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The Grand Crossover RP - Pathway to Origin [IC/Apps Closed for Finale]

Why are we still here GCRP Crossover Adventure Drama

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    We give no fucks about the way that you feelin'.

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Fantastic Voyage

Byakuya could feel the life begin to slip away from Kenpachi Zaraki beneath the now once more frozen lake at Lady Isamy's feet.  A song filled Byakuya's mind.  He could feel the atmosphere changing around him.  He could feel it in Lady Isamy.  Her Hollow body resonated with great power and vibrated with brilliant love.  And yet she was being tasked with the daunting process of bringing her foes to her side.  They could not possibly understand the brilliance within her Majesty's mind.  Her thoughts were much higher than their own.  These people--the peasants at her feet.  They were simply along for the ride.  Lady Isamy simply wanted them to feel pleasure.  If they could not do this on their own because of their ignorance, Byakuya would be the herald who aided these peasants and brought about a fantastic change in their lives.  Their voyage into the next life would be stupendous.


Two of Kenpachi's allies raced to save his life.  However, they lacked the power to do so in an efficient manner.  They began to pound and attack the ice with all their might to free their comrade.  Byakuya could not waste time with them.  Instead, his attention turned to the one casting a "Drain" spell.  


It was a splendidly cast spell that warmed him.  Byakuya dared not to fight this "Drain".  Rather, being attached to this "Bel" by the "Drain" spell, he would work with his foe.  As long as Byakuya was attached to Lady Isamy, his spiritual power and life force were most abundant.  No creature could absorb the sinister power that resided within Lady Isamy without becoming a Herald or succumbing to a most destructive force.  Byakuya would give Bel just what they desired:  An infinite supply of dark energies directly into their body.  An overload of power and maliciousness.  Much like a balloon, even Bel would pop.


"Take this gift from your Queen.  An endless, infinite love!" Byakuya declared.


But Lady Isamy was now suffering!  Byakuya recoiled, having nearly been snatched away from the Queen by the force of her wail.  He returned to her side at once and prepared to mount a stronger defense.  He would not let Lady Isamy be surprised again.  A grand attack took her by surprise and stunned even Byakuya for a brief moment.  The Herald turned its attention to the one who cast this attack.  One who would dare to harm his Queen!


Silently, he spread his palms wide, and every blade which made up Senkei was drawn to his command.  The full weight of Byakuya's strength filled the sky with shadow as his blades complimented Lady Isamy's newly forming Ice Dome, skewing any light that would have entered it.  With both hands, Byakuya prepared to unleash his full wrath on Tenshi for harming the queen.  But he ceased his command and turned his head to another.  Something that the Queen hungered for--craved--was nearly within her grasp.


He had to assure her victory.


He turned his twisted head to Ravnica, nearly trapped in Isamy's power.  With Senkei at his command, Byakuya bared down every blade at his command and prepared to seal away any hope of escape.





Yachiru had watched with horror as Kenpachi fell, pierced numerous times around his body.  He disappeared into the lake below Isamy's feet and Yachiru could feel herself weakening.  She could feel a part of her dying.  "... Kenny?" she whispered to herself as her knees dug into the snow.


Two young boys raced across the waters from the forest and prepared to save Kenpachi.  The lake froze at their feet and Killua and Gon immediately went into action.  Gon drew all of his might and prepared a powerful punch he planned to use to crack the ice.


"Rock!" he declared as he struck with all his might at the frozen lake.  But to his dismay, Gon had barely dented the magical ice.  He couldn't believe his eyes.


Before they could act any further, Killua and Gon were swept up by Isamy in a massive torrent of snow, snatching them away from the lake and stopping them from freeing Kenpachi.


[G I V E U P]


Was that all she could do?  Yachiru felt helpless as she stared at the lake, seeing her best friend sink further and further below.  She felt her Zanpaktou shiver at her side from the cold winds.  There had to be something she could do!


"KENNY!" she screeched, her heart breaking and aching.  Her face swelled with tears as she darted across the ice and drew her Zanpaktou.  Two creatures suddenly joined her in a sprint, one made of bone and the other large, round, and made of fur.  They both wielded unique bladed weapons and followed Yachiru to the center of the lake where they just make out Kenpachi's shadow deep beneath the ice.


With every spell she could muster and every strike from her allies (Sanpo Kenjū) they struck at the ice furiously.  But with every passing moment, Yachiru could feel her power slipping away.  She was going to lose him soon.  She was going to lose her last hope.  She was going to lose Kenpachi all over again.


"KENNY!!" she screamed once more.  She pounded at the ice with all her might, covering herself in her own mighty reiatsu and attempting to break through.  Her fists bled, but she continued to fight.  Her face stung with tears.  Her head filled with fear.  Her heart panicked. 




And then, a sword came to her aid.





Kratos stood with his heart gripped by fear.  He watched Kenpachi fall through the lake, only to see it iced over in a moments notice by the enemy's magic.  It was not until he saw Killua and Gon get swept away by snow that his heart lurched.  He could hear his father.  He could hear Zeus.


"For once in your pathetic life, do not fail them like you failed your family!" he echoed in Kratos head.


A fire burned inside Kratos once more.  Those dark red flames began to fade away and the blue fires of hope made his every fiber come to life.  He sheathed his blades on his back and called forth his own godly magics to summon another weapon.  Reforged by the blood of his enemies and his allies and fashioned on magics even more powerful than his own, the Blade of Promise was not something he had forgotten about.  It still maintained magics from Mount Olympus, alllowing him to summon the blade at will.


It crashed down from the skies and landed in his right hand.  With two hands on the hilt of the sword, Kratos leaped forward and burst through the icy dome that was forming around the lake.  


He landed beside Kenpachi's ally, Yachiru.  She was desperately trying to save him, but she didn't have the strength.  Even so, he could feel the raw power emanating from this small child.  Despite her size and appearance, she held magnificent strength.  And so, he would aid her.  


"Kenpachi!" Kratos barked as he raised his blade.  With all of his might he brought down the blade and stabbed it into the ice.  He hammered away with all his might as he stood beside Yachiru trying to save his ally.  He had failed Revy, but he would not let another die while he stood idly by.


At last, a crack formed in the ice, just big enough for Yachiru to fit through.





It was dark.  He was cold.  The water was like ice on his skin.  It reminded him of Hitsugaya's tantrums.  Kenpachi could feel something raging inside him.  Was it fury?  Why was he angry?  This was always how he had imagined he would die: in battle.  And yet, he wasn't satisfied.  To lose at the hands of a friend was one thing.  To lose to a friend turned enemy was another.


All Kenpachi could do now was think.  "Tch.  What a pathetic way to die," he thought to himself.  He was beginning to lose consciousness.  It was such an unfamiliar feeling.  It was like sleeping, but involuntarily.  Worst of all, he had failed them.  


The Counter Corps.






That hurt most of all.  He had wanted to secure victory if only it meant he and Yachiru could still be happy.  Nothing mattered more to him than her.  Yet, he was lying there on the brink of death.


The water was growing colder, but he could feel a brief moment of warmth.  There was a bubble above and Kenpachi could barely make out fragments of ice floating above.  The tiniest beam of light fell through the ice and touched his face.  He smiled as he saw a tiny swimming child barreling toward him.


With a breath he muttered her name.  "Yachiru."



The Wolf


Feed the Wolf


At this point, Yachiru's strength was minimal.  Even as she was swimming, she felt her Zanpaktou begin to fade away.  Kenpachi was almost lost.  She had to do any and everything in her power to save him.  Even if that meant...


She touched Kenpachi's Captain's robe and clung to it tightly.  In these freezing waters, she could barely feel life coming from his body.  "Kenny," she whispered.  Yachiru pulled herself close to Kenpachi and clung to him with a hug.  She laid her head against his own and kissed his forehead.


She chuckled lightly as she mocked Kenpachi.  "You know," she began as he finally was able to muster the strength to turn to face her.


"If you had just used me properly," Yachiru said with a soft smile.  "You wouldn't be in this predicament."


Kenpachi didn't understand.  "Yachiru.  I'm sorry."


She touched the wound in his chest where his heart should have been, and Kenpachi could feel a sudden surge of strength.


"Yachiru?" Kenpachi asked.  He could breathe again.  He could feel his strength returning.  He could feel so much.  But he could also feel Yachiru slipping away.  "What's going on?" he asked.


"This is the power, Kenny.  The power that everyone calls Ban-kai," Yachiru said with a smile.


Kenpachi took Yachiru by her hand.  "What are you talking about?  I can't--I've only just discovered my Shikai."


Yachiru giggled.  "You've had it all along, you big dummy.  You just didn't know it."


Kenpachi frowned.  "Then.  You're--"


"Say it with me, Kenny," Yachiru said.


With her final breath and in unison with her best friend, they spoke together.  "Bankai."



The Animal


Kratos could see a bright light beneath the ice.  It was a golden light that warmed everything it touched.  But in the instance that he felt its warmth, he could feel something much worse within.  This golden light quickly lost its color until it was entirely black.  Kratos leaped away from the ice and escaped outside of Isamy's Ice Dome.


The ice over the lake exploded and a violent plume of water erupted into the sky.  The black light caused the lake to evaporate once more, leaving nothing but a dried bed of rock beneath.


And at the bottom of this bed of rock, Kenpachi rested on his knees, his power completely out of control.





He gripped his weapon tightly and slowly began to stand.  He turned his head up to Isamy and his empty eyes landed on Byakuya.



Drowning in your silence.

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Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh!…

[The Pathway to Remembrance]

Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods - Chapter 4: Convergence

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Team Dorian: Final Round.

The team was scattered and it was starting to look bleak but they felt they had to at least keep going. Dorian took flight and was about to re-engage with the turnt Shinigami. But at that moment it looked like the Shinigami who was on their side got through and was prepared to engage. Dorian figured this would be an even battle...right? What could go wrong? But reality is a much more cruel mistress. It seemed that this was definitely some kind of mismatch. Kenpachi was losing and losing badly. Dorian looked on as Byakuya unleashed another form of his bankai.

Why do these things have stages? Dorian thought as he managed to hover at the top of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi Senkei. When Kenpachi was fatally struck with the three blades Dorian just racked his brain on the appropriate action. Unfortunately, he took too long and it seemed as if some of Kenpachi's comrades had come to the rescue. 

I should definitely be doing something. I mean this is why I have powers. He said as he watched Byakuya handle the others. Or...maybe...just maybe we let Butler handle this one. He looked on as Yachiru and Ken were beaten so severely and they began to sink into the ice. He thumped his chest and shook his head. This fear was unbecoming of the great Dorian von Schroeder! This was not how he was going to go out! The simple fact that Byakuya had forgotten Dorian was his initial opponent  should've been more than enough to earn Dorian's fury. Dorian began to roar his Cosmos in  attempts to get Byakuya's attention, but that was quickly proven to not be necessary. 

As the tower of unimaginable power emerged from the ice Dorian was literally speechless as it looked like another person had achieved Bankai. The simple space between them was visibly quaking. It was unnerving looking at the new monster that Kenpachi had become. Dorian realized that this must've been what Yachiru and Butlerok meant about her being special to Kenpachi. She was his sword manifested. 

To think he had all of this power walking right besides him.



Butlerok was more than taken aback by Hollow Isamy's ability to tag out into a new body. That wouldn't have been so bad, but in addition to that she was able to force back all of his Black Blood that he had so carefully tried to trap her with. It is good when the prey is able to fight back against the predator. Though in this case Butlerok and the others might be the prey in this case. Butlerok took a back seat however and marvelled at the combined efforts of the others and their coordinated attacks. Even that short warrior that fought alongside Rhadamanthus participated and it seemed that she was able to deal a fatal blow to Icy Hollow. 

Unfortunately, that Icy burst managed to do more harm than good. The final boss before him let out a couple of nightmarish shrieks that sent him reeling and falling into the frozen lake. This wasn't the worst but this was starting to get taxing. This seemed like this battle was almost insurmountable. It was then Butlerok saw a horrid sight floating next to him in the depths. It was Kenpachi's floating corpse...well it looked like a corpse anyway...sinking right next to him. 

It seems that everyone is taking a beating in this fight he said in his mind palace. At that moment a hand came on his shoulder and he felt a warmth fill his entire being. Genryuusai was right there behind the Kishin. 

I thought you learned this already. It was at this moment Yachiru started to fade away. Never underestimate one of my Captains. 


Even though it was faint and much too far for Butlerok to actually hear it was like he actually felt the presence of Kenpachi saying the word "Bankai." This was one of the few times in Butlerok's life that he was genuinely shocked. He had even eaten Kenpachi before and he did not know this was what he left behind by not eating Yachiru. The flood of conflicting emotions that swelled within him right now was taking over, but most notably he was excited. Sinking beneath the depths in the lake that was slowly freezing over and his memories slowly leaving. He felt alive! Kenpachi's savage and untamed power was something that must be eaten. He must feast on it! 

But first! 


But first! 



We have to clear the rabble out of the way. Butler thought as in the outside world if one would see the manifestation of five spheres representing his souls becoming one through screech resonance. Unfortunate for Isamy water happens to be a better conduit for the soul wavelength than air is so the screams of Ragnarok resonated all throughout the frozen lake. While she was making her domes spires of Black Blood shot up from beneath the ice and clinged to the domes like vines to a water source or nerve ending to eyeballs. From a top of one of the domes. Butlerok emerged from the top of one of the domes and he stared to the blankness of the sky. 

Well since everyone is doing it. Ban...kai! 


All of the Black Blood in the center of the lake lit into a raging inferno that was the result of  Captain Genryuusai's bankai. Zanka no Tachi; Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui He said eerily calm everything in that vicinity was let ablaze. 




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The Drain that Bel used on Isamy ended up backfiring. The sort of energy that was being absorbed ended up being something too overwhelming for this humanoid body vessel. Bel ended up having to cut the spell short before he would pop from it, but even so the spell ended up taking a major toll on his body. It was at that time that Isamy launched an icicle at his direction, aimed at his COMP. Culebre could have blocked it for him, but Bel had other thing in his mind. He pushed the COMP aside, and had the icicle drove itself through him directly instead. The pain caused by it was invigorating, it was warm. Some of his lifeforce returned as the ice dissolved on his body.


Still, the botched attempt on Drain had caused his mana reserve to disappear into nothing. Bel acknowledged the fact that he was going to be absent from the fight for a while to recover his reserves again. With a grumble, Bel had Culebre fly up high into the sky, just as a cold wave of nostalgia hit his brain.


[T U R N B A C K]


By the time Bel looked downwards, the lake were already covered by a dome of ice, and he had lost contact with Amaterasu. His escape was narrow this time.



"The hell is up with this?"

Short-hair didn't even get much chance to celebrate after her sword managed to cut through Isamy's mask cleanly. Right now, the lake was starting to get covered by an ice dome, and another ice dome formed almost immediately after from Isamy's side. It was quick to push her away, who was so close from Isamy's position at that time. She attempted to summon stone pillars from the ground to halt it, but the advance was unstoppable by such a paltry method.


In the end, she found herself being crushed by the two ice dorms. Her Celestial physiology allowed her to remain in her position for long, holding on while her body were being grinded, but even so she could feel that her insides started to break apart after so much exertion from such force. The Sword of Hisou were shining brightly at this time.


In the end, Short-hair decided to close her eyes, and entrusted her fate to the one whose heart became one with that sword.



"Ah. May I ask something? What are you feeling right now, right here?"

"...Eh? That's unusual, comin from ya. Never thought you're the type to care for what people think."


"You know that you are going to fade away soon. But you're acting as if nothing will happen. As careless as always..."


"Why should I worry about it? I ran on borrowed time already. If it's not for you, I wouldn't have been able to fight for this one last time in the first place."

"But you'll disappear! Nothing about you will remain in this world soon."


"So? You'll still remember me. You'll remember my greatness, my deeds, my ideals. You can see that when I disappear, I fought for what is right. Fighting wholesale for the sake of my own world, and for everyone else too. Guess I'm still just pretty selfish with it, but that's a proud way to end things, ya know?"


"I see." The ego of the nameless girl took form once again. Staring at the girl before her, the nameless girl let out a smile as she watched the short-haired girl before her gradually disappearing. She was right. As long as she, the nameless girl, survived, the short-haired girl would still live on even if her world didn't manage to get restored at the end of this. It's the same for everyone. It's the same for Tenshi herself.

"It's been real fun fighting on your side. You're a real creep, but that's not all that bad compared to meself."


"And it has been an honor fighting alongside you too.


Thank you, for letting everyone else find peace. And thank you for letting Tenshi have her peace."



A phoenix emerged from its ashes.


A sphere of flames covered the localized area of the ice that used to grind on the blue-haired girl's body, and once it dissipated, it revealed the nameless girl in the midst of it, having been reborn back into this world. The first thought that came across her mind was to burn down the entirety of the ice dome surrounding the lake...but in the end she was too slow in doing so. A powerful, uncontrollable force destroyed the ice dome without breaking out a sweat. In a separate position, Butlerok caused an inferno to be localized around him. Both were a display of power that was way beyond what the nameless girl could achieve by herself.


There goes her chance of doing an impressive reentry.


Well, at the very least, she would still have to do something. Uttering one word, copies of the Sword of Hisou manifested near her, lining up as if they were missles that were ready to fire. It was then that she picked up the flowing temperaments coming out of Isamy, perhaps out of the attack that the Short-hair did earlier. Coupled with the emotions of those that remained in this fight, it should be enough to power an onslaught.




The nameless girl pointed her arm upwards. The free-flowing temperaments on the battlefield easily gathered up above her. She focused her mind on it a little bit, and imprinting her elemental affinity into the energy, the temperaments burst into flames. Isamy was in the range for a clear shot from her now.


With one word, the area right above the nameless girl became a display from hell itself.






A continuous series of flame pillars made out of lifeforce descended from the sky and threatened to burn down everything in the localized area around Isamy. The energy that the nameless girl was using was plentiful enough to make her onslaught to have a devastating potential, but in raw power, it still wouldn't compare to what the shinigami and Butlerok currently utilized. Even if she was capable of using focus fire with her pillars, it still wouldn't outdamage them.


And so, the option for her was to accept that fact and use the firestorm as a diversion. The swords that she had summoned hovered around her, readying themselves for a more focused assault on Isamy.


"Since you've entrusted everything to me, it's fine if I get your former boss to follow you too, right?


Well, it's not really an option. Both of you deserved some rest already."


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--Pathway of Remembrance--


"We’re both cowards, running away from the one thing we can’t face. The only difference is that I’m not going to take the easy way out like you. I’m not going to drag everyone else into Hell with me… but I’ll be sure to save a seat for you.”


"Oooo, burn!"


From around the waning cover of the Pathway of Remembrance, a figure, a familiar figure, in a black robe and cowl observed the ongoing battle, with immense boredom. "Friggin' hell these people enjoy their talking don't they?" he grumbled aloud, his robe billowing in the cold air. "I mean seriously, they're taking so long to axe this bastard I'm about to go over there and do it myself if this keeps up" he added while observing the sphere of ice engulf the Twilight One.


Tilting his head, the figure became aware of ice acting from the inside, spearing the ghastly bird once and for all. "Finally," he sighed, "I was honestly sick of that damn egotistical bird running its mouth off all the time. Freaking "God"? Yeah buddy, which one? There's infinite more gods just like you knocking around the place" they commented while checking on a boombox at their feet, to make sure it was operating right even in this cold. "Soon Judgment, soon" the figure mused, a tarot card representing Judgment floating by them.



Hell? Oh no, you flatter me! This is merely SuperYCM! I am The Warden.

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"This has become quite a spectacle of excesses."


Reimu dodged as much of the flurry of attacks, both from Isamy's side and from her allies' side, trying her best to minimize the use of her phasing ability in the meantime. Several attacks had been fired at Isamy in the meantime, but Reimu herself was unsure yet about what method would be best to do now. Taking in the dark orb more and more wouldn't magically give her the ability to fire something as powerful as the others were firing now after all, and when it came to Isamy, precision anti-personnel attack would not do.


And so, for the time being, Reimu floated around, formulating what she should do next.



"Koishi...? Tell me, where are you now?"


Away from the chaos of the battle against Isamy, a pink haired girl explored the vast emptiness that was the snow field in hope of finding her sister. Satori continued to call out for her, but no answers had been heard so far. Even if the chaotic battle behind her would probably drown her voice anyway, she continued to call out. There were still no signal of her mind, and there were still no conspicuously blank spot where she would have been either. Satori gradually lost her hope, but she pushed forward regardless.


"I could have rushed to her side early on. I could've watched over her ever since she lost Yukari. She certainly needed my help. She couldn't handle it all by herself. If only I did all that rather than trampling on her memories for my own gain..."


Satori continued her search while mumbling to herself. After so long being stuck in her eye form, she struggled to properly walk through the deep snow. She hoped that the snow hadn't piled on top of Koishi yet. That would have made the search even harder. Even then, she was willing to use Recollection to burn the entire area down if the situation called for it. All for Koishi, everything for her sake...


Ever since you appeared before me in Remembrance, I was always so happy, sis.


"Ko...koishi, is that you?"


A voice spoke inside of Satori's mind. It was soft and barely noticeable, but it was so familiar to her. Satori increased her search effort in response, summoning her tentacles to clear the way for herself. Koishi should be nearby. Satori said so to herself. Koishi was definitely still alive. That thought filled her with joy. They would finally reunite with each other again soon.


I was so glad that you were there to pull me back from the brink in all those times.

I know that if it is with you, I can always find happiness.


"Please, Koishi! Tell me where you are! I promise you, we will stick together, from now until forever if you wished to!"




That happiness disappeared soon. I know one thing that you don't, sis. You are never really my sister in the first place.

My sister is Satori Komeiji, the only satori remaining on Earth that took me to her care.




You are not her.


Satori froze where she stood. As the voice in her mind continued, her tentacles had uncovered something. The snow here had been drenched in a faded crimson color. Blood that had long since rusted. Gradually, Satori uncovered what was on the pile of snow.


You are nothing but empty wishes given form. A recollection of fond memories of the past, a hollow husk in the shape of my sister.


You terrify me.


Before Satori's eyes, a mess of flesh turned inside out presented itself. Organs and guts strewn around, little hint of torn clothing articles here and there, and a detached, purple eye, still open but staring into nothingness as it had frozen. There were no movements coming from the pile of flesh. There was nothing there aside from just a mess of flesh.


The eye then turned itself to face Satori.


I don't want you here. Please disappear. You have stayed way past your welcome, my memory.


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Impossible Odds


Kratos stood on the edge of the now dried lake, in awe.  He was suddenly crippled by... whatever it was Kenpachi had become.  There was a force weighing down on him like he had never felt before.  At this moment in time, even Zeus paled in comparison to the monster that stood at the center of that lake.  Physically, Kratos could move only his eyes.  Every muscle in his body was being weighed down by the gravitational force of Kenpachi's presence, despite the distance between them.


And then, Kratos realized something.  The many enormous swords made of flower petals had dissipated.  They were gone.  But how?



Force of Will


Byakuya's Bankai had been blown away.  Much to his chagrin, only Lady Isamy could possibly have had such power as this.  Who did this peasant think he was?  How dare he stand before Lady Isamy with such audacity!  


"This strength will not find you glory!" he taunted from atop Lady Isamy's shoulder.  He was far out of reach of the enemy now.  "You see only the present!  You do not see your future!  Your future in the arms of the Queen!"


There was a sudden snap behind Byakuya and he could feel a weight falling behind him.  The chain which bound him to Lady Isamy had been cut.  Byakuya stared down over his shoulder at the broken chain thinking it impossible for it to ever be broken.  He turned back to face Kenpachi whose weapon was raised over his shoulder.  It was but moments later that Byakuya's right arm was severed from his body without a sign of further movement from Kenpachi.  It fell to the lake below with a flop, and Byakuya grew outraged.


"Heathen!" Byakuya hissed.



Second Chances






"Kenny?" Yachiru whispered in the white void.


"Hmm?" Kenpachi asked slowly walking side by side with her.


"Do you ever think about what could have been?" she asked innocently.


Kenpachi shrugged, his giant feet echoing in the nothingness.  "Not really.  I only think about now.  What I can do at this moment."


Yachiru giggled.  "You never think about the future?  Even once in a while."


Kenpachi shook his head.  "Nope.  What will happen, will happen.  I just take it as it comes."


Yachiru leaped and punched him square in the back of the head.  "Idiot!  You can't get a wife like that!"


Kenpachi rubbed his skull, laughing.  "You're right!" he said loudly.  "I need someone to help me adopt you!"


Yachiru stopped in her tracks.  Kenpachi kept walking, but Yachiru remained in place.  "...really?"


Kenpachi looked back, a big smile on his face.  "I don't say things I don't mean, Yachiru."


She ran forward and leaped into his arms, laughing all the while.  "Yeah!  I've always wanted a mom!  But, will that make you my father or my brother?"  


Kenpachi laughed loudly.  "That would make me your father.  Sorta.  I've always thought of you as my own.  My best friend.  To have you as my little girl.  That would be enough for me for all of eternity.  I don't need anything else."


Yachiru hugged Kenpachi tightly.  "You won't let anyone take me away, right?" Yachiru asked, holding onto her best friend.


Kenpachi looked down into Yachiru's face.  She felt incredibly light.  Her body was like a feather.  "Yachiru?"


She was smiling, but her face was swelling with tears.  "I'm sorry, Kenny," she said with her voice breaking.  "It was the only way."


Her body, from her feet and climbing, was slowly crumbling, turning into particles of light.  "Yachiru!?"


"You can do it, Kenny.  I believe in you," she said with a big smile.


"Yachiru!  Yachiru, what's happening!?" Kenpachi barked.


"I'm moving on, Kenny.  To the next world.  Where I can watch over you.  And where we'll never be apart again," she replied.


"No.  No!  I won't accept this!" he screamed.


"Kenny, you idiot," she giggled through her tears.  "It was always going to be like this.  But now," she said as she tapped his forehead with her index finger.  "There is no foe you can't overcome."


"...Yachiru," he whispered to his now empty hands.  "YACHIRU!!"



Red Cold River


Red Cold River


Kenpachi's breath met the heat emerging from his body and turned into fog.  As he turned his head to Byakuya, he could hear nothing, but he could feel everything.  The words from Byakuya's lips were poisonous.  He could feel the evil laced in every letter.  Kenpachi flicked his wrist at Byakuya and felt his enemy's heartbeat skip as he did so.  The soul binding chain was cut with no effort.  In the same instance, Byakuya's arm was removed.


Without being bound to restraints, Byakuya was now free to use his full power.  He dove at Kenpachi as his weapon slipped from his hands and into the ground below, vanishing beneath the dirt as though it were a puddle of water.  "Bankai!" Byakuya declared once more.


Senbonzakura's swords emerged from the ground once again, surrounding Kenpachi on all sides. "Senkei!" Byakuya then outstretched his one remaining arm and commanded his Zanpaktou to collapse atop Kenpachi all at once.  "Gōkei!"


The already impossible number of petals which made up Byakuya's Bankai appeared to expand by more than ten times as the blades shattered into innumerable smaller blades.  There was no blindspot with which Byakuya left as his Senbonzakura closed in around Kenpachi.  And with a burst of light and dust, Senbonzakura exploded upon touching Kenpachi.  A plume of petals erupted into the sky as Byakuya touched down on the ground.


"See the works of my queen, and they are good!" he screamed at what he assumed to be a deceased Kenpachi once more.


"All her works will bring blessings to this world!  To your world!  To my world!  To every worl--aagh!" Byakuya's words were cut short as a hand burst forth from Senbonzakura's petals and wrapped tightly around his throat.  Slowly, Kenpachi pushed out of Senbonzakura's petals, unscathed.  As he did, Byakuya was pushed backward onto his knees.  Byakuya was then released, dizzied and temporarily dazed.  Kenpachi then raised his free hand and balled a fist.  He brought down a mighty punch atop the back of Byakuya's head.  His body hit the ground with such force that the bedrock beneath the dirt cracked.


Kenpachi raised Byakuya's head, his enemy's face bloodied and bruised.  Somehow, Byakuya was still alive.


"You..." Byakuya hissed.  "You cannot defy... her... majesty!" Byakuya said as he pointed a finger into Kenpachi's forehead.  "Byakurai," he whispered.


A bolt of lightning pierced Kenpachi's skull and flew across the battlefield.  Byakuya felt Kenpachi's grip weaken, and he was dropped to the ground.  Kenpachi's head had been thrown backward as though he were staring at the sky.  However, he raised his head once more and stared back down at Byakuya.  The wound in his skull was healing rapidly, inexplicably.  Byakuya slowly stood to his feet and began to backpedal.  But he was unable to step away quickly enough.  He was met with a vicious kick from Kenpachi that caused him to fly with impossible force into the side of the lake.  The resulting impact caused the lakes shore to expand with a violent shockwave, widening it by several dozen meters.  


Kenpachi stepped slowly toward Byakuya, who, once more, miraculously lived.  Where Byakuya stood, a bright light began to form.  It expanded to the sky with a brilliant pink flare.  However, its flare soon died as its pink color turned black, much like the light that appeared when Kenpachi emerged from the frozen lake.  "Shūkei: Hakuteiken," Byakuya declared.  A black sword, some six meters long, took the place of Byakuya's Bankai, and black wings sprouted from his back.  With Isamy's corruption still flowing deep in his veins, there was no trace of Byakuya's own power left.  


Kenpachi raised his left hand with his weapon readied, and Byakuya appeared several feet in front of him, his face twisted and contorted from the damage he had taken.  Byakuya brought his own weapon down and Kenpachi met it with Nozarashi.  The clash of their blades sent a deafening ring over the entirety of the battlefield, temporarily deafening most of those who heard it.  What ground remained outside of the lake exploded violently, quaking at the force of their combined attacks.


With each of Byakuya's swings, Kenpachi parried the blow.  Every parry dug them both further and further beneath into bedrock, their swordsmanship on par.  The difference between them now was only power.










Byakuya intended to end this battle in a single blow.  With a fake strike, he used both hands to bring his blade down atop Kenpachi.  Kenpachi saw this and lowered his guard, failing to parry the blow.


Instead, Byakuya vanished, maintaining his momentum, and completing his strike as he appeared behind Kenpachi in an instant.  It was at that moment that Byakuya began to become human again.  For in this attack, he could now feel fear.  As his weapon had come down upon Kenpachi, with all of its combined power, Kenpachi caught it with a single hand.  Byakuya attempted to pull away, but Kenpachi's grip was unbreakable.


The giant turned around to look Byakuya in the face.  As he did so, Kenpachi crushed Senbonzakura in his hands, rendering Byakuya's weapon useless without effort.


The hilt of Byakuya's weapon clattered to the ground as he was once more lifted into the air by Kenpachi's hand.  Kenpachi's eyes narrowed as he stared into Byakuya's own.  His only friends were gone.  He had nothing else to lose.  Kenpachi let loose a scream that completely deafened Byakuya and left his garments in tatters.


Kenpachi dug his weapon into the ground and drew back his now free hand.  With a punch to Byakuya's stomach, the Soul Reaper's lower torso violently exploded into dust, leaving his spine visible beneath his robes.  Kenpachi dropped Byakuya, who began to scramble away with his one arm.


"My Queen!  LADY ISAMY!  HELP M--!" Byakuya was silenced as he was punted into the air, and the air left his lungs.  Kenpachi drew his weapon from the ground and watched the half-man that Byakuya had become, fall back down to the ground.  He punted Byakuya once more in the face, bending his skull inward and denting his face permanently.  Byakuya bounced into the air again before flopping back down to the ground.  He could but whisper now, all of his strength completely gone.


"She... will cleanse our world."


His last words.


Kenpachi drew his weapon over his shoulder with two hands and brought it down the middle of Byakuya's remaining torso, splitting him in half.  Without pause, Kenpachi repeated this attack.  He continued to cut Byakuya into pieces until only a single stray eyeball managed to roll away.  And still, he continued to attack, unrelenting on the very dirt that Byakuya once stood on.  He would see to it that Byakuya would suffer for his transgressions.  Forever.

Drowning in your silence.



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Location: E2 (Inside the Tower)


If you may, let us part way for the time being. Something had been disturbing me so far, and I would like to quell that feeling.


Do not worry about me, without Metarchus I am sure that I would not need as much protection from Isamy's mental assault anymore.


Very well, thanks for you assistance. I'll leave this room open to you and anyone with you if you need somewhere to take shelter later. Good Luck.


Darcy watched as her temporary companion left, before settling herself into a comfortable position and watching the fight that was going on. As she did, she finally noticed the pull on her mind, as if something was trying to manipulate her mind. It was rather amusing to her that the very defenses around her mind she'd set up during this war were exactly what were now stopping her from losing her memories. Still, she reinforced it for good measure, and watched as the final herald fell at last, leaving only Ameliorer herself to fight the combined forces of the Counter Corps and the Divine. Even so, given the other boss fights she'd had to participate in, victory was far from assured, even with everyone finally united against a common foe once more.




Location: B5 (Above the Tower)


From her location above the tower, Chandra could only watch as the attacking phoenix was extinguished in a moment. Her elemental was doing much better, forcing Isamy to use two of her six hands just to keep it down. Still, as the Magmatic Force continued it's assault, Hollow Isamy managed to drive it's ice into the elemental, chilling it into igneous rock even as she kept the ice on it. Then things changed, a scream hailed through the air as ice domes encased the entirety of the lake, in the process cutting off the steady stream of ice directed at the elemental, though it's fire had cooled entirely by that point. As the lake and ice dome was vaporized by a force she couldn't identify, two massive storms of fire showed up, even as two mighty warriors fought atop Isamy. As she released the now useless Magmatic Force, she retook the mana from it and raising a hand, she cast a spell she'd learnt from a scroll in Regatha, pouring mana into it as she added it to the building storm of fire, the effect of her goggles doubling the spell cast as she did so.




With that one word, a third storm of fire joined the other two, six blazing pillars of flame descending from the sky to strike directly at Isamy, the double cast inferno not losing out in intensity to the Bankai's blaze of fire. Even as she did, she let herself slide down until she was riding her phoenix properly, struggling to channel as much mana as she was into the spell.




Location: E3


[R . U . I N. P A I N?]


Atop the dragon's back, Jace could feel Isamy's words, driving into his mind as she argued with him. Below him, he could feel Niv-Mizzet flinch, as the dragon's mind heard everything she was saying as well. He also felt the moment Isamy cut him off from her source of mana, leaving him exhausted and relying on his flagging reserves and what he could draw from Ravnica. As he managed to push himself back up, he saw the ice dome come up, and his connection to Ravnica in turn be cut, as chains of ice began to form around it's body. Thankfully, her attention on him had seemed to lapse, focused more on the attackers directly fighting her and around her, though that was the only piece of good news he had. With his reserves lacking and both supplementary sources of power cut off, he'd have to try and save Ravnica with what little he had left. Below him, the great dragon wheeled and flew around, rising above the dome of ice before it could trap them both. 


Head to the tower at the left. Desperately flicking through the spells he knew, the mindmage came up with a plan and directed Niv-Mizzet. 


You have an idea in mind, Guildpact? The response came even as the dragon veered off, flying quickly across to the same tower Chandra was currently flying above. 


If my memories of Metarchus are correct, this was where Gemini teleported Chandra out of Isamy's binds. Acting quickly Jace cast the first of two spells he'd need to pull this off, summoning Phantasmal Image to the field, twisting it's form to copy the appearance of Ravnica. The illusion wouldn't last long, being likely to shatter the instant any force acted upon it, but it would work for his purposes. He followed that up with the second spell he'd need, Twincast. Casting the familiar spell, he directed it to follow the patterns used by Gemini's teleport effect, re-targeting the effect on Ravnica offering it's illusory clone to take it's place. With a savage pull on his magic, the teleportation took effect, causing to all outside observers, merely a flicker in the air as the two exchanged places. 


Ending Location: B5



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A fourth white flower bloomed around the Soul of Ravnica, and a new chain joined those already trapping the entity. Despite the flames that were easily burning through Hollow Isamy's ice and scorching her alive, this Void Inclusion needed to persist long enough to ensure that she could take this prize. Ravnica could not escape. She would not allow that. And besides, she still had one more Void Inclusion that could turn the tide perfectly. She would fight through the indescribable pain. She had to.

She could sense that Kenpachi Zaraki had broken free from the frozen lake, though his power had… changed. When had he possibly obtained his Bankai?! Long before the Origin War began, he had been unique among the Gotei 13, being the only Captain to have not received the Bankai. Had the years been so long that he had done what seemed impossible for him?

…It would be no matter. Byakuya would be sure to deal with him, he assured herself. Regardless of their power, it was their Captain-Commander who truly outmatched them both. Butlerok had called upon Genryuusai Yamamoto’s own Bankai, melting the entire ice dome into pure steam. She had expected them to keep using fire to counter Elsa’s magic, but to burn through the dome in an instant? She could not rely on pushing Elsa’s magic past its limit. The time for a new Void Inclusion was now-


To the casual observer, a girl without a name was adding but a single spark of flame to the final rage of a thousand setting suns, yet Hollow Isamy could still feel her passion. Further still, Chandra had joined them with more fire of her own, the desperation, the sheer belief that they would defeat her that the nameless girl, Butlerok, and Chandra had all poured into their attacks. Unable to cover her face anymore, Hollow Isamy’s hands limped to her side. Her eyes were pitch black, yet still she watched through them. Blood streaked down her face, but she refused to beg. She did not even notice the chain that connected Byakuya to her had just been severed.

She blinked, and the image flickered before her of a lone pale child huddled in the corner of a room draped in absolute darkness. The child whimpered “No more,” but her cries fell on deaf ears. Hollow Isamy grit her teeth, as a cold wave breezed past her. With the last of Elsa’s Void Inclusion, two more chains wrapped around the Soul of Ravnica.

Finally. Ravnica was now hers for the taking. Reaching out one hand, her mouth opened wide, salivating with anticipation for the coming meal.

[ M I N E - ]

“My Queen!” Byakuya was calling to her. But why? Why did he sound so afraid? “LADY ISAMY! HELP M--!"

With a few more punches, slashes, and crushes, Kenpachi Zaraki had mercilessly slain Byakuya Kuchiki. She could hearing his soul screaming in agony as Kenpachi continued to attack the ground beneath him, ensuring that Byakuya did not even have the semblance of a corpse that could conceivably buried.

Slowly, Hollow Isamy closed her hand, at the chains wrapped around the Soul of Ravnica tightened, until the manifestation of the plane audibly popped like a bubble. A fake.

Byakuya was dead. Ravnica had escaped. Even as her body burned alive, Hollow Isamy let the flames run along her body. Her warped flesh and gnarled bones began to turn black.

[ Y O U U N D E R S T O O D ]

A said appeared in one of her hands, and the movement of the flames seemed to halt in place. Black flames began to melt through the lake, as smoke billowed throughout the forest, turning some of the snow black and lighting some of the restored tries on fire once more. The forest only seemed to keep renewing itself be struck down time and again, as the eternal testament to the power and scale that Hollow Isamy and opponents brought to this final battle.

[ C L E A N S E T H E W O R L D ]

The smoke spread faster and faster, stopped only by the towers of the Forgotten Forest. Byakuya, Ayame, and Jace had understood the true value in her offer. Two of her Heralds had died believing in the paradise she offered them, while Jace dared to turn his back on her. And what good had that done for those who had rejected her outright, without sparing even a moment’s consideration? Some of their allies had died, and who could blame her for that? They needed to die in this world, so that they could be reborn in the next. As part of a greater whole. Yet others still fought her in the name of petty vengeance. They sullied the memory of their fallen friends by trying to deny her the chance to grant each and every one of them their happily ever after.

Even Kenpachi had not spared Byakuya. To betray their own friends for the sake of an imagined slight only further proved why she needed to save them from their miserable little lives. So long as they sought to delay the inevitable, they would have no choice but to burn.

[ V O I D I N C L U S I O N :
- E D G A R I T H - ]

The smoke pulled itself inwards, concentrating back onto Hollow Isamy, and into Ed’s- no, her Zanpakuto. A Recollection had stolen Metarchus from her, and she could not risk anyone else using their own psychic abilities against her. A psychic pulse shook the forest, and while it was not meant to necessarily harm anyone physically, every illusion or psychic construct was dispelled. Perhaps they would try to continue using their tricks against her, but for the moment, the magic was gone. It would give just a small amount of time to finish off a few more of the others.

The still flames that had been ravaging her body turned black, as she held her Zanpakuto with two hands, and declared a familiar name.

[ K I O T S O
K U R O K Ō R I W A ]

Her Zanpakuto ignited with black flames of their own, and began to draw in the flames that had been burning her into itself. Although Hollow Isamy herself was no longer being struck with endless Firestorms and Infernos, the damage had been clearly done. It was her return to repay that pain a thousand fold, snarling as she raised her Zanpakuto directly above her.

[ B L A C K D R A G O N
S W O R D S T Y L E ]

The black flames shot out, and began to take shape. Long had Hollow Isamy aspired to the ideal of “Temperance”, but such follow would bring her nothing but complacency. Whether or not they would understand her ambition, she longed for souls to feast upon, for their own sake. She was hungry. No doubt they all say her as a creature of gluttony, and so she could give them one.

Ah, but of course. How could she have forgotten her old friend? That child’s playing card that had served her faithfully. The guardian that had protected her against the Avatar all those years ago. A Herald who would never betray her, and guide these infants to their new life.

For as long as she had waited for this day, this was perhaps the only friend she truly had left. Wiping blood from her eyes, she smiled and called its name.


[ G U L A ]
[ D R A C O L I C H ]

A skeletal dragon composed of black fire loomed over Hollow Isamy, sheltering her with its wings. Chandra, Dorian, and Butlerok could each feel Gula Dracolich inviting them to offer it a gift. It longed for their power, and they had only need answer its call. Against Hollow Isamy’s guardian, they would be nothing but moths to the flame.

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[ G U L A ]
[ D R A C O L I C H ]


"Beast that does not know of love...I can perhaps teach you a thing or two."


The flames dissipated from Nanashi's form as the frozen form of Isamy changed. In exchange, what was there now was a great dark dragon, covering the hollow giant with its wingspan. Such a beautiful creature, yet it was also pitiful to see. The others seemed to be struggling. The Dragon seemed to communicate with the others, yet not to the nameless girl. That was strange. Surely it was strange. However, she couldn't care less about it.


Nanashi could feel it. Isamy's nature had changed once more. With the new Inclusion within her, Nanashi could not exploit the same weakness as before. She would need to reanalyze her and her dracolich, before she would be able to-


"Divine Arts."


A familiar voice could be heard. Right underneath the Dracolich, a gigantic octagonal magic circle made itself apparent. A trigram, the physical symbol of the eight principles of reality according to Taoism. The octagon thus spread out, forming a circle, before barriers formed from its edges, circling and trapping the dracolich inside of it. Floating nearby was Reimu Hakurei. Her crippled form was visible for all to see, but her expression was that of complete determination. She uttered several words that the nameless girl could not hear, before the name of her Spell Card was declared.


"Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle!"


With the declaration, uncountable amount of talismans and energy bullets formed inside of the eight-sided barrier, continuously bombarding at the dragon as its movements was sealed. It seemed like an attack that would attempt to purge what was inside completely, but that would not be enough, wouldn't it?




A large sphere of destruction fell from above, aimed towards the now-trapped Dracolich. It was the doing of the blue-haired boy currently up there riding his own dragon. An attack neither holy nor wicked, unable to be resisted by anything. It perhaps would be something like a nuclear blast? Or was it so?


Everyone was doing their best in fighting. Nanashi decided that she too would play a part here. The nameless girl thus closed her eyes as she gathered the scattered temperaments from the Dracolich and Isamy as the onslaught continued.


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Previously, on Yu-Gi-Oh!…

[The Pathway to Remembrance]

Twilight of the Gods

Twilight of the Gods - Chapter 5: Born Again

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Team Dorian: Final Round


Needless to say the team smirked as it looked like they had managed to actually do some heavy damage to the final boss monster that was Isamy, but they couldn't help but feel slightly annoyed when the boss lady went and soul swapped to another body. It was interesting to see that she chose the young swordsman but that was probably a better option than constantly going on with the ice type. Dorian and Butlerok braced themselves for combat as they saw this version of Isamy summon a massive dragon to aid her in the battle. But that seemed to have not been necessary. 

GREEEEEAAATTTTTEEESSSTTT CAAAAUUUUUTTTTIIOOOOONNNN!!!  Echoed over the battlefield and both Dorian and Butlerok turned around to see a massive purple wyvern of comparable size to Isamy's dragon charge straight at the beast. 

Dorian flew next to the hyper awakened Kishin and started snickering. "You knew this would happen if you started showing off. Didn't you?"

Butlerok then looked around and tried to hide his smirk but instead just simply shrugged. He looked on as Rhadamanthys' had rocketed towards the dragon trying to one up Kenpachi and Buterlok.

A small black bat landed on Butlerok before it simply dissolved into his being. 

"You know her power is quite impressive. Maybe there was something to you joining her side after all. Ragnarok states that one of these Heralds forced Rhadamanthys to significant damage to himself to achieve victory."

Dorian looked at Butlerok and rolled his eyes with attitude. "Don't test me. I am not so fragile where I need someone else to achieve my dreams for me."

As the Dragolich was being bombarded with attacks from the Priestess Rhadamanthys in his giant energy Wyvern tried to plow straight through the beast with sheer force. 

Dorian and Butlerok both pointed to the sky and then proceeded to literally rain down fire on the DragonIsamy.




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They denied her the Soul of Ravnica. They had slain her Heralds. Was she afraid? Perhaps they believed she should be; it would be pure arrogance- no, stupidity to think she still stood a chance even now. To those that had participated in the battle against the Madara, it was like a sponge, absorbing their effects one at a time, analyzing their abilities to as to understand them.

But Hollow Isamy was a cockroach, refusing to die no matter what they threw at her. The longer she fought, the more she delayed the end of this war that they had all endured for long enough. No matter what she believed, she was nothing more than an obstacle, putting up as many walls between them and herself to ensure that this battle would not end. If anything, her greatest power was not something that could slaughter all of them in one fell swoop. It was that by keeping this battle lasting as long as possible, one way or another, they would give up. Death would claim them, and they would fall into her arms. They would walk with her into the next life.

Though her Heralds at all fallen, there was one truth that revealed itself; she was not the only one who was still losing everything. Could anyone truly claim to have won without sacrifice? They could not win this without proving her right; why they must accept the happy ending that she promised!

Their resistance continued as Reimu cast her barriers to trap Gula Dracolich. It was irritating, but the girl herself was growing weak. Even still, she had allowed the demon boy to deliver another mighty Megidolaon. While it was not enough to completely destroy the Dracolich, who had taken the brunt of the blast to protect Hollow Isamy, but it had managed to scatter many of the flames that had composed its body, releasing plenty of temperaments to fuel the nameless girl’s next attack. Hollow Isamy could feel some of the temperaments bleeding from her exposed face being taken as well.

Reimu and the boy would have to wait. The nameless girl had destroyed her mask and played a part in slaying Apep. Her continued existence could not be tolerated any further. As Hollow Isamy’s temperaments continued to flow, a psychic pulse wracked the nameless girl’s mind.

[ W H O A R E Y O U ? ]


There was no commanding roar from Hollow Isamy for all to hear. Just as it had been during their reunion, Hollow Isamy was crafting her question specifically to etch into the nameless girl’s heart, gnawing on her quest for an identity. She had praised the girl for finding her anchor, and Hollow Isamy was pulling on that, demanding that this nameless girl give her an answer. It would not break her mind, not at all. But the longer she could keep pushing the nameless girl on that point, no matter how many times an answer presented itself, Hollow Isamy could keep her in doubt.


"GREEEEEAAATTTTTEEESSSTTT CAAAAUUUUUTTTTIIOOOOONNNN!!!" As Gula Dracolich had just finished reforming itself, Rhadamanthys had summoned a giant wyvern of pure energy to fight it. The wyvern charged with such force that it knocked the dracolich away from Hollow Isamy for a moment, but Dorian and Butlerok had made the unfortunate decision of raining fire down apart it. Their flames were drawn into Gula Dracolich. While the flames that Butlerok had cast with Genryuusai Yamamoto’s Bankai ate away at the Dracolich, fire consuming fire, Dorian was merely adding to it, until the dracolich was able to withstand the Bankai, their flames evenly matched.

Then, Butlerok’s flames began to grow cold, as black flames continued to overtake them, until the warring flames shifted, solidifying into black ice, for this was the true power of Kiotso Kurokoriwa - transforming its own black flames into black ice. Hollow Isamy knew from Elsa’s magic that relying on ice would only put herself as risk, but as long as she could use the initial power that this Zanpakuto offered, that would not be a problem.

As Gula Dracolich’s body alternated between fire and ice, it opened its mouth as wide as possible, before chomping at the wyvern’s throat. Where its fangers had struck, the energy wyvern’s form had began to freeze. Any fire that struck Gula Dracolich continued to be absorbed, turned into ice, and used to continue freezing the wyvern.

While Gula Dracolich was occupied gnawing on the wyvern and prepared to deal with most of the trouble that Team Dorian presented, Hollow Isamy turned her attention to everyone else. With the nameless girl and, in particular, Rhadamanthys occupied, Apep would soon be avenged. Now, she needed to punish those who had stolen Metarchus away from her. With another psychic pulse, Hollow Isamy intended for this to be more broad in its area of effect, but simpler in its execution.

Satori was but a golem who had nothing beyond her love for her dear sister. And yet, Koishi was dead. Or at least, she might as well be. Without her, what reason did Satori yet have to live? As the psychic pulse resonated throughout the lake, Hollow Isamy sensed the power of a Recollection; the same power that had defeated Metarchus. Rather than a burst of power unleashed in a single moment, it was a spell that was being maintained at a constant pace. Easy enough to deal with.

[ Y O U R S I S T E R
J O I N H E R ]

Words were all she needed to cast doubt on the Recollection. What was the point in Satori relying on it, after all? Perhaps the golem could avenge her sister, but what then? She served no purpose beyond to appear before Koishi in Remembrance. In this forest, itself a recollection of Remembrance, it was only fitting that the golem should die here. Looking pitifully at the pile of flesh laid before Satori, Hollow Isamy had a question for Koishi.

[ R . U . I N . P A I N ?
I T ’ S E Z
G O ]

Koishi was dying anyway. She was the last anchor for this Satori’s existence, and what good was a golem when her real sister could be waiting for her beyond the Door? Hollow Isamy would not finish Satori herself. It would be up to Koishi to do so, in what little time the poor thing had left.

[ P A I N ]

The word echoed for all to hear as Hollow Isamy’s head twitched erratically. Without her mask, she was barely capable of maintaining this form, and summoning Gula Dracolich only put further strain on her soul. When her head finally stopped convulsing before resting back as the looked towards the sky, she held her Zanpakuto with two hands to control Gula Dracolich as it continued to chew through Rhadamanthys’ wyvern, before devouring the wyvern entirely. Looking between Dorian, Butlerok, and Rhadamanthys, Gula Dracolich set its sights on eliminating Dorian and his comrades. While Reimu's barrier still kept it restrained, it still invited the trio to challenge it themselves.

Four more Zanpakuto appeared beside Hollow Isamy, and she took them in each of her remaining hands. From each copy of Kiotso Kurokoriwa, a lesser drake manifested, composed of the same black flames that formed Gula Dracolich, though significantly smaller. Each of them spread out, selecting their own targets; one flew towards Bel, the drake the same size as Culebre. The second was diving towards Nero, who had been all by himself, and was still trying to join in the main fray. It would be easier to finish him now, before he got too close. As soon as these lesser drakes closed in on their targets, they exploded into a torrent of black flame. Even if the fire somehow would not be enough to kill Bel or Culebre, surely the heat could destroy his COMP. Nero had no such innate defenses, though the drake was prepared for whatever spells he might counter with.

Another flew towards a tower, seeking out Chandra. While the Planeswalker had her own mastery of fire, the drake was intent on consuming her. The final drake sought out another tower; this time, it was looking for Lydia. The pitiful girl was wallowing in her own despair, but it made her the perfect prey. However, neither drake dared touch the towers, preferring to fly around them and draw in their targets.

As Hollow Isamy let Gula Dracolich and the drakes to their own devices, the lombax, their friends, Darcy were all still hiding inside one of the towers. Theoretically that made them all sitting ducks, but the towers themselves did provide excellent protection. Even if there were still other enemies before her, she could not risk ignoring them while they lied in wait. If there were gathering their strength or were otherwise occupied, she needed to kill them now. Hollow Isamy considered her options, but there was no Void Inclusion she could use to destroy them, and even if she had one, she would not dare use it before she had pushed Kiotso Kurokoriwa to its limit. She would have to rely on something else. Someone else…

[ K E N P A C H I
Z A R A K I ]

She sneered as Kenpachi kept butchering Byakuya’s corpse. As angry as she was that he had killed Byakuya, she had a different kind of revenge in mind. It would be a critical mistake to pass up this opportunity.

[ U G O T H I M
B U T ]

This creature had been rampaging. Every action it had taken against them, it had done so from a place of anger. If she had been merely throwing another tantrum, it would not have surprised anyone. Instead, what Hollow Isamy was doing was smiling. Kratos had been paralyzed with fear after Revy’s sacrifice. Whatever his answer could have been, he was not ready to give it. She would have to break him even more. However, Kenpachi? He had lost someone as well; someone he had known even longer than Kratos had known Revy. That wound cut far more deeply. He became nothing more than unbridled rage. Without Yachiru, Kenpachi had lost all sense of purpose. Taking one blade that commanded Gula Dracolich, Hollow Isamy offered it to Kenpachi, inviting him towards her.

[ A T ]

[ W H A T ]

[ C O S T ? ]

She was not completely out of Heralds; not yet. As long as she could offer them a place at her side, she would always have a Herald.

Together, they would create their own happily ever after.

Together, they would create Order.

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The line had become blurry in this mental state.  Kenpachi had never felt this kind of pain before.  The light of his life had been snuffed out, all for the sake of winning some war.  Without her, he had lost focus.  Without her, he had lost purpose.  He had forgotten what he was fighting for.


The truth of the matter was, without Yachiru, Kenpachi had no reason to fight.  He had no urge to continue on.  Not as himself.  Not as anyone else.  


And yet...





Kratos would let it cling to him no longer.  Slowly, as the battle raged, Kratos was beginning to understand that this was not a fight he may be able to win.  However, with his help, perhaps someone else could.


Dashing through the snow, Kratos made his way to Killua and Gon and began to break them free from their icy prison.


"Get back, boys," he said gruffly.


With a swing of his mighty blade, they were freed, and Gon and Killua scrambled to get out of the snow.  "Quickly.  You must regroup," Kratos urged them.


Killua shivered a bit but quickly shook it off.  "You're not wrong.  I'm thinking we should try a big and rowdy team attack.  Something that might punch through that monster.  Something--"


[ K E N P A C H I
Z A R A K I ]


Kratos, Killua, and Gon's eyes followed to where Kenpachi stood, now frozen in place.  He had stopped attacking Byakuya's utterly dismantled corpse.


[ U G O T H I M
B U T ]


[ A T ]


[ W H A T ]

[ C O S T ? ]


Kenpachi stopped and turned to face Isamy, his impossibly large weapon hoisted over his shoulder with minimal effort.  And he stared into the monster's face as steam still rolled off of his skin.







The blade offered to Kenpachi hovered above him like a carrot before a horse.  


"Everything," he breathed.  That was what he had lost.  And if everything was lost, what else did Kenpachi have to lose?  With his right hand, Kenpachi accepted Hollow Isamy's offer, his soul quickly becoming bound to hers.  


His personality, his memories, his pain.  They were all gone in an instant.  They were being replaced by a sense of loyalty that he could not stray from.  His power began to overflow much more greatly than before.  With his Bankai finally revealed to him and Hollow Isamy's power now coursing through his veins, Kenpachi was becoming the second greatest threat to those who attempted to ward Hollow Isamy off.  But now, he would serve her.  Until death.


Kenpachi really had lost everything.  Including his sense of self.  So much so, that he had forgotten his own name.  Now, instead, he would be branded with a new one.  One worthy of calling him Isamy's greatest herald.



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"Yes. What you said of me is true."


A truth that Satori had been averting her eyes from so far, refusing to acknowledge it even if the very fibers of her existence continued to echo it over and over. She was nothing more than a memory given form, and with Koishi acknowledging her as such, Satori had no reason to see her as anything else. However, even as her existence as an individual had been disproven, Satori remained still. No matter how her heart was hurt, she still locked her gaze on what was left of Koishi.


"Yet, there are something more important than all that." Without breaking her eye contact, Satori gently lifted Koishi's third eye from the snow. Koishi's tentacles weakly resisted her, but Satori ignored her weak attempts. "It is you, Koishi. I am here to protect you. I am here to make sure that you can be happy."


Yukari is gone. Big sis is gone. You're nothing more than just my childish wishes given form.


"A proof of your weakness, that is who I am."

Then...what can an empty recollection like you can do?


"Anything necessary."


Satori's tentacles went to wrap Koishi, but before that was to happen, a mental assault happened just as she lowered her guard.


[ Y O U R S I S T E R
J O I N H E R ]


Was it Isamy? The weight of the mental assault was overwhelming, yet at the same time, it felt weaker than it was supposed to be. Still, even then Satori felt like she was slowly unraveling. The voice calling out to her, the voice inviting her to die, surely, it was truly enticing.


Koishi was dying. Satori would not have any reason to exist without Koishi's continued existence. And Koishi herself had zero reason of continuing past this point. She had lost her sister. She had lost the only parental figure she had ever known. Even if she continued, she had no reason to go through, and to restore a world that had nothing but scorn to her. Perhaps it was better for her to die. Satori was made to serve all of Koishi's desires. She was all that she wanted from her sister. Of course, should Koishi wished for her own death, Satori would have to comply, right?




Satori's tentacles continued on their way to wrap itself around Koishi. Several words were whispered, and bright light enveloped Koishi, followed by her remaining eye closing as Satori brought her closer to herself. Satori made a smile as she turned around, with Koishi lying dormant as she was carried by her.


She set her eyes on Isamy.


"I'm nothing more than a fake, and I am nothing more than her wish fulfillment, given form." Satori's smile became tender as she put her gaze on the sleeping Koishi. "But, even then I am still her sister. More than you, more than even herself, I would know what would be best for her.


She will sleep for now. She had been hurt too much. This is the least that I can do for her for now."


More whispered words, and a barrier was set up around herself and Koishi, protecting them from further mental assault from Isamy. Satori let out a sigh. This was the most she was able to do to save Koishi. Koishi would now be the only one that could save herself further.



[ R . U . I N . P A I N ?]


A voice echoed inside of Koishi's mind. A voice that felt like a maelstrom rather than a coherent thought, but it felt soothing to her, who had been straddling the line between life and death. She had nothing with her. She had no one else, and she had nothing waiting for her should she move on forward anyway. But, even so, death was still too scary for her. Yukari, Neos, everyone said that she should not run away. No matter how scared she was, she should continue moving forward. But, without any reason to now, why should she?



i am in pain


Even her own reply was weak. What should she do now? Too afraid to die, yet too afraid to move forward. Without being able to decide for herself, the mysterious voice continued to be the soothing guidance that Koishi needed.


[I T ’ S E Z]




tell me, tell me what should i do!

She could not decide anything on her own. That was something that Koishi had resigned herself with. She was too childish, too unstable, too weak and too cowardly to do anything on her own. With the voice promising her guidance, Koishi felt like she had finally found another light that she could follow. Wherever this light would take her, Koishi felt that everything would be alright after.

[J U S T
G O ]


i will.


she meant nothing to me.


if it will stop me from getting hurt, then i-


Yet, before she was able to unravel Satori's existence, Koishi's mind was filled with darkness. Her senses shut itself off. She was unable to find herself hearing the guiding voice any further.


Her consciousness became dark as Koishi was forced to go into a slumber.


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Team Dorian: Final Round

Dorian and Butlerok only had shocked eyes as their flames fed the beast to the point that it overpowered the Rhadamanthys' attack. They both looked at each other knowing they ruing his time to shine and that they would probably never hear the end of this. As the ice kept coming and coming Rhadamanthys broke free of his own attack and managed to dodge the massive dragon and regroup with the other two.

YOU IDDDIIIOOOTTSSSS! He justifiably exclaimed. Could you not just let me have that one? We would've been done with this by now! 

Okay look to be fair, Butler new the boy had Ice powers so we thought this would work. 

A lot has happened since we initially met. I forgot about the black flame part. 

So you two thought after possessing an Ice Queen and being bombarded by four fire users she would jump into ANOTHER ICE USER. 

Well she kinda did. Dorian added with a slight shrug. 

The group couldn't afford to do more arguing as the situation kept getting more and more dire. The dragon came at the group and while they all split up to dodge  they all saw the unspeakable happen. Kenpachi had fallen and became one of her Heralds. 

Now this is unfortunate. Butlerok says flying through the skies. We definitely cannot handle them by ourselves. 

There's a whole separate squad of good guys over there I'm sure they can hold Kenpachi down. Dorian said trying his best to dodge dragon fire and black ice shards. Let's focus on the beast in front of us and then we can see where to go from there. 

Rhadamanthys clapped his hands and summoned forth his sword of the Hades God cloth. We're no knights...

...But we'll have to slay this dragon. Butlerok concluded as he had Ragnarok in sword form. 

Both Rhadamanthys and Butlerok crossed their blades and as the two swords glowed two distinct shades of purple the energies began to overlap. 

SCREECH OMEGA! Both members swung down and launched a might "X" shaped attack at the massive dragon. 




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The battle continued to rage on.


From where Bel was, he saw his Megidolaon landing unopposed as Isamy's dragon was caged in a strange box-shaped barrier. It seemed that its size and power ended up making it more vulnerable, but he couldn't let his guard down just yet. Some of the former members of the Divines rained fire towards Isamy and the Dragon, but with her current ability, she absorbed all of it to the point that it was able to withstand the rest of the attacks. The barrer continued to contain the dragon, but it seemed that its own attacks went around unimpeded.

Bel prepared for another Megidolaon, but before the attack was able to be prepared, the dracolich summoned many wyverns around. As big as Culebre, at this moment Bel was getting himself ready to attack it instead before those wyverns were able to reach him, yet they disposed of themselves quite a distance away from him. Their self-destruction led to a cloud of black flames aimed towards him and Culebre however.



The black flames emitted an intense heat even from this distance. Bel felt that even his supernaturally-generated COMP would melt should the flame hit. With one yell, he casted Shield All to protect him and Culebre, but the barrier summoned in this manner only managed to slow down the flames a little. The unnatural flames eat away the protection before continuing on their way. Fire immunity ddn't work for this flame. Bel prepared to dodge the blast alongside Culebre, yet, without him ordering to, Culebre dived downwards ater shaking him off its back. The dragon demon collided with the flames, engulfed and destroyed in a matter of seconds, but opening a way for Bel to avoid the attack.


As he fell down, his gaze was locked at the scene above him.


"So, it really felt a bond to that boy, huh? That Amaterasu too...


Well, I suppose he really is a worthy vessel."


That thought made Bel smile with pride as he turned around midair to look at Isamy and her dragon. Another Megidolaon was fired from his palm  The battle had become more and more heated. One of his allies had decided to change sides. it was not the time for him to relax.

However, Bel decided to test one of his hypothesis. Should his judgment about that boy was right, then he would not need to do anything yet for now.


Someone else would take his slack and participate on his regard.



"So many temperaments..."

The sparks of everyone's feelings and actions all funneled into the nameless girl's blade. Taking the form of tiny scarlet orbs, each were absorbed into her as she prepared for the next attack. Everyone's passion in this battle really did make her somewhat envious. All of them had their own reason to fight with all they had against Isamy, yet all that the nameless girl fought for was her own self-satisfaction and personal closure.

Those were of course very important to her, but even then, ultimately, she couldn't help but wonder at the romantic idea of fighting for something one truly believed in rather than just for a short-time personal satisfaction.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 70%


Each attacks that landed. Each hit that Isamy suffered. Even those that she shrugged off and absorbed, it all helped the nameless girl to understand her more and more. More than even sincere words, the temperaments told her more about the nature of the two's existence. Identify, adapt, exploit. She watched as the dracolich constantly shifted between black ice and black flame to cover itself as its assaulted another wyvern despite the barrier locking it in. She had seen how Dorian and Butlerok's flames only made it stronger. All of those felt like meaningless gesture, but for her, it was of utmost value now.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 80%


"Just a little bit more. A little bit more, and I will unravel-"

[ W H O A R E Y O U ? ]


A psychic assault invaded her mind. It was a lot weaker than Isamy's previous one. The nameless girl attempted to shrug it off, igorng it as she continued to charge her attack.

Yet it refused to go away. A persistent echo, hard to see whether it was Isamy's own power or the nameless girl's mind that kept refusing to let the question disappear. Like how she was going to exploit Isamy's structural weakness, right now Isamy had managed to exploit hers.


"You really are persistent, aren't you?"


At first, she simply smiled in response. The nameless girl smiled at Isamy, at her own thoughts, at the utter mess that was her own existence. The smile started out small, but it became wider and wider until she suddenly broke into laughter out of nowhere. Why would Isamy ask this now? Why would she think that it was something that would slow the nameless girl down now? That was all felt like a complete joke, as much as a joke as the nameless girl's own existence in the first place.


Analysis of Gula Dracolich and Isamy Maximus: 85%


Amidst her laughter and the constant question echoing inside of her mind, the nameless girl spoke.


"Who am I? What sort of answer do you want to hear from me anyway?"


A member of the Counter Corpse, the shinigami that she knew Reimu was an associate of, had decided to change sides at the last second. The nameless girl simply nodded at his decision. That man was strong. Way stronger than her. He would surely be a threat to her and to anyone else. The situation had become more hopeless. But the nameless girl continued to laugh.


Laughter was liberating. Laughter helped clear her mind. Laughter helped her realize just how sick she felt about the question Isamy imposed to her now.


"You can call me Tenshi. Call me Nanashi. Call me an impostor, a faker, call me with any name you wanted. You can treat me as her alternate counterpart, her sister, her daughter, or her lover. I don't care a bit." As she said this, Dorian and his friends had rebounded since their failed attack attempts. "I'm just myself. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm going to be the one that define what that means, and I don't have any obligation to tell you anything about the conclusion I'll draw one day."


Butlerok and Rhadamantys launched their best assault at the Dracolich, in the form of a mighty and earth-shattering X-shaped combination attack. It was soon followed by the appearance of a figure. A goddess-like figure, rising from the snow. She rushed towards the Dracolich before her very essence became engulfed in a sphere that was reminiscence of the sun itself. The words Megidolaon came across the girl's mnd as she witnessed the attack. Acknowledging their actions, the nameless girl aimed at Isamy instead. The shinigami that had chosen to change sides was a massive threat to her and to everyone, but the Nameless girl had to engage him in combat one by one to be able to start exploiting his weakness, and that would make her start from zero again.


That would be quite disappointing, wouldn't it?


The analysis of Isamy Maximus (Ed Garith) had been completed.


"If you want an actual answer, then I guess here it is."


As the mental voice inside affirmed the fact that the preparation was complete, the nameless girl regained her composure and her serious expression. She brought her sword forward, and from all the temperament that it had absorbed, it started to spin wildly mid-air. From the nature that she had read from Isamy, the energy of everyone's spirits had been reshaped into a form that would strike at any vulnerabilities the hollow being might have.


"Who am I? Just someone that will bring you down, somehow."


Following her words, a great blast of deep crimson beam was fired from her spinning sword, threatening to turn anything in its path, most notably Isamy and her dracolich, into dust.


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Abyss Watchers


"You can call me Tenshi. Call me Nanashi. Call me an impostor, a faker, call me with any name you wanted. You can treat me as her alternate counterpart, her sister, her daughter, or her lover. I don't care a bit."


Finite turned to the sound of this voice.


"I'm just myself. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm going to be the one that defines what that means, and I don't have any obligation to tell you anything about the conclusion I'll draw one day."


Kenpachi frowned.  "I..."


"If you want an actual answer, then I guess here it is."


Finite growled.  "Cannot..."


"Who am I? Just someone that will bring you down, somehow."  Following her words, a great blast of deep crimson beam was fired from her spinning sword, threatening to turn anything in its path, most notably Isamy and her dracolich, into dust.

Finite drew back Nozarashi and appeared before the crimson blast.  "Allow this."  He reached into the void of space and time with the tip of his weapon and thrust it forward to meet the blast head-on.  A swirl of blacks, blues, and purple lights clashed at the tip of Nozarashi in its Bankai state, then began to push back.  With another mighty push, Finite shoved Nozarashi forward and divided the beam in half, splitting it in two and sending it careening to opposite ends of the forest.


"...Kenny..." a whisper in his mind.  A ghost?


Finite lowered his weapon and hovered back to the ground.  Before he could muster another movement, a bolt of lightning whizzed past his skull.


"Big guy!" called Killua from the shores of the forest.  "You've made a big mistake."


Finite frowned still.  "As have you."





Kratos managed to free Killua and Gon and from their icy prison thanks to his own magical flames.  They had watched from the shore as the man they as Kenpachi, betrayed them all.  Perhaps he was lost.  But nonetheless, he had made a grave error in turning his back on his allies.


"I'm going," Killua said to Gon and Kratos.  "He's a big problem.  And if that bigger monster is controlling him, we could be in trouble."


Gon nodded.  "I'm with you.  Let's bring him down.  Let's save him."


Kratos snarled.  "We cannot save Kenpachi.  He has given his existence away to that creature."


"But--" Gon started.


"No, boy.  We have one task now," Kratos said as he drew forth his dual weapons.  "We must kill Kenpachi."



Killua and Gon looked to each other, then looked at Kratos.  With a nod, they raced forward and Killua began his assault with a violet bolt of lightning.


Finite turned his head to look in Killua's direction, and Killua could feel his hairs stand on edge.  "Big guy!" he called.  "You've made a big mistake!"


The enemy turned to Killua, Gon, and Kratos.  "As have you."


"God speed," Killua recited before blinking away in an instant.  As he reached Finite, Killua realized he was at a distinct advantage.  It's eyes were staring directly into Killua's, even at this speed.  Killua was met with a giant foot to his chest and the wind was knocked out of him.  He sailed backward and tumbled into Gon, knocking them both off their feet.


Finite marched forward as Kratos leaped toward him.  Both blades drawn, Kratos brought down a fiery plume over Finite's head.  But the blades only glanced off of Finite's face, angering him.  He snatched Kratos' chains and drew him forward before flinging him easily over his head, into the bedrock.  Finite continued to march toward Killua and Gon.


"Everything has a limit," Finite claimed.  "You have met yours."

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"Everything has a limit," Finite claimed.  "You have met yours."


"Then, my lost little lamb, allow me to assess yours."


Descending like a flock of doves, the many Hapshiels stared at Finite, and then, there was only one. One was enough, and it was fair; fair as he stood between children and their would-be butcher. The angel regarded Kenpachi, and his juicy purple lips curled into a very displeased grimace. "How ugly" he commented. "How very, truly, ugly."


In a flash of light, and a flutter of his wings, the angel stood ready to fight, clad in brilliant golden armour, his wings spread at their full, rather impressive size. Hand to his waist, Hapshiel drew a simple sword, marked only with the symbol of infinity on its guard. "We all have our limits, butcher. Let us test how far you can go before your delusions break" Hapshiel hissed with deadly venom, his sword raised and ready to defend.



Lydia observed the battle unfold, each new fold revealing more ugly creases and other stains. It seemed insane really, to fight something that just kept changing like this. One moment guns, another ice, and now dracoliches. Yeah, she was very aware of the ugly bony thing circling around her tower, just waiting for her. But... why? "What a despicable excuse of a dragon!"


The girl's eyes widened as a familiar presence returned to her mind. "Avalon, you're back!" she uttered with relief.


"I was never gone! Something severed our bond, leaving me lost in your consciousness momentarily. I have only managed to find one of few cracks that allowed me back in."


"Could it have been Isamy?"


"It might have been as a consequences of that attack on our existences she used. But, something was impeding my return. I have had my apprehensions, but I think you should discard that sword. It is... unnatural, and has clearly been having an impact on your fragile senses!"


"Discard Hopeless Black?" Lydia uttered, only just now realizing she held that sword in her grasp.


"It is an unholy amalgamation of despair and arrogance. I was a fool to even suggest that we craft the thing. No, can I even call it a thing? It is clearly... alive, somehow, filled to the brim with the essence of that Witch. Discard it, and let it fade away as we worry about that sorry excuse for a dragon outside!"


The girl stared at the sword, and it seemed to stare back. The hand that held it, it felt like ice. She could barely part with the sword, as if it had become part of her. Gritting hard, her stubborn fingers slowly bent, and Hopeless Black fell to the floor, an inert blade. And with a sudden cry, Lydia kicked it to the other side of the tower room. "Why did I... feel so angry all of a sudden?"


"It was clearly poisoning you, and now you feel the emotions it had been repressing. Leave that ugly thing behind now, and focus. We need to destroy that Dracolich and then Isamy, so this madness can end."


"Okay, let's slay them both, or die trying" Lydia said with new confidence as she leaped through the window, her wings catching the cold air. "What would I ever do without you Avalon?"


"Die, clearly."


"After what happened with LERNA, dying would have been better to the alternative" the Sorceress Supreme admitted as she faced off with the dragon whose attention was all hers. "Get out of my sight" she commanded, channeling Avalon's haughtiness.


With a hand raised, she fired a searing beam of light, intending to annihilate the disgusting undead with one pure burst. And as she did, Hopeless Black faded from the tower room.



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"I. Cannot. Allow this."


"I see."


The brilliant light that was meant to vanquish the hollow giant had been split apart by the new Herald. Kenpachi Zaraki, no...he was now something else entirely. The Herald of Isamy, Finite. There was no sign of his former companion, the adorable girl that was always on his back. Ah...this was quite unexpected. The nameless girl had decidedly ended up being too arrogant on this battle. The new Herald should have been something she dealt with first. But ah, the milk had been spilled and she had lost all that temperaments that had been fired by her earlier.


Even with the analysis result that had been given to her, an attack of such a scale would be a bit too unfeasible without taking for too long now. The nameless let out a groan, but she was then disrupted by a familiar voice.


"Hey, you!"


"Oh, Reimu! You're well, right?


...I see. At least you're still adamant on fighting."


Before her was Reimu, having lost half of herself, though somehow still retaining grace in her movement. How enviable...She was still looking very eager to join the fight on top of that. In fact, the barrier that held the Dracolich was made by her. If only the nameless girl was any skilled in healing magic, then she would've attempted to heal her. However, Reimu's wounds seemed to be...strange, in some way.


"What are you going to do now?" Reimu yelled. "The barrier not going to hold it for much longer at this point, the Dracolich's going to move around again soon."


"Hm...do we even have any other option? No? Then, let's just try our best in ending this fast." The nameless girl smiled. "It has been so short, but ah, let's savor this last moment by drowning them with our love."


"Aaalright, I guess?" Reimu looked confused, before shaking her head. "I assume you're speaking Marisa-ese and you mean that you're going to blast it with a huge beam."


"Large beam is a form of an equally large love, so yes."


"...Whatever, go do that." Reimu turned around, towards the sole remaining Herald, who were now being confronted by Gon, Killua, and Kratos. "I'll help keeping him busy in the meantime."


With a silent nod to indicate their agreement, the two girls flew separately, fully intent on performing the plan in their mind.



Marisa? Reimu shook her head as she flew away. That word came to her mind as if on instinct. Perhaps it was the name of someone that she used to know, but it shouldn't be relevant in this situation, right? Perhaps it was a friend, but ah, she couldn't remember at all. The blue-haired girl sure was acting close to her too. That probably meant that she too was supposed to be her friend before this place. Or...really? Reimu didn't really feel anything strong about her. In fact, her words creeped her out. She really only went close to her since she fired the large beam earlier, but she kind of wished that she hadn't done that.


Reimu stopped herself, reading the previous posts to reassess her situation. The new Herald, Finite now was going to attack two boys, but a vulgar-looking angel came to protect them. Well...vulgar as he was, the angel was magnificent in his own way. No, he was truly magnificent now, clad in his armor with his wings in full view. The expression he had was dignified too, rather than what she would've expected normally. It was strange. In a way, Reimu felt that she wished to be able to get the chance to talk to him someday just by looking at him now. But, as it was unattainable for the time being, Reimu chose to instead dismantle the barrier around the Dracolich and reformed it around the Herald and angel. In the meantime, another girl, wings fluttering as she flew, fired a shining beam of light towards the Dracolich, just as the barrier around it had been dismantled.


Reimu decided to keep an eye on the Dracolich for the time being. Or so was she told herself, but yet her flight drifted away. Her body was drawn downwards, towards near the barrier she had erected around Finite and the angel. It was like an obligation. Something inside of her seemed to want to do smething there, even if she couldn't understand it at all. She walked on air in silence, her own disfigured form floating lightly as she approached the two boys that had been attacked before.


"Are the two of you alright?"



With no temperament to spare, the nameless girl had decided on her sole target. The hollow giant herself, Isamy Maximus. As light bathed the Dracolich from the laser, she flew forward at full speed. The grand culprit to this grand war stood not too far away from the Dracolich that had been protecting her. The black sword that Isamy manifested from devouring the nature of another fighter was still held on her side.


As per usual to her, the nameless girl smiled.


"Here I am. I am the nameless girl that somehow ended up in the midst of all of this." She spoke so openly, as if she did not fear death. As her voice did not reach Isamy earlier, she thought of repeating it again, That was surely the polite gesture to do here. At least from this distance, there would not be any need for her to ever repeat it again. She performed a curtsy. "Happy to meet you."


At that same time, light started to gather on her left arm. She was fine if even this attempt failed, and a point blank attack like this was all that she was able to do to annihilate something like Isamy fast. As the last of her words left her lips and disappeared into nothing, the nameless girl leapt forward, with the hand holding the light cocked to her back.





"Take this! My love, my anger, and all my feelings!"


Nature analysis had been completed. As Isamy devoured another Origin, her own nature changed. The nameless girl had been unable to maintain a constant ability to exploit her weakness, and now at this rate, she might end up getting screwed should this Isamy managed to find another opportunity to eat another one.


The only solution would be, complete internal annihilation. The nameless girl started to laugh. This was the sort of solution that she loved.


With a wide smile, the nameless girl launched the attack.





"Nameless Sign: Shining Rupture!"


Her palm met the surface of the hollow giant. The attack's plan would be to break apart Isamy from the inside using her own energy by overpowering her spirit using all the structural weaknesses that the nameless girl had analyzed before from her. It was not dissimilar to the attack she used as the turning point to defeat the fake Arturia back in Death, yet instead of using the excess energy as an annihilating, the nameless girl contained it inside of her enemy's form before it inevitably burst.


She was fine if she's struck down after this. If the attack was unsuccessful, that'd be a pity, but ah well. Such was life. But right now, with the promise of the battle's end, Nanashi pushed forward driving her palm deeper and deeper as she infused more and more of her own energy to combat Isamy's.


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