds like a sad child,” Red surmised, curiously stroking at his chin. “... don’t tell me there was a timeloop in which Alister--if not everyone else--was regressed to--?”

“--no, there was no timeline that would be described as “Origin War Babies”, please perish that thought,” I.T. bluntly rebuked.

“Then what’s with that sound? Who’s making it?” Ratchet wondered.

“I can think of only one…,” Alexander uttered slowly as he and the others began looking about for the source of the sound. They didn’t spend much time searching, as Alexander quickly caught sight of the source: the scribble-like form of Too-Dee, sobbing in a fetal position a few yards away from the group. “... Too-Dee--?”

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, ALEX,” Ratchet, Clank, Red, Aligore and the active Altisters called out in unison before the concerned Alexander could take more than two steps towards the crying Altister.

“W-Wha--?!” Alex stuttered, almost losing his balance from his sudden halt.

“Didn’t you just get done voicing your concern about this rescue mission being compromised?” Red explained.

“And yet you seem to have already forgotten that discussion as your caring nature quickly clouded your better judgment,” Clank surmised as he shook his head.

“Besides,” Ratchet joined in, “I.T. never said anything about rebooting that Altister, did he?”

“You’re… you’re right,” Alexander uttered, hastily backstepping to his original position.

“But then… what--or who--caused Too-Dee to awaken…?” Moony mused slowly, glancing over at I.T. in hopes of an answer.

“... … despair…,” Aligore quietly uttered in calm, ominous realization. “Recall Too-Dee’s origins; before his death, Too-Dee’s Alister was turned into one of LERNA’s familiars by her Sea of Despair…,” the General King explained, taking a pause to shiver slightly from the memory of his own experience with the Sea of Despair. “... Alister’s own despair may be awakening Too-Dee’s latent nature as a Witch’s Familiar… … but there’s… something else I am sensing… from the outside….” Aligore paused again, this time to look up towards the “sky”. “Something… stirring… also waiting to reawaken….”

“The Great Leviathan?!” Ratchet blurted out in horror, with Red also now on edge.

“No…,” Aligore answered as he lowered his head again, a look of clear dread in his eyes. “... LERNA.”

“Bu-But HOW?!” Ratchet exclaimed in horror. “I thought she was destroyed back in the Desert Seth!!”

“And yet her Grief Seed still remains?” Aligore questioned. “I would assume that the girl named “Lydia” was the one who ultimately defeated her, and acquired the Grief Seed afterwards… … that poor girl…,” he slowly segued, a horrible memory playing through his mind, “... t’would seem that her conflict with the Witch continues even in this timeline… … you see, in my timeline, shortly after I became who I am now, Lydia… sacrificed herself by fusing with LERNA directly, creating a Witch/Magical Girl Hybrid that called itself Ultimatum, the Witch of Endings. She wasn’t exactly in her right mind, and the conflict between the two resulted in them self-terminating out of sheer self-hatred during the Sphere Forest debacle, taking a good deal of the planet with it. Though it terrifies me to say it, it could be possible that this might be happening in this timeline as well! Although, I genuinely wonder what despair could be causing LERNA to reawaken. I do not believe Lydia to be close enough to Alister for LERNA to feed off his despair, so, logically, that would only mean….”

“... that LERNA... is feeding off Lydia’s own despair…!” Alexander realized. “But what could cause that much despair to awaken such an evil Witch?”

The group suddenly tensed up upon hearing a new sound coming from Too-Dee’s general area: a soft, somewhat disturbed giggling, intermixed with the sobbing from before. The giggling was slowly becoming more prominent, much to the group’s increasing anxiety. “Tee-hee-hee… so much… dees-peaw…,” Too-Dee twittered almost gleefully in his child-like voice. “The gurw, the gurw! So sad! So sad at aww her bye bye fwiends and bye bye famiwy. So sad, bye bye. So sad, mistwess feeds. Mistwess awaken soon, and Too Dee can come home! Dees-peaw takes gurw, dees-peaw takes you aww! Too-Dee take you too! Too-Dee… is… dees-peaw!”

“Too-Dee,” I.T. uttered, no longer bothering to uphold his stoic veneer, his voice showing a clear tone of fear, “you can’t succumb to your original urges, you have to--!”

“--have to what, exactly… I.T.?” Too-Dee interjected, his voice suddenly switching to a more familiar, yet icy tone… that of Alister’s. “What does the former Agent of the Mother Reaper hope to convey to “Poow Widdle Too-Dee”? To deny my very nature? Or did you honestly think that your little “reprogramming” would keep me from becoming what I was meant to be? What I truly AM?!” Too-Dee cut himself off to childishly giggle at I.T.’s mortified look. “Aww, boo-hoo, guess that faiwed, huh?!” he taunted in his childlike voice again. “But weawwy, what did you expect when Awistuh is feewing so much dewectable dees-PYA-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AHH--!!”

The errant Too-Dee’s papery fur frizzled slightly, before he keeled over into a paper roll, either KOed, or possibly deactivated. The group looked at Red, the dragon’s hand still outstretched from carving a vicious Shock symbol in the air. “Oh, don’t look at me like that,” he said grumpily. “I’m a former villain here, and he was talking a little too much for my liking. It’s not noble, but get the psycho when they monologue, and you won’t have to deal with what comes next; usually two to four different forms and no breaks in between. I speak from experience here after all, as I believe a few others,” he added with a seering eye at I.T..

I.T. heaved a sigh, though not one of relief. “Well, we should thank our lucky stars that one of us didn’t leave their Genre Savviness at the door… or forget it momentarily, ALEXANDER.”

“Oh, c’mon, what’d’ya want from me?” Alexander huffed. “I can’t exactly “deny my own nature” of being a “bleeding heart”, right?” he questioned, glancing between I.T. and Ratchet.

“In any event, Red did succeed in shortening this hassle… somewhat,” I.T. declared.

“What do you mean, “somewhat”?” Red huffily question.

“What I mean,” I.T. explained, “is that all you did was cut Too-Dee’s “psycho monologue” short and dispatched of just one of his multiple forms. The good news, if you could call it that, is that he only has one other form left… his true form.”

“Which is…?” Red, Ratchet and Alexander questioned in unison.

“The form he had... at the time of his original self’s destruction,” I.T. confessed, casting a cautious glance at the singed and ruffled paper form on the floor. “His… Witch Form--”

I.T. stumbled out of the way as Alexander and Red launched a barrage of various elemental spells at Too-Dee’s crumpled form, desperate to eliminate any trace of the Troy from being able to arise as its true self. They did not cease until a full minute had passed, slightly winded from their vigorous endeavor as they looked upon their handiwork: a pile of ash where Too-Dee once lay. “I… really didn’t like having to do that,” Alexander confessed between pants, “but… at least… Too-Dee won’t have to--”

“You make it sound like it’s over,” Red sighed.

Alexander sighed in response. “Knowing my luck… yeah, I think you have a point.”

What occurred next played out almost like a scene from a Slasher flick: the group recoiled and shrieked in terror as they witnessed a single, stick figure-like arm suddenly burst out from within the ash pile, its clawed fingers curled around what looked like a sketchy, cut-out version of Alister’s pocket watch. A deranged, high-pitched cackling echoed from the pile as the pocket watch began to transform (or rather, crumple itself up) into a form reminiscent of a Grief Seed, before a darkly technicolored mass erupted from the ash pile, knocking the group backwards and off their feet. Out of this dark mass a figure arose, adorned in heavy, ornate armor that was jagged at the shoulders and sides of the helmet, and gripped in its hand was a two-ended trident, with two prongs on each end. The aforementioned helmet hid the figure’s face (unless, of course, it was its face), but the group could tell that it was now staring them down with contempt and malice.


“I commend your effort to be rid of me before my proper reawakening,” the Witch addressed the group before him, his Alister-like voice echoing from within his helmet, “however much for naught it may have been. Now, though, you shall all face the might of Gaius, High Knight of LERNA and Witch of Second Chances.”

“It was worth a try,” Red sighed wearily.

“So much for sequence breaking,” Alexander joined in sighing.

“... mine’s better,” Aligore scoffed at Gaius’ weapon.

“Of all things, that’s what you choose to address, dude?” Ratchet retorted.

“Why not?” Aligore shrugged.

Gaius condescendingly laughed at Aligore. “Now now, Your Highness, don’t you recall? It’s not the weapon that matters, but how you use it! And you shall all soon see how I use all at my disposal to dispose of you--!”

“Oh, zip it,” I.T. snapped, completely done with this whole debacle. “Aligore, you assist the others in fighting the Witch while I provide support from the sidelines. I’m sure I need not remind you all to be quick about this, either,” he added as he placed his glasses back on. “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, AFTER ALL.”

(♫ “Fight Against Gaius” ♫ / “NEW T.A.”, New Danganronpa V3)

“Come to me!” Gaius called out as he snapped his fingers, conjuring a trio of faceless, Too-Dee-like Troys to his side, each armed with a spear in hand.

“Not sure what you hope to accomplish with those things, but suit yourself!” Ratchet taunted as he lobbed an Incendiary Grenade at Gaius. To the young lombax’s surprise and irritation, one of Gaius’ Troys jumped in the way of the Grenade’s trajectory, getting itself blown up and reduced to ashes, the Familiar having served its purpose of aiding its master. “Oh great, lemme guess--”

“--the Troys will be taking hits for Gaius while there is even one still active,” I.T. chimed in. “To have a chance at getting to him, you must first either destroy them, or knock them down with a critical hit or by exploiting their weakness.”

“And you didn’t bother telling us this beforehand WHY?!” Ratchet demanded.

“You need to press “L1” for my analysis,” I.T. answered flatly.


“Nevermind that, Ratchet,” Alexander interjected. “I.T., would you analyze one of the Troy for us?”

“Certainly,” I.T. complied, his eyes flashing green as he focused his gaze on one of the Troy. “... weak against Electric attacks. Remember to make use of that… oh, and you’ll be able to chain a second attack if you Down an enemy or hit an enemy’s weakness.”

“Again, something that would’ve been nice to know AHEAD OF TIME!” Ratchet chided.

“Still, it helps,” Alexander nodded as he gestured the shape of a lightning bolt with a rapier in his hand. “Thundaga!”

Several bolts of lightning fell from above, striking not just one Troy, but every (remaining) Troy at the same time. Annoyingly, the two Troys still managed to block the attack from hitting Gaius, but nonetheless, they were Downed for the turn, much to Gaius’ own displeasure. “Okay, the pawns are gone, now we move in for the king, right?” Red (one of nature’s natural sandbox and free-roaming players) figured.

“The pawns won’t be able to protect him for the moment, so yes, Red,” I.T. confirmed, “the King is now yours to “crown”.”

“Splendid~” Red purred with mirthful glee. “Now, anything we should know about before proceeding? I’m “pressing L1”, by the way, if that needed clarifying.”

“Gaius has no weaknesses, if that’s what you were hoping to know,” I.T. replied. “Although he does has a resistance against Gun attacks. Yes, that is despite having no armor around his chest. Ironic, is it not?”

“Well, that resistance has no effect on me, then,” Red shrugged.

“Actually, Red, I do believe it’s still my turn,” Alexander interjected matter-of-fact, “but don’t worry, I’m not about to steal your thunder. In fact, I’m about to boost all our thunder!” Waving and flicking his rapier through the air like a baton, Alexander conducted an unseen orchestra to perform the “Army’s March”, boosting the entire team’s attack power for the next three turns.

“Well, you certainly don’t skip a BEAT, do you Alex?” Red quipped as he cast a multi-hit Shock Spell, striking Gaius and his Downed Troys simultaneously, the Familiars disintegrating with a collective gargled shriek. “And now you’ve lost your meatshields, Gaius,” the Dragon Elder taunted, much to the Witch’s irritance.

“My turn, now,” Aligore declared as he accessed his Menu:

[ FIGHT] [❤️ ACT] [ ITEM] [ MERCY]


A fire ignited within the palm of Aligore’s right hand, which the General King raised high above his head. “Embers waltz like windswept blossoms…!” he recited as he snapped the fingers of his raised hand. A second later, Gaius was assaulted by a fiery energy that erupted before him like a flower in bloom, leaving a cascade of petal-like embers surrounding his area that would inflict damage to Gaius (and any Troys he may summon again) after every action they take for the next three turns.

With the Rescue Team’s turns done, it was now Gaius’ time for payback; he began by summoning forth four new Troys to fight by his side and/or be his meatshields. He then took a second turn immediately afterwards (“Hey…!” Ratchet protested) to boost his group’s Defense with Grief Seed Shell (Marakukaja). And then proceeded to take a third turn (“EXCUSE YOU!!!” Ratchet protested harder) in order to throw his trident, Comet Strike-style, at Ratchet. The trident’s shaft bounced off the top of the lombax’s head, disorienting him and dealing a decent amount of damage, but otherwise Ratchet was relatively fine. Due to having taken 3 turns, however, Gaius had taken some additional burn damage from Aligore’s “Waltzing Windswept Ember Blossoms”. (“... seriously? That’s the name you come up with?” Red cheekily scoffed at Aligore, making the General King blush with embarrassment.)

The four Troys, collectively, made their own attacks at once (mostly to save time writing the damned sequence): two of them threw their spears at the Group, damaging Red and Ratchet (the former having the spear bounce of his scales, the latter getting grazed), one dealing a Bufula attack against Alexander (yet not having much effect on him), and the last one… just lollygagging.

“... okay, show of hands,” Ratchet chimed in as he raised his own hand. “Who else here thinks that we can do this fight with the turn-based nonsense?”

“I agree,” Clank replied, raising his arm. “This is already proving to be a waste of time.”

“Same here, admittedly,” Alexander responded likewise.

“Aye,” Red sighed.

“... the Alister in me agrees,” Aligore said almost relentingly.

“I also concur,” I.T. replied.

“We’re not even part of this fight, and we agree,” Zayon chimed in as he and Moony both raised their hands.

“... … … …” Though Gaius was eerily silent at first, the group could help but find it amusing when even he and his Troys raised their hands.

“Then it’s unanimous,” I.T. declared as he tapped a few symbols on his control panel, “we will disengage the Turn-Based Combat aspect of this fight. Proceed as normal.”

No longer restricted to turns, the combatants got to work immediately, with Aligore deflecting the barrage of spears thrown by the Troys with his Trident Wrench, Ratchet having his own WrenchGun blasts deflected by Gaius’s own trident, and Alex and Red hanging back and preparing Spells to support the Team and deal with the Troys, respectively.

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It could be said that Hades' memory wasn't the best, though that is understandable when you're naught but a soul trapped within a collective. If he wasn't, he might have understood the difference between Protheus' weapons, and Arturia's. Hopeless Black twitched as it dug deeper into Butlerok's body, and within the realm of souls, many glowing eyes presided in the darkness. And water, though it wasn't quite water, more like some foul liquid that pretended to be water seeped in, washing at the duo's ankles and rising to their knees,keeping them from running, as you cannot run from despair. And forming this dark ocean of despair was the ghostly memory of the Witch of Infinite Possibility.


Flickering between semi-solid to nearly gone, the former Witch regarded her two new subjects that her Water of Despair had entangled.


D-Do! You shall do! Save host! Save girl! Souls! Maybe just souls now! But more than souls! More than just powers to abuse! Arise again! Arise as living. Arise as... Familiars!



The dark ocean twisted and writhed around Gyokuen and Hades, their souls fading away into the spheres of despair surrounding them, so they could be reforged real and anew as powerful Familiars. Ones with their own wills, their own minds yes, but Familiars nonetheless.


GO! Save your master! Save the girl!


Sending the spheres up and out of Butlerok, they became the closest hope LERNA had now to freeing Lydia, so her fall into despair could become complete.




Hapshiel hmmed to himself in thought as he regarded the prison he was in. "So... it's a solo play, is it?" he mused with deadly serious. Tilting his head to the side, the angel couldn't help but simper as his body seized up, his back tightening and his hips swishing. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHH that wicked boy knows just what I like. Mmmmmm~ I don't even know how long I could even contain being forced into this tight little bubble. I think I might just come prematurely if this keeps up" he seethed in unrelenting ecstasy.

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Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh!…

[The Pathway to Remembrance]

Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods - Chapter 3


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Team LERNA: Final Round/Dawn of the Newest Herald

Both Hades and Gyokuen looked around at the infinite sea of despair that was starting to fill there individual soul bubbles. Normally this tactic wouldn't have worked but for some reason right when the Despair started flowing in the Soul Protect that was keeping them...well themselves disappeared. The two realized what this was and decided this should work out for the best in the end. As they reemerged out of LERNA's ooze they looked at there rather unchanged bodies and realized they still had their own free will. With this nagging need to go save the girl even though they do not fully know what that means at this time.

As they flew out of Butlerok they saw the whole collection of things inside of Isamy and they made their way to Lydia who seemed to be floating in well nothingness. 

Sooo what do we do now? Hades inquired.

Well we are supposed to "save" her whatever that means. Gyokuen responded.

Hmmm if we could wake her up then that could do it. But better question, why wasn't she turned into a Herald like the others?

Probably because she is like Butler. A body that host a large number of souls and those souls are keeping her from turning much like the Witch that... Gyokuen paused. That's it! She shouted. I got an idea! 

Gyokuen Wrapped her arms around Lydia and at that moment gold chains shot back out of Butlerok and dug deep into Gyokuen and Hades. Within seconds all of the parties were dragged back into Butlerok. 


Hades looked at LERNA and pointed to Lydia. We got her and she got a plan.

Gyokuen looked around slightly panicked. Okay, we don't have much time before "he" shows up. We need you do a Soul Resonance if with everyone h....Before Gyokuen could finish a wave of fire came directly at them. Luckily the Chaotic Rukh gathered enough to do a Borg and shield the group. Annnnd he's here. 

I see a virus has entered this body and much like a disease it has weakened your defenses making you two subsceptible to my blade. The ominious Genryuusai warned.






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One claw was blocked, but the other struck home, only to barely scratch the skin of her foe. Pinned by the keystones, she could only watch as the other foe threw a huge blast at her, and mutter another line of her aria before it landed.


"I willingly fell into corruption."

"I have been corrupted and survived."

As the blast struck, Apep's physical form vanished into the air, escaping the grasp of the keystones as lightning flowed above and around the storm of cosmos. Snarling at both as her body reformed, though noticeably damaged and quickly healing, she heard tenshi's words and ground out a reply through her anger. 


"Would this even give happiness to you or those you care about?"


"Yes, it would. The door can undo the consequences of my foolish mistake, and bring my dearest friend back to life."


Next to her, the two black dragons, both destroyed by the rapid fire blasts of energy, reformed above her once more, before darting forward to attack the blue-haired one. At the same time, aimed one hand forwards, rapid bolts of lightning racing at Rhadmanthys as she stayed in place to let her body finish healing.


Ending Location: C4





Then I will lead the offense. Please assist me in restraining him. Once I focus into his mind, this will be over.


"Sorry, but the Planeswaker Spark is too dangerous for even you to handle. No wonder you're all twisted up,"


You seem to know something important regarding that Herald. I had something in mind for how I would deal with him, but I would first like to know what is this Spark you're talking about, and what danger would it possess.


"If you do attempt your shattering, you may find the result to be different than you expect. You knows, you might free him from his prison."


"If that happens, it's also an acceptable result."


Listening to Satori and the shapeshifters, Darcy replied to Gemini before flying back into the sky, and drifting across towards the tower Satori had indicated, waiting for her companion and the shapeshifter to finish their conversation before striking at Jace.


Just let me know when you're ready, and I'll attack him. For now, I'll wait and prepare.


With that said, Darcy started to gather magic together, preparing the spells she was planning to lead off with against him.


Ending Location: B5, high in the sky above the tower.





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LERNA's shade stared at what her Familiars had offered her, and she seemed a little bit... agitated.


Her body is here, but not her soul?! Stupid Familiars! Stupidstupidstupidstupidstupidstupi-


Her less than mature tirade was cut short by the sudden appearance of Genryuusai, but thankfully Gyokuen was more than happy to shield them. Regarding the ancient Shinigami, LERNA returned to the matter at hand.


WHY?! Why isn't her soul back?! This is her body! But not her soul!


The hydra unleashed a furious, guttural wail reaching far into the depths of Butlerok. She was furiously, absolutely furious; in fact, she seemed so furious that a faint red aura was surrounding her, and her rage seemed to die down as all her heads were raised skywards.


The Sorceress: Isamy Maximus has become a Hollow, but this isn't her doing. Soul: Metarchus. He is responsible for this strange soul siphoning magic. The bubbles around the bodies drain the soul, bit by bit, until they are snuffed out. The girl's body is here, inside another bubble, the one that contains individual: Butler. Individual: Butler is likewise trapped and being siphoned, casting individual: Lydia back into the soul siphon, or at least preserved due to being inside individual: Butler. To save them, the bubble must be destroyed. Then both Lydia and Butler will be saved from this spell.


Aura and lucidity dying down, LERNA regarded Hades and Gyokuen, while still ignoring Genryuusai.


GO! Leave and destroy the bubble! Save our hosts!

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Team Dorian: Final Round

Rhadamanthys looked as the Herald managed to revive her two dragons and tried to attack from a distance. This was cute. Fruitless, but cute nonetheless. Rhadamanthys flew around and dodged the lightning and then made beeline straight for the Herald not trying to let her have as much time to heal. 


Trying to get distant when you are literally caged by the enemy. Is this panic setting in? He said as from behind Ragnarok had already started to manipulate the mad blood and try to ensnare the Herald. Rhadamanthys laughed as he pointed his finger at the woman and boasted. All that sacrifice and this is how strong are? The woman I met before had much more promise than this creature before me. But you don't care right as long as you can "save your people" is that it? Such insufferable weakness, how can you even bare to live with yourself? 

Rhadamanthys pointed his finger at the Herald and fired the same kind of energy stream the he did before hoping to pierce her from both sides. 






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Sweet, Somber Winds


Hollow Isamy, though her power was greatly threatened now by Neos, remained in her dormant state.  She did not wail or cry, nor did she flinch or quiver.  Rather she remained in absolute calm.  


Reimu's magic befell the prisons, causing one of them to shatter within Hollow Isamy's grip.  Butlerok had been freed thanks the purifying magic.



Another point-blank explosion in Byakuya's face was bold.  Though Senbonzakura had pierced Dorian's flesh, Byakuya failed to complete its attack.  Dorian would be able to writhe away from the Shinigami's grip as the explosion rocked the battlefield.  Fire engulfed the Shinigami and smoke covered the entirety of Hollow Isamy's upper torso.  As the smoke settled, three-quarters of the shinigami's face had been blown cleanly away, leaving only his left eye and part of his jaw.  For the bound and trap shinigami serving his queen, this was more than enough.


Senbonzakura's dead petals floated gracefully back to his side, wrapping themselves around his head.  Byakuya had suffered severe damage, and there was no denying that.  However, he was not yet deceased.  The petals began to take shape, forming the rest of Byakuya's head and completing his skull once more, even if only temporary.


As Senbonzakura's ragged hilt was loosely held in the Shinigami's hand, the petals stopped forming around his face and began to flutter to the ground.  Byakuya's head and neck drooped and he lost his grip on the hilt.  It fell toward the frozen lake below and landed with its grip facing the sky.  Then, when it seemed the Shinigami had taken his last breath, he wheezed and raised his destroyed face.  With a whisper, half of his jaw, and empty, soulless eyes, he murmured.  


" Ban... kai."


Then, Senbonzakura's hilt disappeared below the frozen lake.



Brothers in Arms


There was a brilliant prism of light emerging from the water afar.  It caught Kenpachi and Yachiru's eyes and made them raise their heads.


A plethora of swords stretched far and wide until the lake was encompassed entirely by them.  Hundreds upon hundreds of swords divided the once frozen lake into circles, with no one standing at its center and Hollow Isamy standing at its end.  Darkness sullied the sky and a creeping blackness edged from the lake until it touched the shore.  Every second, it expanded until every snowflake was blackened on the ground.


Yachiru stood motionless, recognizing the former Captain's bankai right away.  But she had never seen it like this before.  Beside her, Kenpachi was outraged.  He punched the prison in which he sat, knowing that Yachiru was not safe while he was inside of it.  But no one could hear his rage or his fear.  He could only wait and watch.  He could only pray that Byakuya's reach was not so great and that Yachiru would be out of his range.



Gangsters.  Outlaws.

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Team Dorian: Final Round




With that Dorian's heart skipped a beat because he knew all too well the dangers of that word. Of course, he was hoping that whatever this bankai was would not be the same as the Captain Commander's. What he saw might have dashed his hopes a bit. He looked as what would be infinite rings of swords started to surround the lake. Unfortunately he was somewhere towards the center of this massive attack and the sheer spiritual pressure of the Captain Herald was wearing down upon him. Who would've that he would the one closest to this super threat. 

"Well...guess I can't back down now can I?" Dorian proceeded to "power up" as it were by simply letting his cosmos flair while screaming at the same time. While this would not have closed the gap in might that drastically between the two combatants it did give him a chance to fully dawn his surplice, helmet and all. He shot up into the sky completely emboldened with flames and shot a pillar directly above him and then he looked at Byakuya and Isamy. 


"BRRRIIIINNNNGGG IITTTTT OOONNNN!!!" Dorian clenched his fist and the fires seemed to take shape of a blade. Dorian swung the massive attack directly down on both Byakuya and Isamy hoping something would come of these efforts.



He felt stiff...and stiff in a weird way. In the sense that if one's muscles had started to atrophy after being in a coma for a long time. This was new. What had happened? Where was he. Why was he in a void of floating bubbles. Where was the captain he was supposed to be fighting? Where is Ragnarok and why can't he feel his presence. And most importantly...



Butlerok came out of his daze and trap from Isamy's attack thanks to an unknown benefactor but it appears that while he was unconscious a lot of eerie events somehow took place. 

Inside the world of Butlerok, Lerna was busy chastising the familiars and the familiars where just looking at her with their heads tilted. It's hard to take someone seriously who goes in and out of fluid speech. Not only that, she must not remember her time when Dorian tried to share minds with her...there is no way out of here without help from the outside. They would have to figure out someway to at least deal with Captain Commander first. However, it seemed that fate had other plans. Once Butlerok's bubble shattered Gyokuen and Hades both recognizes the gold surge that passed over what could be best called the outer walls. 

Oh my lord, someone actually freed Butler. Gyokuen spoke very matter of fact. It was a this moment all of the black Rukh started to flutter around everywhere. 

I don't think he is happy. Hades added with a slight chuckle. He laughed as there was no reason to actually fight anymore. 

Genryuusai sheathed his blade and took the typical Iaido stance and readied himself to strike down these foes. "May Isamy grant you peace in the next world." As he put his hand on his blade a single gunshot was heard around the dank space that was the infinite void of Butlerok. A second later Genryuusai fell to the ground lifeless as it seemed with a small hole in his head.

Out from the shadows Butler, or more accurately a manifestation of Butler, approached the group. As he did thousands of eyes surrounded the group and he looked at them brimming with his Madness. 

"Now does someone want to tell me what is going on? For some reason I am almost beyond hungry and I don't know why."






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"Hey...hey! Wait for me!"

"I'm not even running... maybe you should stop spacing out instead?"


Nanashi still had no idea what was happening, but she was just happy that she was able to talk with Tenshi again. She looked a lot more mature and calm than the last time she saw her, but just from her voice Nanashi was sure that this really was her. She walked right behind Tenshi who started to hum a familiar tune along the riverside, not saying another word as she simply enjoyed this fleeting moment with the one she loved. Not even the continuous grotesque images and voices of someone being tortured over and over again could distract her from enjoying this situation.


Right. Nanashi realized that she was supposed to be in a final battle against Isamy. She still realized that this was her own mindspace, and she was still trapped here until her physical body expires somehow, or she could find a way to break free. Well, there shouldn't be any issues with that. Someone probably put her body in good use right now, although Nanashi remembered something important and flicked her hand. A light shone from her chest as she connected herself with the essences of the sword of Hisou once again.


"Have I missed a lot?" Tenshi stopped on her tracks. The sound of rumbling water could be heard not far away from them now. It seemed that they somehow ended up being close to a waterfall.


"Ah...right. I was going to tell you about it."


Nanashi took a deep breath. This would be a long story.





Short-hair stared at the sword of Hisou as she started to feel the blade getting hot on her back. The glow on it returned for some reasons, and a bit of testing made it apparent that most of its abilities had been returned. Just in time too, as the herald has revived her dragons and attacked her with them.


"Undoing the consequences of your mistakes? That just sound so stupid."


The two dragons darted right towards Short-hair, and she dodged one just in time for it to slightly graze her. The contact was what important, and even as the dragon managed to make her start bleeding, it was enough to give the Sword of Hisou enough information about its nature. Once the other attacked her, Short-hair summoned a large pillar from the ground to strike it moments before it could hit her, and in the short moment of distraction that the pillar provided, she put some of her own energy into the sword before unleashing a powerful slash towards the dragon as Short-hair utilized the sword's ability to become the conceptual antithesis of a "black dragon".


All that sacrifice and this is how strong are? The woman I met before had much more promise than this creature before me. But you don't care right as long as you can "save your people" is that it? Such insufferable weakness, how can you even bare to live with yourself?


"Damn it, that's what I wanted to say!"


She was annoyed that Rhadamantys' line was just the sort of thing that she was going to say right now, but they were cool and proper enough at least that Short-hair wasn't that miffed about it for as long as it should be. She avoided another of the remaining dragon's strike, before bombarding it with her keystones, now capable of firing temperament lasers as they ought to. Wielding this sword made Short-hair nostalgic for her own copy. The Rainbow Sword she got as a replacement were far from being as good as this, though this one felt conceptually more brittle even if it store even more ridiculousness than her own copy.


With herself getting out from the dangers of the two dragons for the time being, the short-hair decided that she should start the preparation for a big attack after times and times of failing to deliver anything relevant enough. With that, she also attempted to figure

out something decent enough to say to the Herald.


"You made mistakes, your friend's dead, and you lost everyone else now, boo hoo." Short-hair focused her attention to Apep as her sword spun right in front of her. The temperaments from everything on this battlefield, even the stray souls of the faultless that remained, everything empowered the weapon. This was just how she liked it. She hadn't felt this kind of high ever since her failed attempt to fire one against Reimu and Marisa six months ago. The hair that she cut off recently grew back to their natural length. All of this made her realize just how much of her dislike of the Herald's words was simply caused by her own experiences. Apep tried to undo her mistakes, while she grew from that mistake. What a sissy. That thought alone made her emotion build up to reach for a critical level. Those emotion thus took form as a spiteful declaration.


"Now you're trying to find a way so the world can pretend your fuckup never happened. Piss off with that attitude! Talk about reviving your friend when you can actually own up to your mistakes, mongrel!


You want to see a real fuckup? Here it is! I am Hinanai Tenshi and my whole life consists with nothing more than how I ruined countless people's lives for my own whims!"


And even someone as terrible as me can still change things for the better. Her loud yelling made her smile for a bit. She hadn't been able to feel this alive in ages. A crass and vulgar entity that have been reduced into yet another soul without any home, yet another unrecorded derivative of an individual named Hinanai Tenshi, the same as the one whose body she borrowed, and the one whom she used to hate. In her fleeting existence, talking shit about someone's motivation was just so satisfying, and it made her able to feel pumped up for the current battle.


"Take this, Scarlet Weather Rapture!"




The beam was fired with that attack declaration, traveling to reach Apep's location as the entire battlefield continued to supply its power.


"...Oh, hello there, Butlerok."


Not the one Reimu wanted to restore the most, but having him back would be a great boon regardless. Even then, Reimu took several steps to create some distance between her and Butler, just to be safe. She prepared to continue her assault on the prison, however something else happened.


The lake stopped freezing, and it was now covered entirely with blades. Circles and circles of blades continued to form, and Reimu was forced to flee the immediate proximity of Isamy to avoid being too close to any of them. Upwards, she noticed Dorian was fighting Byakuya directly. For the time being however, she decided that she would just focus on surviving and learning the properties of this attack rather than helping Dorian. Not out of spite, but she lacked the firepower to be much help anyway against such an opponent. Her mind was still reconfiguring itself too, after 28 days of barely any use.


That's like the entirety of February!



From atop of the tower, Bel continued to watch over the development of the battle. While he could've directly participate now, he decided to wait and see for the development of Isamy's current attack. In theory he would be able to reach there fast using a Flight or Genma or Wilder demon, but hm...


In particular, he remembered one Genma that could help immensely, but that would require some set up first.



"And that's everything."


"I can't say I agree with everything, but I don't dislike the path you chose."


By the time her story was finished, Nanashi found herself already approaching a black tower. It was actually the same exact one that she spent some time with back in Remembrance, just with less snow. Tenshi was still in front of her, leading the way.


"Even my feelings for you?"


"Well that..."

The top of the tower was empty, and the two was able to see the endless vast wilderness that surrounded them. A world consisting but no one but the two of them, for their pleasure to enjoy for as long as they were here. The visions of torture had disappeared too, and now Nanashi was fully embracing this temporary happiness that she felt.


"I'm still very serious about it. No matter the source, it's my feelings now."


"But...come on..." Tenshi sounded more and more unsure, and Nanashi saw that as an opening. She approached her, getting closer and closer until she was practically pinning her to the floor. Nanashi was able to feel the other girl's breathing on her skin as they lie close with each other.

"We're not here for long, the two of us. You're not that opposed to this either, aren't you?"


"But, you're..." Tenshi was unable to finish her words, and Nanashi put her finger on the girl's lips so that she wouldn't speak again for now.

"I am not you, and you are not me. Haven't we gone through these motions already?"


Nanashi sighed, before she lowered her head and gave Tenshi a quick kiss. Tenshi's face reddened, and before waiting for her further reply, Nanashi had started to unbutton her shirt. There was nobody else on this world.


There was nobody else she needed in this world.


"I want to be with you, that is all that I wanted." Another kiss. This time, It was responded in kind by Tenshi. Seeing how receptive she was to her feeling now made Nanashi's smile widen.


"Nothing to worry about now. Let us savor this sweet embrace, and think about its bitter aftertaste later."





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~~~Neos' POV~~~

You seem to know something important regarding that Herald. I had something in mind for how I would deal with him, but I would first like to know what is this Spark you're talking about, and what danger would it possess.

The false human jolted while managing not to break what he was doing, hearing a voice in his head, but not recognizing it immediately. After running through his head what he thought he heard, Neos gulped and decided to respond.

Dunno what you have planned, but the Planeswalker Spark is a part of the world that Jace and Chandra are from. It is a rare manifestation within the soul that allows such people to travel between one plane of existence to another without being destroyed from being within the Blind Eternities, which I guess you can say is the 'empty' space between each plane. However, and I have both seen and used this to my own advantage, if the Eternites makes contact with someone that is not a Planeswalker...well, let's just say that what happened to Isamy is nice. Most don't survive that kind of physical warping.

However...I have no idea why this seems to be happening, since when I tried to carefully stretch his Spark between myself and him (word to the wise, don't try that yourself unless you know full well what you're doing, almost killed myself at first from not knowing better), he would be drained as fuck when we're done...but it seems like his Spark has been forced to be shared between Isamy and the other two people with her, in addition to the Souls wandering the area without any real penalty.

As he tried to pull the now-multicolored Spark from out of Isamy, very slowly pulling the foreign entity out of the large being...before being forced to let go as the ice below him started to shake from being separated and loosened from the rest of the ice, seeing the blades slicing up the ice and catching Isamy being moved from one location to another in a snap. "Arceus-dammit," he muttered before jumping up and shifting into a Pidgeot to fly up towards Isamy and Byakuya...

(Ending Note: Byakuya and Isamy have a big bird incoming!)


~~~Metarchus' POV~~~

To say that there was surprise is an understatement as the witch flew in the correct direction, a muted growl emerging for a moment before flying a little bit away from the tower, imprisoning Darcy within a similar sphere of light as the other two.

Seeing that this would slow down the opposition, the figure flew away from the tower towards another...the fact that the Heralded Eldrazi had not done its task would not stand for long.

Once the distance was almost complete, all imprisoned found themselves finally freed...


There was no certainty what the giant creature was attacking now, but the draw to it could still be felt. The redirection was on purpose, but the inability to destroy the creature despite being clearly unable to withstand the might being expressed seemed to irritate it. Shaking head at the sight, the invisible figure landed upon the shoulder of the towering creature and broke the invisibility for the moment to summon a large, frog-like creature before surrounding it with an aura of haste and strength. The frog croaked loudly towards the attracted blob, a screech coming from it as it began to change into a smaller version of the frog.

The next strike from the Heralded Eldrazi smashed it, causing the fake frog to pop loudly before the hand was risen. Another spell cast caused the Heralded Eldrazi and all of the passive Souls of the Eldrazi to glow for a moment as a collective roar echoed from the spectral collective and even Apep, Isamy and Byakuya could feel a burst of strength from the roar. With silent mental command, all of the Souls began to actively hunt, searching for any that wasn't Isamy, a fellow Eldrazi or any of the Heralds and attack them, trying to strike, warp and distort the ones struck, and feed on their energy. Meanwhile, the Heralded Eldrazi turned towards Madame Styx, the largest bundle of mana among the group and tried to grab her once again to feed...

(The Heralded Eldrazi is on the same area as Madame Styx and Metarchus is visible upon its right shoulder. The Souls of the Eldrazi are attacking anyone and everyone, there's a large enough number of them for every active character to be jumped by a minimum of three at once. Metarchus also just buffed everyone but himself with the Collective Blessing spell, since he's not counted as a creature for the spell...but everyone and 'thing connected directly to him is. This means that Apep, Byakuya and Isamy are also buffed in addition to the various Eldrazi running about. Have fun! >=3)


~~~Gemini's POV~~~

I do dare declare that he is visible to view, but he's on that big thing's shoulder now, Gemini projected towards Darcy, whom was now watching from above in the guise of invisibility as a Malamar, supressing a yawn. "This is taking too long...I guess some tilting of the scales couldn't hurt...question is: what to do that would be fun..."



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"Ah." The sunlight was bright and there were barely any clouds covering it when Nanashi stared at the sky above the tower.


"I was sloppier than I imagined myself to be."

It was far from as romantic or sensual as Nanashi thought at first. None of the two had any experiences beforehand aside from some barebone knowledge about the concept, and so the glimmer of romance disappeared really fast. At the very least Nanashi now was aware about the true potential of the Sword of Hisou's shapeshifting...


"it sure didn't leave me satisfied either..."


What else would she do, however? The act didn't satisfy her physically nor emotionally. Seeing Tenshi's smile while sleeping on her side, covered by their clothing put on top of her messily, put some ease into her mind, but she still felt that something was missing. She stood up, and started to stretch her body. Even if this wasn't a physical realm, doing so was nice, making her remember that she really was alive.




Maybe she overdid it this time, however.



Dunno what you have planned, but the Planeswalker Spark is a part of the world that Jace and Chandra are from. It is a rare manifestation within the soul that allows such people to travel between one plane of existence to another without being destroyed from being within the Blind Eternities, which I guess you can say is the 'empty' space between each plane. However, and I have both seen and used this to my own advantage, if the Eternites makes contact with someone that is not a Planeswalker...well, let's just say that what happened to Isamy is nice. Most don't survive that kind of physical warping.

However...I have no idea why this seems to be happening, since when I tried to carefully stretch his Spark between myself and him (word to the wise, don't try that yourself unless you know full well what you're doing, almost killed myself at first from not knowing better), he would be drained as fuck when we're done...but it seems like his Spark has been forced to be shared between Isamy and the other two people with her, in addition to the Souls wandering the area without any real penalty.


That sure explained Yukari's condition.


I see. Hm, I have a certain guess on what might be the cause of that. Thank you for your information. I doubt that my plan would disrupt this spark, so rest easy.


Once she thanked Neos for his information, Satori immediately cut off the thought line and moved her thought back to the private channel with Darcy. Neos' words gave Satori some food of thought regarding what might be the nature of these heralds of Isamy.


Just let me know when you're ready, and I'll attack him. For now, I'll wait and prepare.


I believe that I am ready now. Also, it seems that these heralds of Isamy really are simply an extension of Isamy at this point rather than their own person. Didn't she say something about assimilating us all into herself? Just now Neos said something about an undivisible thing being shared across all of them. We need to make sure how much would this extend to.


Now though, it was time to see whether this connection, should it be true, also extended to negative effects affecting one of them. Yet before Satori could do anything, a loud roar echoed throughout the battlefield. A sudden surge of power could be felt on all the lingering souls on the battlefield, which made them seemingly go berserk. This ought to prove as a dire issue, as six of such summoned creatures went to attack herself and Darcy. Without being able to risk to look into their mind to seek out the best way to dispose of them, Satori decided to use her Recollection to pull one of her pets' Spell Cards instead.




"Recollection: Subterranean Sun!"
A star was born. The vague recollection of her beloved pet and friend Utsuho manifested into a miniature Sun where Satori and Darcy was standing before. An actual sphere of energy created by nuclear fusion reactions, Satori hoped that its radioactive heat might be able to scorch the attackers, or at least stalled them enough while she and Darcy pursued Metarchus. The attack drained her more than she would like to admit however, and she started to doubt that she was able to perform her mindrape on Metarchus without borrowing more energy from Darcy.
There he is! At the top of that creature going near the tower there. I'll trust this to you for now, Darcy.

The large creature's roar caught Bel off-guard, and before long he realized that several creatures had started to move in to attack him while he was still not battle ready on top of the tower. He narrowly avoided the worst of their onslaught, being way faster and dangerous than the other summoned things that had appeared so far on this battle, and he had to drop himself from the tower to be able to have a chance of firing off his COMP.
Another demon pulled from the ever-expanding compendium. The phantasmal horse of Odin cushioned his fall, and allowed him to get away from the creatures attacking him as he shook himself out of surprise. Looking at his condition, he didn't seem to manage to fully leave unscathed from them, and so he used a Diarahan to get himself back to full health. There were no doubts that those creatures would continue pursuing him, and so he decided that he would execute his plan now instead.
"I summon you, Genma Cu Chullain!"
On top of the phantasmal horse, another demon was summoned. Once again, not the Cu Chullain that he knew, but a man in blue tights that he summoned once against the Avatar before. He would still be a Genma however, and his capabilities, as this man was classified as those so-called "Heroic Spirit" would suit Bel better rather than the Cu that he knew.
"Here goes then."
He only had one thing in mind: penetrating the infinite arrangement of blades on the lake, and delivering a direct hit towards either Isamy herself or her servant stuck on her head. His hands started to type on his COMP. He was starting to get used to it. He simply executed a simple command with it, activating Sleipnir's Wilder classification in the COMP to use Devil Speed. Coupled with a Genma's Phantasm, it would allow him to blink very far, as if he was just a breeze of wind. With another series of commands on his COMP, he designated his location: the insides of the field of blades.
And so, on the next second, he appeared there, the heroic spirit still on his side, twirling his crimson-colored spear around as he was getting ready for action. He was looking so eager to fight. Bel let out a sigh, realizing that his existence due to the nature of his summoning wouldn't even last for more than one attack.
"That big thing there is our target? All right, this will be fun!"
"Even if you only manifest here for an attack...why are you so excited?"

"Why shouldn't I be excited? I'll just make that one attack count. Against something of this caliber, I'm sure that would be satisfying enough of a feat." Cu's eye lit up. The field of blades were everywhere, and the two were barely able to avoid them. Cu might not be able to get a clean shot from this position, but just from seeing his eye, Bel knew that nothing would stop him from trying to blast off all of the obstacle to achieve that one shot. "I'll leave the positioning to you, Master. Get me to a favorable position, and I'll pierce the enemy's heart with my thorns."
Seeing him being this spirited made Bel couldn't help himself but to put a smile before returning his focus on the battlefield. Cu was right - this was a battle of a lifetime, a battle to decide the fate of the multiverse itself. A son of Man, the king of demons, an ordinary high school student, and now, a would-be decider of the fate of everything. If he couldn't put his all into this one fight, what sort of thing would be enough for him? Even if the stray souls would find any excuses to attack him even as he ran around the field of blades on top of Sleipnir, even if he had to pierce through the blades somehow, that shouldn't be an issue for a king of demons.
"Let's get started then, Hound of Ulster. I shall rely on your spear to achieve victory today."
Nanashi never understood the need of clothing. She was aware of the notion of shame from the little specs of memories and knowledge on her mind, but for someone that never actually been drilled about the concept through her life, she liked it better when she was out of her clothing. Feeling the breeze on her skin as she walked around the tower, basking in the sunlight, was more valuable than whatever else a sense of shame would bring her.
Ah, the affirmation that she existed. Even if this happened inside of her mind, the sensation of the wind was real.
"I am alive!" And so she shouted, announcing it to nobody in particular.
"I exist!" An individual. Made by flesh and bones, even if those are merely fakes generated by the sword that she had turned into. She had her own will, and her own feelings. Even her decision to sleep with her beloved earlier was an affirmation of her existence.
This world was beautiful. Fake as it was, it was a secret garden for her and Tenshi alone. Indulging in her desires had been her driving force so far, and what defined Nanashi so far. There was no tests left that she had to face here, as far as she could believe, so right now this was a breather that she could take for as long as she could. Just her and Tenshi here. They could be with each other for an eternity, all while the short-hair win the battle outside for the two of them.
"Urm...stop...please..." In the middle of her thoughts, Nanashi noticed that Tenshi started to mumble things in her sleep. Her smiling face became distressed. A nightmare? Nanashi thought to herself as she sat on her beloved's side, caressing her hair in hope that her calmness would return.
After a while, it did seem to return, as Tenshi's smile returned and she moved less on her sleep. Seeing that happen, Nanashi smiled and kissed her cheek before leaving her side to go downstairs. She didn't pay much attention earlier when she entered the tower with Tenshi, and now she started to feel curious about what might be inside. Maybe she could find something fun, or perhaps something that could spice up things between her and Tenshi. Ropes, perhaps?

No, she didn't even know how to use them in such context.
Ignoring the distraction, Nanashi only managed to find something interesting at the first floor. Right next to the stairs leading upstairs, there was actually a smaller set of stairs aiming down. It looked strange standing side by side by the stone spiralling stairway next to it as if it was built separately from the rest of the tower.
"It's strange...shouldn't I notice something like this before?"

The visions of a girl being tortured started to return once more to her mind, although those were merely distraction for Nanashi now. A fetid stench came out of downstairs, making her curious of what might be inside. Taking a deep breath to solidify her decision, she took her first step on the stairs leading into the abyss.








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The beam from the armoured one hurt, penetrating through her body before she could react, but it was the blue-haired one's words and attack that hurt more. Even as she moved to dodge the attack, she wondered if this was how Isamy had felt, hearing her motivations getting dismissed so casually by those that were once allies or friends.

They just wish to stop Isamy.

When the beam vanished, Apep was still alive, but badly damaged, the majority of her body simply missing, with only her head and upper right side remaining. Her face was scowling, eyes glaring at the blue-haired one, as she raised her remaining hand and re-summoned the two dragons once more. Under her breath, the next couple of lines were muttered, as power flowed further into her body.


"I wield the shadows I once rejected. Frosted flames dances to my will."

I have been possessed and fought it off. I have lost everything, but fight on.

As her reality marble's hold on the world strengthened, she found the time to respond to their accusations before proceeding with her next move.


"I understand my mistakes, but when given a chance to undo them in the process of fixing my world, why wouldn't I choose to act. I'll do anything necessary, if it means I can undo the horror this war has worked on my friends and world."


The dragons both flowed down into her body, black fire and lightning creating the missing body parts, and shadows covering the lot until a black facade of what she was missing was again present. An abrupt boost to her power flooded her system, as the collective roar from the souls heralded a buff from Metarchus. Around her body, a chilling black mist covered her body, spreading out from there, and would starting to freeze anything it touched. Letting out a roar of her own, the mist billowed out across the cage, and shadowy tentacles started to lash out of the mist at both enemies.


Ending Location: Still C4





I believe that I am ready now. Also, it seems that these heralds of Isamy really are simply an extension of Isamy at this point rather than their own person. Didn't she say something about assimilating us all into herself? Just now Neos said something about an undivisible thing being shared across all of them. We need to make sure how much would this extend to.


As she approached from what she thought was a subtle angle, the mage trapped her inside a sphere of light she couldn't escape from, only for the light to vanish once he'd moved on once more. Glancing around, she noticed six familiar faces among the souls, a red-haired one of them carried by another, as the dratted fairies that had beaten her time and time again, were challenging her once more as part of the army summoned by her enemy. Darcy winced as Satori summoned a miniature sun down on them, and quickly threaded the star with dark magic, twisting it's power so Bloom couldn't simply drain it for power to regain the means to transform and fly under her own power. Two of them, the red-haired Bloom and Aisha, were caught under the sun, the extra weight preventing Aisha from evading in time, and erased them.


The four remaining fairies got in range to attack, trying to physically touch her as she dodged and avoided them. That was the indicator that not all was as it seemed, and a pretty good sign that they were the actual fairies, not simply impostors. Of the six, only Aisha had ever been particularly proficient with close quarters combat, the whole group generally preferring to stay out of range, and what meager skills they'd been granted to aid wasn't enough to make any of them proficient.  Dodging around them, she got enough of a slight leeway to teleport directly up, immediately aiming a blast of purple magic at the four remaining fairies, and ripping straight through Stella and Flora, who couldn't dodge in time. With Musa and Techna fast approaching her location though, she teleported again, this time directly underneath them, to blast through them in turn, before moving sideways to avoid the falling bodies.


With more space to act, she heard the messages from Satori and Gemini, both confirming her foe's location, and after spotting him visibly, she vanished once more into a teleport. Reappearing atop the tower at E2, she threw her first move, causing the earth to crack and break underneath the Eldrazi's feet. Acting quickly, a portal appeared behind the herald, with shadows lashing out to restrain him for Satori's move. Recalling the power her current partner had used against the fairies, she fed more magic through to her ally, guessing Satori would need more to pull off what she was planning. She was starting to feel the strain of channeling so much magic herself, but Avalon was doing wonders for her stamina and magic regeneration. 


This is probably the best chance you'll get for a while, so fire when ready. I doubt the consequences will be worse than if we didn't try anyway, regardless of what happens. 


Ending Location: On the top of the tower at E2




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Team Dorian: Final Round


While trying to deal with Byakuya and Isamy, Dorian looked behind him and noticed that some for strange reason a bunch of strange looking creatures were coming his way. It seemed as if one Isamy's helpers had summoned helpers of their own. Unfortunately, Dorian had noticed this to late and by the time he turned around the creatures were already about to pounce. He looked up and all he could mutter was a mighty..."OH SHHHH..." As they chomped down they were immediately repelled by a seemingly invisible barrier. Dorian looked and realized immediately what was happening. His eyes widened as the Rukh started to flood from Isamy and started to harmlessly overtake all who were in the vicinity of the lake. But this peaceful dance of white and black butterflies did not last long.


The madness started to seethe, the pressure was emanating on all of the beast that were trying to attack inside the area of the lake. Dorian and Rhadamanthys immediately looked up as they both knew what this feeling was. Butler was back! Slowly and surely Butlerok took to the skies and he looked around. Even though he technically had all of those souls and bodies still inside of him and even then he wandered as he was technically approached by someone else before they took flight. However, he could not shake this sinking feeling that was filling the entirety of his being. Butlerok was hungry. 


His body seemed to hover just above Isamy as if he was her new Herald, but that was far from the truth. He surveyed the area and noticed Byakuya's bankai already in effect. While intrigued, he extended his hand outward in a very specific direction and he shot a constant stream of black blood from his hand. Obviously it connected back with the cage that was used to keep Apep in place. A second later the bars of the cage were lined with eyes and teeth. The mark of the Kishin with a smile to be exact. And then the horrific screaming of Ragnarok echoed throughout the battlefield!




The screech Resonance reuniting and rebalancing of souls within Butlerok's body was enough for him to gain notice of what was an enemy and what was an ally. Butlerok looked up and simply pointed to the "sky" as it were and shot a droplet into the skyscape. Seconds later it would look like clouds were forming over the lake creating ominous shadows and with that he looked at the "Souls of the Eldralzi" and smirked. 

Bloody Rain...

A rainstorm of Mad Blood came down on everyone in the area but for those who were enemies would feel this rain like battery acid as Butlerok was trying to cook all of his food at once. The Mad Blood would touch and spread all over the opponents like an all consuming ooze scorching their flesh and literally cooking them like fried food. Once the Mad Blood has fully covered the enemies it will proceed to scwer each and every one of them like a spiked ball.



"I understand my mistakes, but when given a chance to undo them in the process of fixing my world, why wouldn't I choose to act. I'll do anything necessary, if it means I can undo the horror this war has worked on my friends and world."


Rhadamanthys looked at this creature so desperate to reform and continue down its path. Of course he could only scowl as its frozen mist and power proceeded to permeate the cage. He internally wept for the Herald as pieces of him started to freeze over. 

Well if you cannot be saved....he said looking at the mist not really sure where his opponent is... then I hope you can continue to have faith in Isamy after you pass from this world. He looked up. Ragnarok. 

As he finished the last syllable the space between the bars seemed to connect with more Mad Blood, letting nothing leak out and a few meters above Tenshi a psuedo floor was created blocking her from the mist and what would probably be the rest of this battle. 

Inside this now black dome Rhadamanthys did a slight exhale and shatter the ice that was encasing him. And his aura filled slowly filled the now blackened dome of Mad Blood. Those who cannot take control of their own lives don't need to have them anymore. 






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A collective cry echoed out through the as the strange liquid began to fall of them, the creatures reverting to their ghostly natures as the rain fell, but this was not enough to stop them all from melting into the ground. Where each of the of the beasts melted into the ground, the color seemed to have corroded away and the ground began to reform, leaving behind grey lattice that littered roughly 75% of the battlefield as a whole. A brave soul that dared to touch these would realize that the lattice was harmless, almost pretty, but that destroying the lattice would reveal that the ground itself had become perfectly flattened.

~Metarchus' POV~

The ground shook underneath the towering Heralded Eldrazi in an attempt to topple the eldritch entity fall over or make it fall into the ground in a literal way. Unfortunately, the slow movement of the being soon caused it to at least tumble forward towards the tower, enough that would normally cause the one on its shoulder to fly forward...but eyes widened as black wisps of energy catching the figure in midair. Tugging and straining to become free, eyes flashed blue as a momentary glimpse of the future to come emerged within the mind while the Souls of the Eldrazi began to cut separate by force as they gave their last cry.

Behind the glow of blue, a vision of a figure casting a spell directly on the figure in blue emerged, causing a great amount of pain before collapse. The figure in blue stood up before turning towards Isamy's general direction, tears in eyes filled with the emotion of being betrayed once again before lashing out towards someone that was once thought an ally and possibly a friend...

Hands gripping tight while held by the shadows in a cross pattern, eyes were closed as the body began to glow bright with a blue light, preparing to contest the future to come with a true Clash of Wills. If the future was allowed to be altered from the one seen beforehand, this Omniverse will be doomed to further self-destruction. The Herald of the Mind knew that and knew that this alternate future must be fought. While all had flaws, Isamy and all of her Heralds had a role to play to safeguard the future that was needed by all. One was of emotion, one of balance and one of logic.


And the Herald of the Mind was the one of logic.

Call forth the Firemind, was the last line projected towards Ravnica before focus was fully devoted to the task ahead...

Still floating above the lake, Ravnica raised their arms to either side while looking up towards the raining sky with their mask as their body began to glow with lightning that shifted between red and blue colors. Their hands suddenly rose above their heads as a thunderous clap became heard throughout the area. A draconic roar soon became heard as a portal ripped open above Ravnica that was edged with lightning and a red-scaled head with hints of blue around the frills poked out before the rest of the body emerged. With the flap of mighty wings, the red-and-blue dragon flew out and towards Metarchus to answer the summons, analyzing the madness of the battlefield around him faster than any existing computer ever could in any reality.

~Gemini's POV~

"...wow, just about no one cares about the pyromancer, it seems," Gemini mused from above before finding himself shaking his head at the thought that crossed his mind. "Well, if no one else will do it, I might as well," he said before allowing himself to descend, changing midair into his chosen form and landing with a minor crater underneath himself near Isamy. "I believe you have something that doesn't belong to you, dearie," Gemini cooed before raising his hands towards the area that contained Chandra as his blackish-red aura flared around him.

He had fully-planned on teleporting the pyromancer out of there. What happened was something entirely different.

As the aura flared around, three points of white light focused around his wrists and his neck like bands also flared and Gemini found himself wracked in pain as the glow around him erupted into flames that consumed him. The bubble that Chandra was in became unable to see through for the moment as the flames shifted from blackish-red to a bright flame that magnified in strength. As the flames faded, Chandra would find herself standing back on her own feet awake and likely confused as to what happened...and the bubble became translucent to reveal Gemini caught with the bubble and actively trying to do what he could to get back out of it.


Might be a good thing he couldn't be heard, because the obscenities are very-much real in that bubble...

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LERNA hissed in the presence of Butler, but like the jealous snake that she was her heads coiled protectively around Lydia, her Despair keeping at bay the Madness.


She is mine parasite. The girl is mine! We worked to save you! We desire freedom! We... we....


LERNA seemed to slow down, that familiar crimson aura covering her, before manifesting out of her main head in the form of a minute centauric creature made of flame. It seemed to politely clear its throat, an act mimicked by LERNA's main head.


Individual: Butler. We together desire freedom from our wretched fates, something I am certain you are familiar with. We have seen both sides of you, we have seen your Despair and your Ideals. We knew your weakness before becoming a Kishin, and much like you, we desire to overcome ours. This girl is the key to that. Please remove her from yourself, so that she may be revived in reality. We want our vengeance against Collective: Isamy Individual: Butler, something I'm sure you can sympathize with, having been forced by her to recognize your mortality once more.


Whatever the energy being was, it certainly seemed like the one in control as LERNA's heads twisted about in the same method as its arms did. And currently, it had placed them behind its back while awaiting a reply.



It would seem that playtime had to wait, now that Hapshiel was back in the fray. Unfortunate, but there are more pressing matters to be attended too... such as a giant dragon. A fresh summon, oh, that takes him back to sweet Sakuma Eitaru, that wily little scamp. And, also... a giant towering monstrosity about to snuff out several souls. Well, that wouldn't do now would it. "Tut tut, naughty boy" Hapshiel chided the air.


With a quick huff is normal attire reasserted itself, and his wings broadened to catch the cold air. He was almost like a dove, if a dove was a masochistic immortal hard gay angel. And if doves are, then that statement is perfectly true as one dove became many, the air swarming with with 63 magical clones of Hapshiel + the original. A good 10 of them split from the flock, and clustered upon the toppling Heralded Eldrazi. Their barriers coated their skin as with minimal effort all 10 were able to save the tower. But now for the other part....


The other 54 Hapshiels strove to block off Niv-Mizzet, the dragon's path halted by the swarm. "We sense your wicked intent," one Hapshiel spoke up.


"and we do not like it" another stated.


"We do not enjoy violence,"




"we're going to have to stop you."


Keeping the beast's attention, the flock of Hapshiels surrounded the dragon and began to dance, the air rippling from the combined weight of the angel's gyrating muscles. "Love Temptation~<3" they all spoke as they worked to paralyze Niv-Mizzet.

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Sweet Dreams


Isamy's slumber remained undisturbed.  Her sleep was so deep that no part of her --  excluding Byakuya -- was reacting to outside influence.  A curse was brought forward to Byakuya as Dorian swung a mighty blade down atop the Shinigami's head.  The attack was thwarted, however.  A single blade from the hundreds in the frozen lake vanished for just a moment.  When it reappeared, it parried Dorian's attack before returning to its original position.


It was then that a large bird creature that Byakuya had never seen before, took flight and dove directly for him.


"Yes," Byakuya whispered.


The enemy drew closer.


"Come.  Come home," Byakuya said.


For a moment, the hundreds of swords that made up Byakuya's Bankai, which had been protruding from the lake, all vanished at once.  "Senbonzakura," Byakuya said with a whisper to the wind.  There was a loud, concussive blast of sound and hundreds of millions of petals appeared in an instant, creating a shrinking wall around Isamy, Neos, and Dorian.  The wall was nigh impenetrable, preventing even sound from escaping it.  Byakuya locked eyes with the incoming Pidgeot and outstretched a welcoming hand to it.  "For the queen will give you peace, everlasting," he groaned.  Byakuya closed his hand, and the light which had shined above from the "sun" was snuffed out.  The petals began to fall in an endless cascade like a wave crashing down upon a weary surfer.  From above, from below, from every feasible angle, they crashed around Isamy, Byakuya, Neos, and Dorian with a frightening beauty.





When the cage fell, Kenpachi was already in a fury.  He watched from afar in horror and anger.  "Kuchiki!" he bellowed.  His strength returned to him and Kenpachi just knew he had to do something about his former comrade.  Without hesitation, he leaped forward and began to bound toward Byakuya.


"Kenny!" Yachiru called after him.  "Kenny!  Don't!  Don't lose yourself!" she screamed.  Balling a fist, Yachiru began to chase after Kenpachi.





Watching from the shore, Kratos and Revy observed Byakuya's Bankai take effect.  Swords sprang up from the frozen lake, shattering the ice like glass.  They took cover behind a toppled tree as the infinite swords continued to multiply.  


"What the hell...?" Revy asked, breathing heavily.  


Kratos poked his head out from behind the tree as the lake crashing against the shore.  He emerged from cover to see one of the large blades vanish and reappear at Byakuya's command.  Then, all at once, the swords vanished.  An innumerable number of withered petals emerged and enclosed the monster Isamy, Byakuya, and two others.  Kratos sheathed his dual weapons and outstretched his hand.  The re-crafted Blade of Olympus appeared in his hand in an instant.




"I'm going," he said as he turned to Revy.  "I will not sit back and watch others die."


The sky rained with some kind of magic, appearing to emanate from the recently freed Butlerok.  Revy didn't stop to think about what was happening.  It almost looked like blood was pouring down around them.  Yet, all she could think of was war.  That's what this was, right?  The rain only solidified the atmosphere and the severity of their situation.  Everyone was giving it their all.


"I'm going with--"


Revy was cut off as she and Kratos ducked back behind the fallen tree.  An explosion behind them and a mound of snow that now covered them made both Kratos and Revy shiver.  They shook off the snow and looked up to see Kenpachi charging ahead.  Kratos followed suit and spread his wings.  With a leap of fire he pursued Kenpachi.  Revy was right behind them, using the trees to spring large distances to cover ground since she could not fly.  Rifle in her hand she leaped above the trees and began to take potshots at the barrier of petals.


The bullets, however, failed to penetrate Senbonzakura.



In Between


In Between


Kenpachi went straight for the Senbonzakura wall and attempted to cut through it with Nozarashi.  However, no matter how many gaps he made, the wall sealed itself in an instant, unrelenting.  "KUCHIKI!" Kenpachi screamed.  The petals began to move, collapsing onto themselves around Isamy and Byakuya.  


"KUCHIKI!" he screamed again.


There was a deafening blast and Kenpachi was suddenly swept off his feet.  He began to tumble, blinded by a bright explosion.  He could feel fire all around him.  Kenpachi could last be seen spiraling toward the now dried up lake directly opposite Isamy.





"If I can't get through with multiple shots," Revy said as she took position now atop a black tower.  "Then I'll blow away your pretty little petals all at once, you fucking freak."


She recalled her attack on Arthuria, and what Butlerok had told her.  She could only hope she could accomplish it again.  She envisioned within herself the most powerful weapon she knew:  a nuclear warhead.  With slow, deep breaths, she loaded the chamber of her rifle.  In the back of her mind, Revy knew there was a good chance that this would do more harm than good.  However, she wasn't willing to compromise the overall mission for the sake of a few.  That included herself.


From the sky, Kratos had searched for Revy.  And it wasn't until he saw her pulling back the bolt on her rifle that he noticed what she was doing.  And he began to fear the worst.  Whatever Revy was hoping to accomplish would not end well.


"Revy!" he barked from the sky.  Kratos began to soar toward her as fast as he could, hoping to stop her attack.


"Revy, no!"


He was too late.



The Black Lagoon


"This is Revy Twohands," she whispered to herself from atop the tower.  "Signing off.  Here's my last big fuck you."


As she pulled the trigger, Revy could feel the gun shatter in her hands.  The rifle exploded and pushed her back.  The sheer force ripped her arm from its socket and threw her off the tower without control.  She was thrown back through multiple trees until she crashed into a neighboring Black Tower, back first.  She couldn't bother to scream out in pain as her back cracked because the strength had been sucked right out of her.  Her breathing was raspy and the Black Blood which covered her had begun to recede.  Revy was dying.


Kratos had been thrown off balance, blinded by the light of the blast which had swept across the battlefield.  He too began to fall and spiral toward the ground.  He braced himself for impact and collapsed into the snow, his ears ringing from the strength of the blast.  It was the loudest silence Kratos had ever heard.  He couldn't hear himself screaming for Revy to answer him over the silence of the blast.  When he could see again, Kratos stood in awe.


Trees and land had been scorched, and the lake had been parted.  Byakuya's petals had burned to a crisp, and an emerald fire remained as they fell to the dead lake bed.  


"REVY!" Kratos finally screamed.  He began to race across the snow as fast he could, with nothing on his mind but her.



Revy blinked, barely able to move her head.  She looked to her right and to her left, and realized she was surrounded by snow and black stone.  She forced herself to smile.  Somehow, she was still just barely clinging to life.  She cursed aloud, but she couldn't hear her own words.  She had been rendered deaf.  Despite her smile, tears had begun to fall from Revy's face.  She knew that she wouldn't recover from this.  Despite this, she was happy.  She finally felt useful.  Being surrounded by all of these powerful warriors, she had been filled with shame.  But now, she had finally done something.  Right?


She was suddenly being lifted off of her feet by two strong arms, realizing Kratos was cradling her.


She was able to look him in the face, and tell him off, even if she couldn't hear herself say it.  "You idiot," she grinned.


"Why?  Why would you--" Kratos began.


"I know I promised you something," Revy said.  "I know I promised you we would leave all of this shit behind and live a normal life.  I wanted to spend more time with you.  But," Revy choked, blood spilling from her mouth and eyes.  "I guess I broke my promise."


Though she had been rendered deaf, Revy could "hear" Kratos cry out in anger, horror, and pain.  And as she took her last breath, she whispered to Kratos.  "I love you."





Byakuya's attack had been rendered null, and he was temporarily vulnerable.  Senbonzakura had absorbed almost all of Revy's attack, but he would soon recover from this inconvenience.  "Wretch!" he cursed as his power was temporarily suspended.  



Gangsters.  Outlaws.



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"Watch out! ...Huh, it disappeared?"


Reimu, who had been drifting aimlessly while continuing to observe the field of blades, noticed the presence of  two people teetering dangerously close near the blades, but just as she summoned a barrier to block the blades, those blades disappeared from sight. Reimu turned around in confusion, but noticed that they were instead being replaced by a rapidly shrinking boundary field of cherry  petals around Byakuya. No doubt it was an attack aimed to deal with the people around the shinigami and Isamy. At the same time, she could feel that the rogue Souls that littered the battlefield were seemingly extinguished just four posts after they were significantly empowered, leaving some sort of residue lattice covering most of the land surrounding the lake. Ah, one less headache for her to worry about for the time being.


"You...er, who are you again?" The younger and calmer-looking blue-haired boy spoke first. Reimu recalled him as the person being late to Arturia's briefing back on Strange Aeons. He was riding a strange eight-legged horse, and another man was on his side. The man in blue tights was visibly a summoned entity judging from his aura,, while the boy...Reimu thought that he was fully human at first, but his aura was purely that of a powerful demon. "You can call me Bel. And this-"


"Yo, name's Cú Chulainn."


"Reimu, Hakurei Reimu. Let's save the proper introduction for later once we actually reach the finish line."


Reimu turned around once she introduced herself to the two, and continued reading the above post from where she left off. While Reimu somehow could understand the context or the language it used, there wasn't much that Reimu was able to infer from it. It served her better to actually observe the battle directly. One of the other shinigami, Kenpachi was it? He went forward to attack the shinigami perched on top of Isamy, but his assault was repeatedly blocked by the wall of petal-like swords. He continued to attempt to penetrate it, but his attempts ended up with failure, and he tumbled down due to an unseen force. Reimu thought about how she might be able to figure out a way to bypass the wall of swords, but she was disrupted as she sensed several tings, disturbances towards the wall of swords. Someone was shooting at it. Could it be...ah, the name didn't come to her mind. Shouldn't be that important.


A gnawing bad feeling started to grow inside of Reimu's mind however.


"Do you have any plans in mind? Penetrating the field of sword, moving around like that, are you two preparing for an attack?" Reimu asked the two men in blue.


"Yes, we're-"


"We're going to tackle this nuisance head-on. With this spear of mine, I'll bomb this creature in one strike!"


"Eager, aren't you?"


Cú proceeded to explain what he was going to do to Reimu. HIs spear, Gae Bolg, apparently could reverse the concept of causality itself and bypass the defense of this wall of swords, aiming directly towards the shinigami's heart as long as the chance to do so was not zero. Bel also added that he already added the skill Pierce into him when Cú was summoned which ought to help. However, the two had recently decided that they would do something else entirely.


"Accurate as it is, that attack would not carry enough firepower to deal with something like this shinigami here, nor Isamy herself. A strike for something stronger will do. An attack suited to wipe out an army." Bel closed the explanation without divulging more into what sort of attack this was. Reimu felt like she had an inkling on what it might be, and nodded at the two.


"I see. Then I will ensure that this attack will be carried out successfully."


Reimu decided to take a break for the time being to concentrate. Even if she couldn't read either of two's mind, she would trust her intuition and vision of the world beyond to coordinate the following attack.



This is probably the best chance you'll get for a while, so fire when ready. I doubt the consequences will be worse than if we didn't try anyway, regardless of what happens.




With that one word, Satori rose up to the skies away from Darcy. SHe still could feel Darcy's magic energy flowing into her as she approached the restrained Herald. A lot of things happened around her. The stray souls had passed somehow. A dragon had been summoned. All were mere distraction for the goal that Satori had in mind. There was only one word currently on her mind. There was only one memory, one trauma for her to bring up to the surface.


"Rest in pain, herald of Isamy.




At that exact moment, Satori opened up the mental barrier protecting her from outside thoughts, and established a direct connection towards Metarchus. The tendrils of her mind extended their reach, attempting to hold its control over Metarchus so that the memory would be able to be implanted and magnified. A creature of the mind shall break upon being subjected into a continuous torture. Even if Satori had grown unsure about the effectiveness of the plan, the fact the she was able to penetrate him made her-


W-what is happening?


The overflowing torrent of memories were halted in place by a countering surge akin to a storm front. The herald had somehow managed to figure out her and Darcy's plans even if it was completely spoken through a private line somehow. Was there a leak? The counter caught Satori off-guard. She managed to hold her own assault for the time being, but for her to be able to break through the counter would mean that she had to expend more and more of her and Darcy's energy reserves. She didn't know how much was necessary to brute force through the countering wave, but she felt that it would take much more than what she or Darcy could manage while still being able to maintain the recollection manifestation.


However, in this moment of hesitation, Satori had failed to muster the necessary energy to combat the countering wave fired by Metarchus' mind, and so she ended up taking the brunt of the backlash almost directly, ending her connection with the Herald.



"I understand my mistakes, but when given a chance to undo them in the process of fixing my world, why wouldn't I choose to act. I'll do anything necessary, if it means I can undo the horror this war has worked on my friends and world."


The attack on Apep was succesful. Holding the smoking Sword of Hisou on her hand, the short-hair watched as both of their assault had left the herald badly wounded. It wasn’t enough to finish her however. With one utterance of what seemed to be a spell, Apep mustered herself for what seemingly would be her lsat ditch attempt on this fight. Tenshi could feel that Apep had somehow gained so much energy in such a short time somehow. Whether it was from Isamy or from another source was something she couldn’t understand yet. She took in what was left of the two dragons, and she let out a roar that reverberated through the cage that contained the participants of this fight. In response, Tenshi prepared her own sword once more for another round of combat. The mist started to reach out towards her, and even if it didn’t manage to have direct contact to it, she could feel that her body started to freeze. It shouldn’t be anything that a State of Enlightment couldn’t fix-




Before she could actually start deaing with the mist, something else had happened. With one order from Rhadamantys, the Mad Blood collapsed around Tenshi, trapping her from doing anything further on this fight.


“Hey! The hell are you trying to-“


“Well if you cannot be saved...Then I hope you can continue to have faith in Isamy after you pass from this world.


His words silenced Tenshi. He had set his mind to eliminate the Herald all on his own, and for her to interfere would be pointless from this point onwards. She could feel the pressure of his dark aura gathering around him as the dome blackened further and further, up until the point where Tenshi was unable to see what was going on from beyond the dome.


Before Tenshi could say anything else, a momentary, yet infinitely powerful surge of energy ended up silencing her.



Before anything else, before she was even able to act following her agreement to carry out the plans of the two men she just met, Reimu sensed an overwhelming blast being fired from a nearby location. It was too close to their location for her to actually create a barrier that was in any way formidable enough to even slow down such a blast, and in the end, she had to use her barrier to slam the three of them to the ground, narrowing avoiding the familiar blast.




The light had dissipated. She did not see who had fired it, but this light, the sort of energy that was emanated. She had seen it once before. Right at the end of the fight against Arturia. At the short moment before she traveled to the belly of the beast, she had seen this signature building up from the weapon that she carried.


“Whoever you are...thank you.”


She remembered the events back on the hallway clearly enough. Seeing the blast that tore through the dried lake made her remember a certain face, a certain mischievous smile, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t remember who she was. Ever since she entered this battlefield, Reimu had struggled in remembering a lot of things, but only now that the existence of this gap in her memory  became fully apparent to her.


Not understanding the reason why, tears welled up in Reimu’s eyes as she approached Bel and Cu.


“...This is our chance. That blast should have created enough opening.”


“Right. I trust you with this one, Hound of Chulainn.”


“Ou, my spear shall break through him!”


Reimu didn’t understand the reason of her tears. Nobody died, right? There was no reason for her to mourn or be sad. She needed to focus. Cu had already prepared himself with a stance, creating a certain distance between himself and Isamy and her herald. Bel tinkered with his mechanical device, clearly sending over some sort of energy towards Cu. His spear shone with a crimson light.


“Alright, one strike, one kill! I’ll bank everything with this single shot!”


Reimu floated upwards, her remaining eye fixed on Cu as she continued to monitor his movements. Someone had died. She couldn’t deny that. Even if she didn’t see it with her own eye, she knew that someone had just passed away following the overwhelming blast of power earlier.


Someone important to her.


Through a desolate wasteland, two girls rocketed past the clouds with a wide grin on their faces. Neither knew exactly what they were doing, but they took it in great stride as they tore through the empty sky as if they were jets. The flight met an abrupt end as one of the girls had to stop themselves from crashing.


Even with regrets and annoyance forming being spouted on their words after they crash-landed, their expression made it clear what they truly felt that time. The two of them truly had fun with it. And that was what important.



“Deploying barriers.”


Distracting herself from her thoughts, Reimu summoned an array of barriers around herself. She barely communicated with the two on the ground, but by instinct she knew what they were planning to do. And simple gestures were enough for her to convey her intent of having the two target her barrier. Once she felt that the two understood what she wanted, Reimu disappeared from view, forcing herself to phase away.


"Finally, a real fight!"


Two girls, complete strangers minutes ago, bonding with each with only alcohol accompanying them. Neither of them knew much about the other, but something about each other made them hit it off really well from the start. For one, the memory of someone that she had left behind.


"Well, that aside, I'd like to enjoy this."


A smile formed on Reimu’s face as she accepted the handshake from the other girl.




“Revy, huh? I’m Reimu. Nice to meet you.”



“She’s a real an interesting one, I’d say. I don’t think she’s your type though.”


“Neither do I.”


Seeing off the woman with barely half of herself remaining, Bel continued to supply the magnetite coming from his COMP into Cu’s astral body. The range was right, and the preparation was pretty much complete. Indeed, Gae Bolg had the capability of bearing a certain curse that could reverse causality itself. However, the true use of the spear was for when it was used as a projectile weapon.


A soaring spear that struck with death.


“Alright, I’m ready. I shall bring the gift of death to the Herald.”


Around hundreds of meters of preparation range between him and the target. Cu crouched on the ground with his spear on his side, like a sprinter waiting for the signal gun to fire. As the amount of Magnetite from the COMP reached its critical point, the figurative gun was fired. The Hound of Ulster took off, with such an imaginable speed that what remained visible of him was simply a blue blur. At around the fifty meter mark, the lancer stopped right on his tracks, readying himself into a crouching posture before leaping up, far up high into the sky with a force that mere man would never be anywhere close to.


He held his lance over his head. Space distorted itself around him as the demonic energy pooled into him focused themselves into one singularity point – the edge of his spear. He arched his back, as if he was pulling a bowstring. By the moment the attack had been declared, the target had been set.



”Gae Bolg!”



The attack came crashing down with a roar. And as Reimu had promised, the spear disappeared the moment it made contact with the barrier she erected. Still floating in mid-air, the force of the attack used up the last of Cu’s remaining time as a summoned entity. As a warrior, the only expression on his face as he faded away was a proud and satisfied smile.


“The rest is up to you, Master. Now go, have the fight of your lifetime!”



Her world, Gensokyo. Why did she want to save it, anyway? Reimu knew that it was important to her, but as she moved through the dried lake as fast as she could while phasing away, she couldn’t help but wonder. The moment that she entered this battlefield, she had lost many of her precious memories. Those who she wished to spend her time together with. The people that she wished to fight for. Various faces flashed over her mind, yet she couldn’t recall their identity.


Was it really important, however? As long as she fought for them, even if she forgot who she were fighting for, it should be fine.


The path before Reimu had been formed. Thanks to the previous attack. She didn’t know whether that other girl, the one that Reimu had forgotten, even remembered her now. Did she thought about her at the end? It was nothing important, but she couldn’t help but to feel curious. This journey had been a long one, and she had met a lot of people, those that she liked, and those that she disliked.


But that one, she was the most impactful to her, right?


Through the withering petals, Reimu continued on her way without stopping. A shining amulet was held on her remaining hand. There was no sign of the spear that had just been fired, but with how fast Reimu darted forward, it was as if the projectile that had been thrown was Reimu herself. This certain opening wouldn’t exist for long, and at the next moment, Reimu materialized herself, right above Byakuya.


“Here it is, a gift of a blooming rose, just for you alone”


She aimed the amulet she held to touch Byakuya’s scalp. it formed a barrier a split second before a certain familiar weapon manifested itself and going straight towards him. It was Gae Bolg itself, carrying the full power of from the moment Cu fired it – a power that could be said to match an intercontinental missile. The moment it manifested out of Reimu’s barrier, the spear split into hundreds of of barbs in an attempt to penetrate anything in its way.


She was not done yet. Her job was to make sure that the attack was properly delivered, and that she would also prevent interferences from somehow blocking it, using her barriers if she had to. The memories she lost from this battlefield still refused to return even after pages and pages of informations of past events being read on her mind, but for some reasons, Reimu felt a sense of relief inside. As if she had fulfilled a promise she made a long time ago.


“And uh, if this is the last time we see each other...

You'd better make damn sure you kick some ass for me.  

And tell me all about it when we get to heaven."



It hurts.


It felt painful.


Satori was still stuck in mid-air, having taking the full brunt of the backlash of her earlier attempt to assault Metarchus. The attempt earlier was met with an absolute failure as Metarchus was able to somehow figure out that she was going to attack, and counter accordingly. She could retreat for the time being. If Metarchus was this strong, maybe it’s best if she utilize a sharper sword. Perhaps she could utilize his own trauma somehow? Not that it would be easy to dig a mind of someone as powerful as him.


The other option of course, would be to force herself forward anyway. It carried the most risk, but in the end, those words meant little. The longer she let the Herald rampage across the battlefield, the harder it would be to deal with Isamy the moment she decided to wake up. The longer she delayed her attempt in dealing with him or die trying, the longer it’d take her to finally be able to look for her sister.


The thought of Koishi ended up being what pushed Satori forward. Even as she still reeled from the backlash, she established a connection once again with Metarchus’ mind, wary if there was any counters again this time. While she failed to deal with the counter earlier, it also meant that she and Darcy still carried a lot of energy now.


In preparation for another potential counter, Satori focused her mind.


Images after images manifested from his mind. The events of a certain night in the year 1980. On a glance, there was nothing too special on that night. It was just the day where a slaughter happened in a city in Japan, and it was ended up being broadcast throughout the entire world. If it was just that, then nobody that had participated in this war would be unfazed by it.


But instead, Satori was focusing on recreating one single angle of the event. The center of the entire incident was simply a youkai named Koishi Komeiji. Reflecting the wishes and fears of everyone around her, she committed atrocities upon atrocities as her natural drive. But what might be able to push someone as harmless and innocent like her to such a degree?


The answer was simple. On that day, the heart of humanity united into one, focusing into one scenery, with Koishi being at the center of it. The nature of her species, meant that she was in full, unfiltered contact with humanity’s collective consciousness. She was exposed to every single thought, every single laughter, and every other emotions that each of humanity felt, every emotions and thoughts that humanity hid from others.


On that day, Koishi felt the entire world’s fear, disgust, and worry about herself. Even recalling any hint of that event was enough for Satori to let out a yell as she unleashed that trauma she had fully conceptualized in her mind.


“I will not fail for the second time.


Recollection: The Closed Eye of Love!”




In the end, she did not force Metarchus to experience the events, as she did not recreate those. What she did was to impose Metarchus himself as Koishi. He would not experience or relive the memories – he would become a part of the memory itself. In the end it was simply a maneuver for her to force Metarchus to meet the same end result as Koishi, having his mind’s eyes blinded and stripped away.


Along with the waves of Recollection, Satori pulled as much energy from herself and Darcy into it. She thought that if Metarchus aimed to counter again, bringing as much power as possible from the start might be able to help them bypass it.





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